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Manhattan?! Blasphemy. Chowda is white and rich, creamy goodness. That junk is soup :PTo the op, cut them down to size, double bread with a well seasoned flour (beer batter is great too) fry and throw them into tacos. Previously mentioned stuffing should help your cause. I haven't had the displeasure of using frozen flounder yet, but would imagine it turns to mush. Maybe stuff with crab (small rolls), bread with a heavily crumbed flour and fry for little seafood puffs?...
Try to get some work at Briccos. I just moved out of Hartford, and attended Lincoln (left after being told I didn't have time for cigarette with three hours for as many dishes and that if shellfish don't open simply crack them open and plate away). They won't pay you immediately, but if you go in and prove you can get things done you will have an amazing opportunity to learn. Grants is slower but hard to get a job in, and I never had any experience at trattoria. The...
Were you dressing those fish? I worked on a trawler for a summer and dressed my fair share of salmon. I don't eat sushi any more. The closest I come is a midrare slice of tuna and that's only when I see what the fish itself looked like (so at work). It may be relatively safe, but people still get sick. Not to mention, 99% of life in the ocean is location specific. Sent from my SCH-I510 using Tapatalk
I don't think they disapprove of the use, but disapprove of route being chosen that does not require excellent technique or delicately blending flavors to enhance a subtler yet flavor. Bacon/pancetta/prosciutto are very prominent bold flavors. They are delicious but don't really demand an overtly skilled hand in executing a dish featuring their use. Sent from my SCH-I510 using Tapatalk
If they are cooked just quarter them and season. I don't think id try hacking up cooked beets with a mandolin
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