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Are there any public universities/colleges that offer a Bachelor's degree in Culinary arts/management? I'm just curious...  I know that CIA and JW has it, but they are overpriced... so I'm just curious to know the 'public' school option? Not only in the US, but around the world~
Hi all, I'm curious to know what it's like to be a caterer. I don't think those 'employment sites' by the government are any help... so I guess it's best if I ask some real professionals out there--  -Is it mostly through word of mouth? -What's the typical day like? -I'm in culinary school...should I also take some business classes? Thanks!
Hi all,  Anyone go to George Brown College in Toronto? Current students, alumni/recent grads, or profs? Just a few questions: Questions regarding 2 year programs...not continuing education or anything like that... How's the Culinary Management (preferably the Integrated stream) program? How's life after graduation? How's student life? What's the typical age group and diversity like?  Were there international connections/experience after graduation? How's...
Hello, I am from Canada too, just wondering how much is the tuition to attend? Have you figured out living arrangements as well? Is there still room to apply?
I had thoughts about becoming a food writer for major magazines....would I need a traditional liberal arts 4 year degree, or is culinary school just fine enough? Or both?? I don't want to waste the thousands of dollars in a liberal arts college, if I could just spend it on a culinary school. Please help.
I'm just curious--anyone know and culinary schools in Asia which teach Asian foods and the courses are in English? Short and long term courses...preferably in China but I'm curious to know other ones around Asia. I've been unsuccessful while googling..
Alright thanks for all the advice. Question: Should I get some experience as a line cook or baking apprentice or something before I start any of my choices?
I have career choices in mind regarding food, and wondering if there are professionals out there who could give me some advice. 1. Personal/Private Chef Service Perks: I love how in this career, I could create menus and cater to some really interesting events. Every event/menu is different, and I like how in this profession, there is always a change in food choices and people. There are not a lot of start up costs I could think is basically just me and...
Is there any place in Toronto that sells French butter? (like Plugra?) Oh and Valrhona chocolate?
I prefer NY or California. Any suggestions?
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