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In Mexico, some cheeses we use for melting are Oaxaca, Chihuahua, Manchego, ranchero, asadero. For not melting: fresco, ranchero, Cotija, panela, requesón.
Gordita is a type of semi-flat corn dough fried in oil. This recipe uses requesón and the technique is easy.  
 You find yellow queso here in Mexico. Actually it is very popular for making tortas, sandwiches, hamburguers, and milanesas de jamón y queso.      Queso para nachos  
You may use corn or wheat flour tortillas.  
Vanilla and cacao.
Indian devotionals like this:
I think the item is referring to bell peppers. About chile peppers, I didn't know they were known in the old wold, do you have some examples?
Queso fresco = Fresh cheese
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