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you can also bug me on here too if you would like -jon
haha... i really didnt even notice the english
yeah... the sign in the picture of the store says the store name (helps to read japanese ;)  )
looks like tsubaya
red is bad... thats rust... not a patina
drug stores carry it out there... its in the laxitive section :)  (totally serious though)
it can... but treating it with mineral oil and beeswax regularly will help reduce staining... and if it does stain, light sanding can fix it most of the time.
you can use it right away... the handle only needs oiling (i use mineral oil and beeswax in a mix) when it looks/feels dry.  Sanding isnt necessary most of the time.  If anything is confusing, just give me a call at work (by the way, i'm Jon from Japanese Knife Imports).  I'd be happy to talk things through with you.
people be loving that kiritsuke shape... on one hand, i get that it looks cool, and the profile is slightly flatter, but i still just prefer a regular gyuto most of the time.  Also, when it comes to kiritsuke, i still prefer a yanagiba or usuba in function for each of their respective tasks.
not quite all purpose... its specifically supposed to cover the functions of yanagiba and usuba
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