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also some sources say that Mayonaise is anothermother sauce..? not sure if thats correct tho?  
Hi guys! I'm currently a trainee chef and I'm learning about cooking sauces. Is it true that sauces and stocks are the most important basics a chef needs to  know?   My research shows me that there are 5 mother sauces used in cooking, is this correct:   1. Bechamel, 2. Veloute, 3. Espagnole, 4. Tomato 5. Hollandaise   What about "Vinagrette"? Is this another sauce we should know about?   Any advice would be great. Ta   Mark
When i finish college i plan to work in best resturant I can get a job in, I want to learn and develop myself as a chef
im doing NVQ level 2.. its going great - very new to me as i have a strong background in graphic design. The career change is one of the best decisions ive made though!   Thanks for the welcomes guys!
Hi guys, I pot roasted a chicken last week and want to check my theory with you guys.   Is "Pot Roast" and "Braising" the same thing? Any advice would be great, thanks!     This is how I pot roasted the chicken...   1. First I truss the chicken with string to hold together presentablity.   2. Then, I sealed off the chicken on all sides in a frying pan and placed it in a large casserole pot.   3. Fry the mirepoix vegetables until slightly brown and...
Hi everyone, After a long passion for cooking I have just officially started a cooking NVQ course and thought i would join this forum to get advice and share stories with please with experience and people inn the same boat. So Hellooo! 
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