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i liked this one too from them: April fools is one of my favorite days of the year
both it seems
they're coming back in soon though
i think you may have some very wrong data on the hrc of some steels... if you replaced the 9 with a 6, you'd be a lot closer to reality
this is good advice 
I'm Jon :)   I'm always watching stuff here, and though i dont always have time to post, i can always answer questions if you have any
yeah... there's quite a bit different between them... in a rather significant way to be honest.  If you held them both in had, you could easily pick them apart based on feel, even with your eyes closed.  The handle shapes are different (in terms of thickness, taper, and shape), the blade thickness is extremely different (the gesshin kagero is much thinner behind the edge and at the tip), the gesshin kagero has significant distal taper, the steel types (and respective heat...
yeah... denmark is hard to ship to, so is a great bet, being domestic and whatnot.
whats surprising?  Theres nothing odd at all about how it looks.. for this knife or even much more expensive ones.
its the line where the cladding and core steels meet... the lamination line
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