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 You will notice that I edited my last post, this because in my haste, I made a grammatical mistake that I went back and fixed. Inefficiency in action :~)
 Actually this is the internet. Speedforthesakeofspeedisacounterproductivepursuitlendingitselftoineffiencyasyouhavetogobacktofigureoutwhatyoucouldhavedonetomaketheprocessclosertotheoriginaldesiredgoalandresults. Speed does not equate to efficiency. Efficiency is the more desired trait. If you plate a salad in 30 seconds but "make a mistake like forget onions were 86'd on that mixed greens". It  possibly goes out to the dining room and gets served to the guest, who then has...
Chef's knife, but by default because it is about the only knife I use.
Long time no hear, didn't anybody tell you about the 30 minute time limit for breaks. Glad you stopped back in :~)
What California incident?
Cool beans @danilovesfood, glad to hear it!
I like to lightly semi-cold smoke the mirepoix (vegies,peppers, garlic, whatever etc). Then chop them up and saute to a dark brown, to caramelize the natural sugars. to start my sauce. That way I get a good start on smokiness and sweetness to my sauce.
What is the title of your job?
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