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Hi Jim, I know its been awhile but if you still have the excel template, and if you don't mind, would love to have a copy. Thank you, Christina
I made my first batch of Italian buttercream a month ago. It turned out beautiful. Today I tried to do it again, double the recipe (10 egg whites), like yours, mine turned into a soupy mess when I added the butter. I whipped and whipped and whipped... still a soupy mess and now it seems to have curdled. As suggested bellow, I am resting the buttercream in the fridge and will try to whip it later. keeping my fingers X that it will 'solidify'.
the last time I traveled with buttercream, I have a small icebox with lots of frozen water bottles underneath. Not exactly convenient but it served its purposed.   m brown: I assume when you say 'no wasted egg yolk', you mean to make swiss buttercream at the same time. yes?   taste-wise, which is better? swiss or italian?
thank you! yes this is very helpful. I read somewhere there are egg white sold in the freezer section here in Australia, I have yet to find them. However I like your idea of freezing the egg whites and yolk in icecube trays. I freeze everything else in icecube trays from lemon juice to coconut cream, I will try this soon. Do I have to whisk the yolk first or add salt to stop them from crusting. hate it when that happens. I get that when I keep yolks in the fridge.
oh yes that is so true. I can make both frosting and I am sure both keeps well in the freezer until I need to use them right. How are they holding up in the summer? Summer is coming up and if I have to travel with them... any suggestion?
thank you Tasquah, I am worried about the salmonella but I am also concern on wasting egg yolks. The last batch of buttercream, I used the yolk to make some lemon curd. but there is only so much lemon curd you can have. I need to look for other recipes that use only yolks.
Hi, wondering if anyone have tried using eggwhite powder (the ones you can buy from health food store) in Italian Buttercream. thank you
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