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that particular gesshin stainless is aus-8 at about 58-59 hrc
unless you like fixing chips a lot, probably not a good idea.  Glad to be of help though.
lets see if i can answer these for you... 1.  It is not very effective as an all purpose knife in most non-professional, non-japanese kitchens.  The knife is designed to combine the functionality of Usuba and Yanaigba.  It works well for those types of tasks. 2.  It will generally be heavier and more front heavy than most gyutos. 3.  The bevel fits somewhere between usuba and yanagiba... rather acute. 4.  Not well... again, the bevel angle is rather acute, so it is for...
the honesuki is aus-8 at 58-59 hrc the gonbei aus-10 series is, obviously, aus-10 ;)
oiling too much will cause your board to leak oil, but uneven oiling will be easy to fix.  You will clearly see dry spots if they dont get enough oil.... just add a bit more to those areas as needed.  Its really not too difficult.
dave generally preps his boards with oil before they leave his shop, so the top may already be more saturated... just a thought
for what its worth, the first one is not 68-69, but rather 58-59hrcalso, in your #2, they are actually different knives even though they look the same
For what it's worth, it's likely to last longer with feet than without. I've beat the crap out of a couple of them for 4 years now with no visible signs of real wear affecting longevity. Of course, you can see they have been used, but I don't think I've lost any significant life from them yet. Boards without feet are much more likely to warp from moisture problems, and that would likely cause more of a problem with the longevity of the board than normal use. Sent from...
we actually just made a stone set of the 400, 2000, and 6000 that is $200 not $305 http://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/sharpening-supplies/gesshin-stone-set.html
visible results that can be noticed by anyone are not generally considered placebo effect
New Posts  All Forums: