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Just curious as to how a profit can be achieved when the cost for the Costa Rica program isand it includes I figured you would a good person to ask this question because
 I would...but then I don't trust my judgement. LOL  :~)
 I had complete confidence in your ability to do this and knew that you would knock it out of the park. The big question though is ...are regular home people going to want to watch it?    I knew this was a given as well. Goodatcha! I would love to see the pilot. Hope it busts open doors for you!
Actually a few years back I came close to unveiling my own wheel. It was on a a small Caribbean island with no cars, enough tourist (but not too many), enough expats (but not too many), not too many legal restrictions or hoops to jump through. I was going to hook my 6 foot catering  grill up to a bicycle or golf cart and every day around sundown I would ride to the beach in town. I would offer fish, pork, chicken. All grilled of course. Choice of 3 maybe 4 sauces. Choice...
Same thing,only different!. Deja vu, all over again! I call my new invention... the wheel!  
The concept, to me at any rate, seems to mirror my experience working at restaurants that actually had a menu....(guest ordering) I want the NY with mushrooms and baked potato; but can you sub chicken for the steak and instead of mushroom could you use red bell peppers and can I get sweet potato fries instead of the baked potato. Completely Custom Menu restaurant Concept. Genius? Madness? or Both? The reality of guest experience... stays the same,... my genius (tongue in...
If you move to a country with a 90% unemployment rate, how much competition do you think there would be for cooking jobs and what pay rate would you anticipate due the extreme number of unemployed people looking for work?   Also with a 90% unemployment rate, how many people have the money to be frequenting restaurants, or do imagine that restaurants survive on tourists and "haves"? How is the tourism business for a country with a 90% unemployment rate? How large of a...
Sounds to me like they are probably using bread flour and not overly working the dough. Folding rather than kneading.
I personally don't experience any harm from members responding to threads that have sat awhile... aging can sometimes be beneficial (dry aged steaks, people)...even mold can be beneficial (blue cheese)...  :~)
I have used it in sauces, glazes, syrups, marinades, and even soup such as Ribollita (Tuscan White Bean Soup)... and for wayyy out of the box... dessert... Gelato Modena,  Italian Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream with fresh Strawberries and cracked Black Pepper
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