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The low grade ones don't taste as good though, you only get the distinct flavors and tastes out of the quality ingredients. I also prefer this without the pesto, but what kind of pesto, if I were to add it, would you recommend?
Less sugar, is it to sweet? When I make it ill try a little less sugar than it states, probably 1 1/2 tablespoons or so.
Thanks MithenChowdhury for the recipe. Has anyone confirmed the 6 servings for it?
Caterchef, thanks for the cake donut recipe. Has anyone found the dry donut mix recipe yet, to just add water?
Thanks caterchef for the cake donut recipe, I'm looking forward to making it this weekend.
This sounds very different but good, I've never even come close to thinking of putting bacon in pasta, I can't really imagine how it would taste, the combination of everything anyway. Thanks for the recipe.
Thanks for the healthy recipe, makes it easy when you don't have a lot of food in the house. Thanks for the carrot thread by the way.
I never have luck cooking this meal, the first time I made blue cheese soup it turned out great. I've absolutely failed every time after that. Thanks for the tips though on preparing it, I'll give it a shot this weekend and see if I can't make any improvements.
I didn't know that potato breads hold the mostiure longer than most. Thanks for the tip about the length of freshness for the different kinds of breads.
I don't really have any help for this, but I would like the recipe as well. I always enjoy making holiday cookies.
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