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FYI you've got the yo and wa reversed
lol... no prob.  Sorry things are out of stock.  Since the LA times article on us, that line has been selling like crazy.   -Jon
in this case, i'm expecting them to ship from japan in about 2 weeks
murray carter, not bob
nah... you should be good for now... the dollar is stronger against the yen right now than it has been in a long time
for what its worth, it wasnt imanishi (a stone company), but rather ichimonji.  And, it wasnt a take-over, so much as a copy.  Ichimonji still makes and sells the original tkc.
when people refer to a molybdenum steel, the vast majority of the time, its stainless, not semistainless.
consider that retailers buy when they buy, so if inventory is from a time where the price was higher, the price will be higher... there's often a bit of a delay in lowering prices, but it usually does happen.  Also, sometimes retailers dont raise prices right away, in hopes that the extra expense is temporary.  FWIW, we've lowered some prices on things that are coming in more recently.
semi-stainless is far from new... its just a bit more popular now.  For what its worth, only the tkc is semi-stainless from the ones you listed.  The other two are stainless.
actually, the kanemasa is more similar to the kikuichi than the fujiwara
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