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As a lover of sprouts any way except over cooked and frozen are not very good. Most often I do roasted, shredded and braised or steamed as goto methods
Just keep simmering longer.   Xanthan gum will do a good job of thickening sauces but use a very small amount.  A little goes a long way.
The crustys that stick to the pan are the best part. Cooks treat
Cuban themed grilled shrimp was served with black beans and rice
I would rather cook my meals than have them cooked for me
Nice picture ordo. The center has a slight wetness to it. Which to me is perfect
Yes I was super impressed by those scallops as well. Just perfect!
I don't see food as an enemy. I would much rather have a steak, a drink or a cigar every so often than live a few more years in a nursing home. I have watched my mother who has advanced dementia waste away year on end and still keeps going. No way to spend your life. Eat drink and be happy. It's what life is about. Be happy
As a burger topping yesterday I made sliced portabella mushrooms browned and finished in port, topped with English Cheddar which was melted a bit from the hot mushrooms
I have used this exact method many times using 5-6 min and pressure with 5-6 cool down and it works very well
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