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Best is a tough term... Aogami super will have the best edge retention an corrosion resistance of the Japanese carbon steels, but it won't get as sharp as others, will be more difficult to sharpen, and will be more brittle. Zdp189 is most assuredly a stainless steel.
and we had a good time
i think somewhere in the 4-6k range makes more sense, but 8k isnt that far out of the question... much beyond that doesnt make sense to me personally in this case
i would say pick a side... using both sides can lead to stones that wobble more over time or that become trapazoidialy shaped
couldnt agree more personally
i would personally avoid using one of the small sides, but all sides of the stone will sharpen in the case of your king and most other stones (but not all)
you may find this knife sharpening playlist helpful:   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEBF55079F53216AB&feature=view_all   there is a video that cover burr formation and removal among many other things
actually, i dont charge for that normally
no prob... plus i love how retarded i look in that screenshot ;)
on caring for carbon steel knives:
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