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here's a whole playlist of knife sharpening videos if you're interested... http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEBF55079F53216AB
actually, now days, you will find more members at kitchenknifeforus.com for that kind of thing
for what its worth, the gengetsu is not well suited to the use of honing rods... a finishing stone or a strop would be far better.  If you insist on using a rod, a smooth glass or smooth ceramic rod would be the best (but i still dont like them).  Use one with exceedingly light pressure.
not sure my microbevel technique is the best for this situation... it is more geared towards high hardness steels and/or super thin knives and/or very brittle knives
lol... maybe.  I'm all about practical solutions.
yeah... quite a bit can be adjusted in sharpening... even if the steel and/or HT isnt perfect for what you want.
some of this can be fixed through sharpening... you can adjust the edge to be more durable if you want.
as i also happen to be a retailer, i'm not so comfortable making recommendations of my products on here... if you would like to speak in more depth, you're always welcome to e-mail or PM me though.
i would say either get a 50/50 one, a real left handed one, or choose a 150mm petty that is on the tough/durable side of things.  The petty is probably most versatile, but you will need to be a bit more careful.
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