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352 kcals is not bad for breakfast but you can use less butter or even cooking spray, use one whole egg and one egg white or cut the cheese a bit. All will cut the kcals. You could also make it healthier with the addition of vegetables for more nutrients and fiber I use leftover veggies often and make a frittata and since its open faced I use less cheese. Just a little on top for flavor and browning. Start it on the stove and then finish it in the toaster oven with the...
Not the chili I grew up with but made a Texas style chili while prepping dried chilies to make powders for the pantry. Mostly ancho and guajillos along with some chili arbol. Had it for leftovers tonight. My wife who grew up with the same style chili as me still says its not chili.
I use cooking as an expressive way to channel some creativity plus I love seeing people enjoy my food.  I find it a stress reliever from the day to day stress of my day job.  Often friends and relatives will comment that you should open a restaurant..blah, blah, blah...I'm like are you crazy!  That's really hard work with long hours and longer hours on the weekend all for low pay and a high risk of failure.  As much as I love to cook I'll keep it as a hobby and let it be...
Or Florida
That's wicked Kristopher. Amazing hand work on the patina
I have a Splendid Fagor and it disassembles the same way. It's amazing how grimy it can get around the valves.
Even with decent knife skills a mandoline is good if you want very consistent thickness in cuts. You can go very fast as well. As to chopping your finger off, it can happen with a knife just as easily. I don't use my Benriner often but it does come in handy for some tasks
Tapatalk just disappear on my phone. Was able to reload but had to pay again. Was able to reload all my forum sites except chef talk
I have a stainless Bron and an inexpensive Benriner Japanese mandoline. Don't use either that often but use the Benrenier way more than the Bron. I find the main thing I use it for is making carrot threads and things like that. I've done them with a knife and it's good to work on technique but is time consuming. With the mandoline I'm done in a minute or two
Gene your pasta and mussel dish had me seriously drooling.
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