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Have you checked out the local chapter of the ACF?
Are you in the concept stage or do you already have an existing space?
I am not trying to take anything away from private chefs, but developing a menu for a restaurant takes a skill set beyond just being able to cook amazing food.   Cooking in a restaurant is a whole nuther ball of wax and developing a menu for one is much more complex than it appears on the surface. Will the menu work with the equipment and layout of the kitchen? Does the menu keep in mind the inevitable crunch times? Is it distributed through the different stations on the...
 I fully understand that there are people that have to go gluten free and my heart goes out to them. I wouldn't wish that on anyone because going truly gluten free is extremely difficult. Gluten can even be found in such unsuspecting items such as toothpaste for god's sake! That having been said, my general thoughts, about a gluten free lifestyle, runs similar to the following quote 
How do they figure out their food cost? What is PDD? What constitutes staples?
Many excellent points that eloquently hit the nail on the head. Kudos and thanks!
The reason eating nothing but 15 eggs a day works for weight reduction is that it is a caloric reduction of about 40% of the recommended daily amount.   15 large poached or hard boiled eggs would be about 1065 calories or 60% DV. Plenty of protein about twice the DV. No carbs. Plenty of vitamins and minerals. The bad news is the total fat and saturated fat are about 120% DV. The really bad news is the cholesterol. It comes in at 1050% DV.   Weight loss, yes. Healthy,...
Yes. The pods will turn dark and even looked burned in spots, but no worries. Also the reason to oil and s&p the pods even though you don't eat the pods is because as you pop the beans out of the pods after cooking, the oil and s&p will coat your fingers and transfer the roasted seasoning flavor to the beans.
For anyone interested in an easy but delicious preparation, try roasted fava beans. Whole pod, sprinkle with s&p, toss with olive oil. Spread in single layer and roast 450 for 25 minutes. Pop out of pods and enjoy.
What hype and hysteria? For people that need to eliminate gluten from their diet for a disease process, it is pretty much a no brainer and understandable, not really a choice. However, the OP was soliciting opinions on gluten free as a lifestyle choice and whether gluten is a bad part of an average diet.
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