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they look identical... there is a difference in feeling on the stones though.
i think that you will find that if you ask them to do everything we ask them to do for our gesshin ginga line, the price you pay will be higher than you think.
even with a big wheel, its not always possible.  Its very important to not overdo the uraoshi.
might be hard to find... they sell out so fast and are hard to restock.  Also, those that have bought them rarely sell them.
yeah... anonymity causes all kinds of problems for sure.  That being said, especially lately, KKF has been a lot more negative than i remember it being.  I'm currently talking to the mods about this, because it got to a point that bothered me and made me feel uncomfortable.  I think a lot of those guys didnt realize how bad it was because its been a slow and gradual change towards the more negative attitude.  But, being able to take a step back and look at whats going on...
honestly, i call them out on that kind of thing too.  I dont think its good for anyone.
white #2 FWIW
As for asymmetry,  it seems that this is a rather confusing issue for many. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that many of the ways that we describe these asymmetries are gross oversimplifications. For example the ratios like 50/50 or 60/40 don't really describe anything of substance. Is it the ratio of the percentage of sharpening on each side?  Is it a ratio of the angles on each side?  In reality it's neither. No craftsman in Japan it's there and measures angles...
so, i generally try to stay out of these things since i sell knives (kind of a conflict of interest/bias issue), but hopefully other people will chime in.  I just though having more info out there might be helpful in terms of people making recommendations to you.
double post
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