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Thanks for the welcome. Pity you are not here in October 2012 for the Australian Camp Oven Festival in Qld:   David
I imported this from the US and believe it is the only one Down Under. It is not a Weber accessory and  can only be bought on Amazon. I use it on my Weber Performer. A Kettle Pizza Oven - works well:
The Mair Lifter is essential for Camp Dutch Ovens, I own several. But they dont fit a South African Potjie Pot - you need a special lifter from South Africa.   David Queensland Australia Mair Lifter Distributor
Great to find this Forum - by accident! Saw it mentioned in Aussie BBQ Forum. Retired Boarding School/Army Base Chef - bulk cooking with Combi ovens. Now have fun with the challenges of Camp Oven cooking and BBQ cooking - cooking with live fire. Have a collection of US Lodge Camp Dutch Ovens, South African Potjie Pots and Australian camp ovens. Also have a collection of Barbeques - a Big Steel Keg Kamado BBQ, Weber Performer Kettle BBQ and Weber Q 300 Family Size...
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