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thanks... glad you like them
left side if you employ my method   -Jon
fujiwara is aus8... a bit different.  And better always depends on what you are looking for/need ;)
there arent many types of steel called 19c27.  That being said, i dont recall tojiro using 19c27 as their core steel on the DP line, but i could be wrong.
having carried their knives in the past and knowing them personally kind of stops me from saying what it is... they want to keep it a secret
for what its worth, stainless is actually commonly held to be above 11% chromium. 19c27 is indeed a stainless steel.  However, there are a number of things that can effect stainless-ness aside from chromium.  For example, the amount of carbon relative to chromium and the way the knife has been heat treated. also... 19c27 is not particularly fine grained, unlike its lower carbon brother... see...
forschner/victorinox always works in that range (under $50 for sure... closer to $30)
i just clicked that link out of curiosity and the first thing that popped up was a ryoba deba (double sided deba)... thats not even a chefs knife... its a fish knife.  Based on the majority of knives i see on there, you're probably better off asking a knife-geared forum like or  However, they have their downfalls too... they will likely recommend only or mostly japanese kitchen knives or custom makers.  Temper that info with a...
you can thin on anything, but it will take a hell of a long time if its not a coarse-ish stone
i made some videos on the subject a while back if you're interested:  
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