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Indian devotionals like this:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgRODTEWsuM
I think the item is referring to bell peppers. About chile peppers, I didn't know they were known in the old wold, do you have some examples?
Queso fresco = Fresh cheese
Have you get used to work with cockroaches?
Was it bongo or conga?... because playing techniques are different. :thumb:
I'm learning how to play the bongo. :peace:
I prefer a narrowed hat, limited in lenght, and not white. I have not found the ideal hat. I do not visualize large hats like this:
15 minutes for the 10 tickets is optimum. :peace:
In Mexico we call these cuts "cabeza de lomo" and "espaldilla". Here is an illustration: Sasapork - Cortes Mexicanos de una canal de Cerdo
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