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When do you open and what time do you stop seating? What is your average turn time? Of the 38 seats, how many 4 tops, how many deuces, etc.? Is the menu pre-fixe and if so, how many courses? How many people work the line?
Keep an eye on the big picture. Prioritize. Remember that time accelerates in a stressed mind, 30 seconds feels like 5 minutes. This too shall pass.
I do it by doing the best that I can and I don't let their issues become my issues by refusing to rent them space in my head; besides the real estate market there is limited and out of their price league.
It is kind of like trying to plug in a cost of gas for a saute item...much easier to plug it into fixed cost.
What questions would you ask a sous chef candidate during a telephone interview?
Assuming the ratios are correct, put a stick blender in it. Let it rest on bottom, turn it on and slowly pull it upward.
I have seen it done to create a holding box but not to cook. I would imagine that is what they were doing as well. Basically giant chafers.
 The owner has a similar attitude....If I run a restaurant, no one tells me how to run it... Unless chef has "/owner" following his title, he ain't at the top of the food chain, even then bottom line is that guests rule the roost as to final say on success or failure. So who really runs a joint anyway? I just know that I would run from this one. The owner is not going to change, so I would change my place of employment.
I can't imagine it be a safety issue even with large items because you have 2 hours to get it down to 70 degrees, then 4 after that to hit the 40 degrees.
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