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Thanks for the chart, it takes the thinking part out for me. By the way I would have gone with 3 whites and 3 reads.
I'd like to see some pictures of what it looks like as well if its not to much trouble.
Thanks for the recipe Beecher, Ive made something similar to this in the past but it was prepared a bit differently, if I'm able to find the recipe I'll post it.
Coconut does sound good, yum!
That looks really good, I'm glad its close to lunch for me, I'm getting hungry. I think I would screw up making this the first time but who knows, I could have a stroke of luck and make a good tasting meal. Thanks for the Haddock fish recipes.
I'd be interested in the knowing the answer about whether or not to use dry or fresh bay leaves. Thank you to who ever can provide an answer.
Thanks for the recipe Margcata, to be honest I've never had Prawns. I've never even heard of them until now. So thanks for the introduction, I look forward to trying some soon.
+1 to the Branston pickle...They always make a sandwich great!
Oddly enough the chinese grocery story near my doesn't sell sushimi, I was disappointed. I asked them but they didn't really have an answer, I hope that my asking is an indicator to carry some, even a small amount. Thanks for the recipe and great picks!
I shouldn't have opened this post at work, it has pictures and now I'm hungry. This french toast sounds incredibly delicious, thanks for the great share, some of the sauces mentioned here sound like they would be great to go with the french toast.
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