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i dont think he's associating himself with my business... he's just stating his opinions.  Also, i do my best to make myself available when people have questions or concerns, but i also make a point of not interjecting with my opinion unless its asked for.... i guess what it is is that i try to stay away from shamelessly plugging my stuff in favor of letting my products and services speak for themselves (for both the good and the bad.... i want people to get as unbiased of...
yup... its true.  The gesshin kagekiyo knives are slightly hollow ground from the shinogi to the edge.  This can easily be flattened out over time though, and is not really a big deal to do.
There are other ways to do it… But the chefs choice is not the way
sorry... i was posting from crappy internet connection in mexico... a lot of people talk about how aeb-l is a special steel on paper, but as you can see, its not... its great heat treating that makes it something.  Aus-10 has higher carbon for example, and can reach higher hrc.  At then end of the day, its all about HT.   Anyways, thats why i posted the chart i posted.
i dont remember if i've made that video or not, but if not, its on my list of things to do.   the top part of this blog post may also be relevant: http://blog.japaneseknifeimports.com/2013/07/a-series-of-notes-on-various-subjects.html
FWIW, i also see this often on similar knives that have been put in the dishwasher while still very dirty.  Looks almost the same, except that the dishwasher messes up the handles too.
i think what people forget is that spending more money can get you better performance, but it comes at a cost... the more money you spend, the better your skills will need to be to get the most out of it and care for/maintain it properly.  The above knife is nothing special, but its not a bad knife by any means either.  It is actually on the more abuse-friendly side of japanese knives.  All is not lost, and this can be easily fixed, but what really needs to change is the...
hate to say it, but this is entirely user error
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