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Interesting. I get fresh Mahi and also have purchased frozen fillets from Costco. The frozen are individually vacuumed packed and I press out the water they exude with paper towels. Both are cooked the same way. Drying the fish as much as possible then seasoning with salt and pepper, some times a light dusting of Wondra. They are seared in grape seed oil until I get a good crust on one side then flipped for a brief time and removed. I like them with a touch of pink in...
I've had good results with steaming for 9-10 min and pressure cooking for 5 min with a 5 min cool down. Both methods resulted in very easy to peel eggs
Petals, that dish is beautiful Just got back from a weekend at the beach. Last night with little provisions we seared off grouper, Chilean sea bass and tuna, served with a salad Haven't got around to tonight's menu. I have Mahi Mahi and salmon in the freezer. Mmmmm
I'd go with a reverse sear technique.  Pop it in a low oven until it comes up to ~ 100F then finish in a hot pan to develop a nice crust  
That sounds great!  Looks good too
First thanks for the kind words on my simple fish dish. Yes simple is often the best in my hands Joey, I'm in Dunedin Did shoot the AJ. In fact I haven't done any diving for the last 5 years. Long dry spell which needs to be remedied soon as the water is warming up
Nice looking plates Tonight I made burgers. Equal parts chuck, short rib and flap meat. Ground once through a medium die. 7 oz raw with a seasoning of bourbon smoked salt and pepper. Jarlsberg cheese on top plus basic toppings of lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado. The burgers were cooked in cast iron It's been a while since I had a burger and this one hit the spot
Pan seared amberjack on shredded Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes
Yes if there is any resistance then I know it's time
I have brought my own knife to family cooking sessions and yes it's frustrating to use dull knives after you know what sharp really is.   I too have used the bottom of a ceramic plate to sharpen not just align an edge when needed
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