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Quite easy to tell as said above. It's good to individually wrap truffles in paper towels and keep in container in refrigeration. When being used in service pull what you need for the night and let come to room temp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
They sell great polishing compounds for knives pretty cheap. It'll come off, no problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I generally use a spoon, dip it in the sauce and (may differ if you want your sauce to be thick) once the sauce begins to lightly coat the spoon your sauce should be finished reducing. This accounts for thickening while it cools as well.
Thanks for the reply, I wish you luck my friend!
Just to re state (unless I forgot to mention) I'm no longer working. The chef gave me funds to figure out a visa situation that will allow me to get back in the restaurant and work. Thanks
I am not in the country illegally
I've been here for two months I have a three month travelers visa
I can't believe this threads still alive lol. I got the job a year and a half ago!
In response to your not so constructive reply..I attribute the situation that I am currently in to the constant wishy washy "it should be fine" Scandinavian attitude. I did loads of research and asked many questions before arriving. The response from the Danish contact that I had was always, "just get here, bring your knives and your focus and we will figure it out!" I was under the impression that upon my arrival I would be given a contract to take to immigration...
A few months ago I got an opportunity to come to Copenhagen and work for the former creative chef at Noma at a new Claus Meyer restaurant just across the harbor from Noma. So far it's been an awesome experience I've learned an insane amount and have finally become respected by everyone else at work. I work on the meat station and plate every semi, middle and main course in the pass right next to the head chef himself during service. It's insane. I don't get paid (no...
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