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I have done my last 5 in a water bath at 350 for a hour to hour and 15 minutes. I use a thermometer and when it reached 160-165 in the center I turn the oven off with the door slightly open for another few minutes before removing it. I also don't use sour cream anymore and replaced it with heavy cream and also changed the recipe from 3 eggs and a yolk to 3 eggs and two yolks. That fixed all my problems. I also place a thermometer in the oven as my oven was off by about...
So for the last two I cooked them in a water bath at 350 for a hour and 20 minutes, checked temp and it was at 165. Removed from water bath and sat in oven for another 30 minutes with oven off. It was perfect. Water was at 190 for most of the cooking and it was put into the pan boiling. Think I got the problems solved. 
So how big of a deal is it if the flour was left out? I think that is what caused the failure of the second one last night. Made one this morning and it turned out good and the last two are in the oven.
Mixed results this evening. FIrst one is perfect. Did the second one, cooked the same way and after it cooled and I took it out of the pan it ran all over the place, I even let this one sit for an extra half hour in the oven while I was finishing cutting some meat. Oh well tomorrow is another day and I will do it all over again. Come to think of it I don't think I put the flour in the second one, bet that is what happened as it was at 165 when I took it out. 
Just pulled it from the oven, cooked for a hour at 325, oven turned off for 20 minutes and temp was at 160, I let it sit for another 10 with the door partially open and then removed it. Ran a knife around the edge when I pulled it from the oven. Thanks for the help, think the water bath and lower temp fixed it  
I have another one in the oven. I creamed the cheese for about two minutes on low and added the cream for another two minutes. Added the pumpkin and mixed on the lowest speed for about 3 minutes stopping 4 times to scrape the sides. Added the dry ingredients and mixed for two minutes scraping the sides twice. Added the eggs and ran on low speed for a minute and then finished mixing by hand. Put the pan inside two sheets of foil and aded about a half gallon of almost...
I preheated last night to 350 and then as soon as it went in it was reduced to 300. After a hour it was turned off and it was at just over 200 when it came out. Will try water bath today and 300 until it is at 160 in the center and then pull it out. SUBMIT
Maybe the problem is that I need to move this one to a larger pan that will spread it out a little so it is not as thick as in the 9" pan.
So this evening I did this, I put the cream cheese and the cream in at the same time and worked it until smooth. Then the pumpkin and then the dry. I added the eggs last, 3 eggs plus 3 yolks. I only mixed for a minute at this point then removed it from the mixer and hand mixed for a couple minutes until the eggs were incorporated. I worked this one the least of any of the cheesecakes I have made and it still cracked.Started at 350 and then reduced to 300, cooked for a...
Cracked again, think this recipe is doomed. At least it tastes good and I can hide it with whipped cream. At least my next thing tamales wont crack on me. 
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