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yeah... quite a bit can be adjusted in sharpening... even if the steel and/or HT isnt perfect for what you want.
some of this can be fixed through sharpening... you can adjust the edge to be more durable if you want.
as i also happen to be a retailer, i'm not so comfortable making recommendations of my products on here... if you would like to speak in more depth, you're always welcome to e-mail or PM me though.
i would say either get a 50/50 one, a real left handed one, or choose a 150mm petty that is on the tough/durable side of things.  The petty is probably most versatile, but you will need to be a bit more careful.
neither of those is left handed friendly... its not just the bevel that is right handed, but the construction and geometry of the knife.  Therefore, "converting" it is not really a good idea, as it would still be  a right handed knife, but with a left handed bevel.  Try to go for something really 50/50 if you can... i know i've got at least one thing around like that.
i'm actually super behind on e-mails... trying to catch up today... but phone always works.
about 2/3-3/4 in to the handle (the tang on japanese knives)... never seen one snap there yet
i dont think he's associating himself with my business... he's just stating his opinions.  Also, i do my best to make myself available when people have questions or concerns, but i also make a point of not interjecting with my opinion unless its asked for.... i guess what it is is that i try to stay away from shamelessly plugging my stuff in favor of letting my products and services speak for themselves (for both the good and the bad.... i want people to get as unbiased of...
yup... its true.  The gesshin kagekiyo knives are slightly hollow ground from the shinogi to the edge.  This can easily be flattened out over time though, and is not really a big deal to do.
There are other ways to do it… But the chefs choice is not the way
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