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so i used the search and could not find anything on this topic, I work pantry at my work and i can not get the smell of fry oil or everything else i touch at work off my hands. iv used lemon juice and vanilla/mint extracts and lots of soup. does anyone know any other tricks to getting oders off there skin?
Yesterday day i was walking in the cooking section at book mans and i was just scanning the shelves and my eyes stopped right in the book, Becoming a Chef. I grabbed it and just walked to the cashier and bought it with no thought of flipping through it first, i saw the words becoming a Chef and i wanted it.
I get culinary books like hotcakes. you can never have enough books of knowledge
Once again thank you two u both with this advice. I'm definitely gonna see if i can do a big batch of things so i don't run over my time. I have 2 convection ovens at my station and I'm thinking i could -Cut salads -make sandwich's   -make cake batter and fill ramekins pop -make croutons -slice pancetta -crisp onions   put everything that needs to be made in the convection oven right as I'm 3 feet away cutting my other things for my line, checking...
My usual daily prep list.   -- 12 Romain cut/washed/spin for Caesar salad --  House salad 6 Romain/3 red cabbage/3 butter lettuce --  16 artisan  sandwiches --  24 pancetta crisp in the oven --  Make 17 chocolate mini cakes --  cut for my line/ carrots small dice & Julian/small dice tomatoes/beans/small dice provolone/ small dice pepperoni/artichokes/cheeses   -- Prep 2 bags of squid for calamari and put in bags for line -- Cut and bread chicken...
Chef Dave thank you very much!   its makes me wonder also because when i come in to my station i do morning prep and morning lunch shift and i ask who does night pantry and they just tell me that its who is ever comes over and reads the LCD screen and pushes out the orders as they walk back over to the saute station. its really confusing, I'm guessing that I'm the only person on Pantry that preps because i asked if the night pantry person ever preps and my other line...
Today i finished my shift and prep with only 34 minutes past my clock out time. so my organized list has helped me a lot. The only bad thing was since i was off for 3 days, 3 days no one prep-ed the pantry station at all. so i worked harder then ever to have it refileld & finished for the night person.    
Thank you everyone for this information. I've been using a list lately with the the most time consuming task to the least time consuming and checking it off as a i go. This job means a lot to me so I'm focusing more then even. I'm always happy when I'm on my station always w/smile and doing my best.   once again thank you all very kindly for your words of wisdom.  
First big restaurant job with little experience out of less than a year of vocational culinary school, I only learned basic grass roots of culinary arts, stocks sauces, knife cuts, soups. I work the pantry line at an Italian restaurant, I ONLY HAVE AN HOUR TO GET MY PREP DONE! its taking me 2 extra hours to finish when im supposed to be finished those 2 hours ago. how do i go faster? I never take breaks ever but im still not as fast and i really like this...
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