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They have a better warranty
Certainly a cultural thing. Those in some Latin countries and those from the Middle East fry rice in oil and salt before adding water I like very flavorful rice. It should be delicious on its own before adding anything. But that's just my take
Nice duck Mike. Nice slicer too
I get pretty clear stock from the PC. And as you can see I'm reducing it and there is agitation but it's been strained prior to reducing
Same with aioli
Yeah all it takes is a pot of water and some time I like to take the prepared corned beefs, soak to leach out some salt, coat in pastrami spices and toss them on the smoker. Pull them before they're finished and steam them until done
I boned out 2 chickens yesterday. In the past I've done a ballotine and used duxcelle as the stuffing. The 2 I have ready will go on the smoker. They cook quickly and are easy to slice
Great if you will use 4 gallons at a time like in a restaurant.For the home user it may make more sense to make a big batch then when cooled portion in zip bags for the freezer. I portion 2-3 cups per bag, label and dateAlso consider reducing the stock to make it more concentrated. Will take up less freezer space and you can add back water when reheating if desired
I made a platter of seared scallops and little nori rolls of tuna tartare. The greenery and tomatoes are from the garden. Cilantro is flowering so made use of those too
Pretty strong generalization. A mandoline is a fine tool but like anything sharp you must be careful. Accidents happen in the professional kitchen too
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