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If you live in an apartment, or are away frome for days at a time, an easy to make a self watering "earthbox" that will give you the fresh vegetables you crave. Made from a plastic tote, a 2 1/2' piece of pipe, and some plastic that you'd toss away anyway, it works pretty well for us.... http://www.insideurbangreen.org/earthbox/   http://www.seattleoil.com/Flyers/Earthbox.pdf   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3INoLKg555w&feature=related
Hiassens books are great page turners, lots of fun to read. Great vacation/ beach books. I highly recommend them. But: Like Steven King, after reading a few of his novels, you'll get tired of the schtick.
I'm required to use plastic at work. I've been happy with bamboo at home, though.
I'm posting this source for free organic compost here in the hope that  it helps someone: Our gardens get bigger every year, and she gets better at raising rabbits, but the #@** chickens don't give us enough colored eggs to justify the feed they gobble. Every time I start to talk about coq au vin, she changes the subject. ANYWAY, here in Orlando, the local landfills grind up all the tree limbs, leaves, and other yard waste and even supermarket produce that they...
Killing Mr Watson, by Peter Matthiessen. It's a historical novel based on true stories from the early days of non native settlers in SW Florida around the turn of the 20th century. I recommend it!
Last Saturday, Chris made the rabbit in mustard sauce with turnips and carrots because it was her turn to cook. My compliments for the recipe! The turnips and carrots and potatoes were delicious too- we've never prepared them exactly like that. Endive wasn't available, but we had a garden salad made with arugula, romaine, tomato and avocado-all fresh from the garden. (as was the rabbit) The slight bitterness of the arugula plays very well with the buttery...
Too funny!!   BTW, I'm in Florida. Alum is hard to find, but thats the method I'll use when I finally get some.
THANK YOU! Thank you, ChrisBelgium! We raise rabbits for meat and are always looking for new ways to serve this delicious low fat food. I have cooked chickens in various mustard concoctions for years,   but haven't really done it with rabbit before. I dunno why not. Your plate looks great!   And @ IndyGal: rabbits are MUCH easier to clean than chickens. My next project is learning to preserve the hides....   We never  name our chickens or our rabbits....
Boar_de_Laze, I made the ravioli with walnuts and cream sauce last week. I used black truffle oil, because I had some handy. Compliments were recieved. I'll make it again. Heres a compliment for you!
OK, I haven't PERSONALLY tried the $21.90 beer cooler sous vide, but Kenji Lopez is a very smart guy. Read about the method on Serious Eats: http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/04/cook-your-meat-in-a-beer-cooler-the-worlds-best-sous-vide-hack.html    
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