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I actually didn't know there was one!!  
Sadly, it's not just kids.... I had a 50yo text me to quit & with my old business, the adults stuffed us around more than the kids!! the mentality of some of my present older staff members is to rather than ask for time off, actually tell me they are not available on certain days!!!!   Not sure if it's to do with the fact that I'm younger than them or because they know we are so short staffed, I won't kick up a stink and say no because I can't risk loosing them!!
We are running at around 90% occupancy during weekdays and have lots of fully catered conferences during the days that I generally do myself... its insanely busy at the moment... Just finding it almost impossible to find staff that are willing to stick around!! we pay above award.... This used to keep all the crew coming back every summer at our old business.... But doesn't seem to be working up here!! I finally get a full roster of staff & a few quit at once, then...
We used to get that a bit in our previous business... So selfish & rude!!!
SMS is text message.... its the second time it's happened & it annoys the crap out of me!!
Most.... Well actually they now all live locally now that SMS queen has left... Luckily, within 15 minutes drive... But they are such small towns... It's getting harder and harder to get them and keep them due to a huge mining boom about an hour up the road... Seems the Gladstone folk can now afford to make the wages well worth the hour each way trip!! to make it greater, one of my cleaners gave notice yesterday!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 
Ok.... I must be doing something wrong... I run a motel in the middle of nowhere... Treat my staff like absolute gold.... Pay them above award wage... Yet they still don't hang around!!! cleaning staff..... Well it's too much hard work.... kitchen staff..... Here's the full story....   Had 1 absolutely amazing worker who never stays in one place too long... another was such a great person to work with... But got the apprenticeship she had always wanted... the...
Hi guys, After a bit of advice when it comes to training a very talented 16yo autistic girl... So far, everything she has made for me has been brilliant.. I'm giving her hints here & there.. But so far so good... the problems I am facing with her at the moment are trying to build her confidence up & trying to get her to work on busy nights.... i am basically getting her in to do prep for me for the week while things are full on... But if I do push her on working...
Have a set on order now... Itching to get it!! what can I say?? They just look so funky!!! Lol
Wow!!! They are rather expensive over here!!! :-/ might have to buy a couple just before tax time so I can claim the $$ straight back... It's about the only way I could talk the hubby into it!!! (or I could just not tell him....)  
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