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Education can come from many sources. Culinary school is only one of those sources. Experience is a wonderful source of education.   A degree is a piece of paper. Some will be impressed by it. Some will not. Some will do good things with a degree. Some will not. Some will do good things without a degree. Some will not.
Basically I was saying that I believe that education and experience are the optimal tool set to possess in an ideal world. False comparison to you, firm belief to me. The world goes round.
 Education is not the same as experience. A wise hunter has a full complement of arrows in his quiver. Even though it takes only one arrow hitting the mark to bag the evening's meal, many times more than one shot is required.
Cut the brisket into smaller pieces (about 2-3# pieces) and still your use your same method. After it is in oven do the chicken, should have plenty of time. Take deep breaths. Talk to your son. Share fond memories about him. Godspeed. You will do fine. Thanks for what you are doing, it is an inspiring and very caring undertaking.
What are the facilities equipped with? How have you been preparing the brisket? How about the chicken, what have you been using, whole or pieces? Boneless skinless breasts should be able to be prepared and cooked in 3 hours. Use Yukon gold potatoes and do skin on mashers.
 I could be wrong and would like to learn if I am because knowledge is power. Do you have a source to site?
Theoretically you never have to replace as long as it is held at temp, but it comes down more to an issue of quality.
Being on the tall side, an apron keeps the bottom of my chef coat from dragging across the prep table when I reach for something or for that matter, the burners on the stove which could be even more disastrous!!!
Egg noodles obviously have egg in them, whereas pasta doesn't necessarily (although it may) contain egg.
Falda de tapa del Aguayon
New Posts  All Forums: