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Attempt to rectify the problem at the source. The further away from the root you get longer the longer it takes for solution and the greater the possibility of creating ill feelings among co-workers.   Put yourself in the woman's shoes for a moment, how would you feel if you made a mistake and a co-worker went running to Chef. Not only that but Chef has enough on his plate already and I don't need to pile more on unless I can't solve an issue that I encounter.
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 Pay is low, but you no time nor place to spend your money, unless you blow it gambling in staff poker and dice games. Also because you have no expenses, it is easy to bank your pay.
 Same basic principal that a full freezer is more energy efficient than a half full one.
Actually I prefer to leave them in the ice chest as not only can they make a nice bed to help stabilize the food containers as you nestle them into the gravel or whatever, but more importantly, the more mass you have, the more efficient your thermal holding capabilities
An ice chest lined with preheated bricks, or rocks, or sand, or uncooked rice, or etc.
In my experience, the job is similar to working at a large hotel except that we worked 12-16 hour days for 30 straight days,... that and your coworkers go home with you whether you like them or not.
From the perspective of a working chef, hearing criticism can get tiresome. Yes, on the flip side, chefs get to hear praise as well. BUT, guess which is more readily offered. There is an old adage in the restaurant business "If a guest enjoys their dinner, they will tell their best friend. If they don't enjoy their dinner, they will tell ten of their friends."   Lets say hypothetically...   1.) A person cooking at home puts a meal for friends and is done. They are...
Near as I can tell, it appears to be from what they now call the Ultimate Series. The SBK-120 model. It is a nice knife, I test drove one when I was at their headquarters a few years back.
@prko0, before you put it on a stone, are you interested in selling it?
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