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no vg-10 in the store at all... dont really like it.  Anyways, with regard to anything that i sell, shoot me a PM, so we dont have to clutter up the thread with stuff like that.
fwiw, i dont have any in VG10... i've got some in ginsanko and 19c27, but no vg10
again, i dont feel so comfortable talking about the products i sell in a forum like this...if you would like to e-mail, PM, or call me, i would be happy to talk in much more depth, but i am of the belief that this forum should not be the place for me to push sales.  Sorry.
lol... no worries at all.  My purpose in responding wasnt about making a sale... it was making sure you end up with a knife that is going to work well for you and what you intend to do with it.   With regard to the gesshin uraku, i think its a good option, but i think its best if i stay out of talking about the products i sell.  Maybe other people can chime in.
Do you understand the difference between single and double bevel knives?  What about the differences in sharpening and use?  If your answer to either of those questions is no, then the nakiri is for you.  However, if your answer is yes, then you have to figure out what kinds of things you will be doing with the knife.  If you do katsuramuki, yoko-ken, tate-ken, etc., usuba is for you.  If you are dicing, jullianneing, etc. you may want a nakiri (especially if you work...
sharpening can be infinitely complex, but its much more important in the beginning to focus on the basics and build a good base skill set before diving in the deep end
i think you meant mark not dave for CKTG ;)
for now just use equal pressure on both the push and pull
lol... i'm short too. Moving to a new apartment with shorter counter height soon... so stoked ;)
i agree with you for the most part...  but on harder and/or taller items its really just physics more than anything else
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