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Kyocera makes the best ceramics. When I worked at a vegan place, the chef there only used ceramic knives because of something about metal being 'ying' and some vegetables being 'yang'... It was a macrobiotic place, don't ask.Only problem is you have to baby it more than an expensive Japanese knife... Can't even put it in a knife roll, she had to put it in a special knife sleeve and then wrap that in a towels.
My Pastry Chef also picked up mixology skills and so pastry made all the infusions, bitters, and juices for the bar. When he's in between jobs, he consults for craft bars in the area... Just a thought.
I started out with a Henkel but found that it took too long to sharpen AND couldn't keep an edge. I am in love with my Global now, she is my all-rounder. I also use a Wusthof paring, three years old and still decently sharp!
I'm sure Chef's reason to cut my hours is because I'm expensive compared to the rest of the cooks. Like you said, pastry cooks are hard to come by... Which bothers me because on the days I come in I see that everything is prepped in a half-a**ed manner and the plating is sloppy when done by line cooks! When I call the guys out on it, they always shoot back the "well, pastry is the red-headed step child of the kitchen..."   I've tried a lot things to stop the nausea,...
I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and am having a very miserable 1st trimester. Nausea, anemia, fatigue, the whole bunch. I'm a pastry cook, but the smell of any food sets me off. I told my chef as soon as I found out, and Chef has reduced me from full time to part time (from 35 to 12 hours a week)... I've had to take a morning office job. And since I've only been at my restaurant since May, I don't qualify for FMLA.   I'm actually thinking about leaving because...
Im 27, and I've only been cooking for two years. This morning I woke up to a neck so stiff that I couldn't get out of bed without rolling off. Went to the doctor, she said that it was an RSI and prescribed me muscle relaxants and lots of ibuprofen. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and the pharmacists laughed that I'm too young to be using these meds...!! If I'm like this now I must be falling apart by the time I'm 40!
There's suplosedly a rental commercial kitchen in Orange. My friend has an online baking business and uses it.
glad to hear i'm not the only one to do this... you live you learn! 
sounds eeeeenteresting...
A few weeks ago, I set the stove on fire.   We had an especially busy week and the foil lining in the stoves were extra greasy... And during a Friday rush, it somehow caught on fire! I was 15 tickets deep and couldn't stop service to put out the fire, so I kept working on orders. I'd start at one burner cooking, then Chef would pour salt over the next burner to put out the fire. We did this in rotation until the fire completely went out. Scared the crap out of us,...
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