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I would be hesitant to lease a kitchen attached to another enterprise, too many potential loose ends for my comfort. In my experience, partnerships are hard enough and this wouldn't even really be a partnership. I don't know it just raises lots of red flags to me.   Let us know how your meeting goes, your experience from it has the potential to be a good learning tool for the rest of us.
 Since commercial pork is no longer being feed slop, along with other controls being instituted, trichinosis has been basically eliminated in commercial pork as a threat and so 145 is safe.
Sorry to hear about Bandit, Iceman. It hurts when we lose our best buddy pups, but is there anything better on this earth than having one in the first place? I know when I had to put down my last girl, Sasha, the vet let me sit on the floor with Sasha in my arms and tears on my face as she made her transition. I only wish I could be half the man that Sasha thought I was. Godspeed Bandit.
86 thisFocus instead on improving and honing your skills. Like you I had been working in the industry for about 10 years when I decided to attend culinary school. I went to learn, not to impress.
For twenty plates, I would probably warm them at work and transport in a pre-warmed ice chests.
Back in the 70's I had a 1958 356A. Sweet car, other than being white which  made it look like an upside down claw foot bathtub. Unfortunately it got hit in the front end and clips where impossible to come by even back then. Might actually be easier to find one today with the wonders of the internet. Definitely cost prohibitive though.   My dream has always been a 904.   Is that a rambler in the middle picture? What year?
Panini, I have always loved those Jensen Healeys. Great little "go fasts", but I know what you mean about the Lucas electrical. I had a 1968 Triumph (motorcycle) with Lucas. I was continually trying to tack down some electrical boogie.   Also I have recently culled my collection "those things":). The 1968 Porsche Targa and 1980 Jeep CJ7 are gone. Next on the block is the 1971 VW squareback.
Would love to see it!   Would love to see this on my menu "Due to the unique nature of the performance, we are unable to honor any requests for food substitutions. Guests will choose a meal type when purchasing tickets. A “regular meal” will contain beef and may contain poultry, pork, and/or seafood. A “vegetarian meal” will not include any meat but is not a vegan meal and may contain dairy and eggs." LOL :)
I told the wife that living in paradise, we would probably see the grandkids and kids more. She didn't buy it.
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