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Coins are a good standard.
Yes both Kingfish and Cobia and excellent table fair. But let's keep that a secret
I get it when ever I see it. It firm and a bit oily. Don't over cook it. A few recent Cobia dish I've made. I usually just pan sear
I think I would be more worried about debris from the table clean up winding up on the top plates than butt germs crawling up the sides of the plates
Your meal looks excellent Pollo. Your man is a lucky guy
Petals. You are so modestI look forward to your postsThe only thing worst than just looking at that market is being there with no kitchen to cook in.
That how all my meals are cooked. Root around the fridge and pantry looking for inspiration. It's what makes it fun to be spontaneous Chris the bulgur and prawns is a great idea. Looks delicious
Scallops and sautéed corn relish flavored with a splash of bourbon during cooking
Chris, the potato salad err..junk food looks wonderful  
I came across some Cobia yesterday. Cut a couple big chunks and gave it a standard seasoning of s/p and a dusting of Wondra. Sear it off and served with a relish of pineapple, multicolor sweet peppers, mango and cherry tomatoes over a smear of red pepper purée and guacamole along side a shaved asparagus salad
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