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would this work, if not any tips?   smoking the livers using birch chips (for how long)   then vacuum sealed in some sort of fat ( maybe bacon or brisket?)   what's a a good veg or fruit that compliments liver?
Haha exactly every thing I see in work and school is boxed and prefabbed, the only work I put in is taking off silver skin and fat. I really want that hands on perspective, that you were taught.
  PROBLEM:   Imagine that you have a baked custard formula that tends to weep and curdle during baking. You can make any change to the formula or to the method of preparation. You are gather information on changes that could decrease weeping and curdling. While some of these changes will not work in every situation, and some will work better than others, each is a possibility. Explain the reasons that each could work. Below is an example of gathering relevant...
I was wondering how I should go about looking for an internship as a butcher, as I come closer to my graduation I feel like I need to learn more about the cuts of meat to better understand what I want to cook when it comes to meats. I am located in San Antonio, TX, willing to move.
and its a straight force meat for a terrine
would a lack of garnish be a factor the result of the poach test not binding?
its a critical thinking question.
You are preparing a straight forcemeat for a terrine. You are at the point of the process having completed a test. The test results have indicated that the forcemeat is not binding well. What are the possible reasons for this outcome explain why and explain what is the remedy for each possible cause?   what are three possible causes and solutions?
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