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not really... thats just bad sharpening if that happens
the gesshin uraku kurouchi white #2 wa-gyuto is a double bevel knife... if you look at the pics, you will see that both sides are beveled (though they are wide bevels, so i can understand the confusion)
if its ok, id rather avoid talking about the knife... this isnt about stuff i sell, just about sharpening
no prob
microbevels are intended to achieve the following things (not necessarily all of them, but at least one, if not a combination of a couple or more):   -maintaining extremely thin geometry on a knife that could not otherwise handle it -reduce chipping in super hard steels -increase stability in larger carbide steels (especially at low sharpening angles) -improve edge retention at a cost of maximum sharpness     The tojiro is a medium hardness version of white #2...
neither of those will benefit from a microbevel as a function of hardness and blade geometry... unless you're thinning the hell out of the tojiro or something
its a higher inclusive angle, and thus effects edge sharpness and geometry more also, there are a lot of things that contribute to the feeling of "sharpness"... for example, grit refinement, thinness behind the edge, thinness at the edge, how clean the edge is, etc.  It depends on what you are looking for from "sharp".  Do you want a knife that moves through food easily?  This is a function of BOTH edge refinement and good burr removal along with how thin the knife is...
thanks... glad you like them
left side if you employ my method   -Jon
fujiwara is aus8... a bit different.  And better always depends on what you are looking for/need ;)
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