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no true Scotsman
 I could be wrong but still feel fairly confident that most of whoever was the "first person" to make whatever particular dish is long gone and that by the very nature of human beings being what it is the "first person's" recipe got modified just a tad bit when made by the "second person" who then passed it on someone else who modified it just a tad bit etc. etc. etc. Authentic (or not) is a word people throw out there when discussing food/cuisine, in order to validate,...
 I have nothing against old, hell I am old. The discussion and your reply are both still valid and relevant; as I like to think, so am I. :~)
@rpooley, clarify (pun) for me, are you pro or con opacity. Any stock can be made crystal clear by following consomme protocol, building a raft...blah blah blah, so they can exist; or are you questioning the validity or need of such a practise. Where exactly is the discussion supposed to head. Signed, confused.
more Bourdain http://www.sacbee.com/food-drink/article103459602.html 
China has McDonald's. They probably think it is a represenative of an American hamburger, whether they are off base or not is a whole nuther discussion; but is it all a hamburger can be? Is it a hamburger taken to it's highest or best culinary level. Does a hamburger have to be taken to it's highest or best culinary level or just done simply well with quality ingredients? Does it matter when eating, where the idea for the dish originated? Does it matter if it is authentic...
25# pasta 35#chicken 25#broccoli 4 sauce need more info (rough idea on procedure for sauce, thickener, reduction,etc) 4 salad need more info (what type of lettuce & other ingredients) 4 bread need more info (what type, garlic bread, rolls, etc)
Sounds like a good plan and a good attitude to me. Goodatcha!   I would suggest looking around for a potential externship way in advance that way you can do your research and make a good choice. Just remember that talk is cheap, anybody can do it and chefs are just as guilty of it as anybody else.   When you think you may have found a potentially good externship possibility, ask the chef if you can come in and watch and help out for a few days in order to see if it...
Who is rowing? I didn't even see a boat! Me spell it lighthearted but also thought provoking. After that, it is out of my hands. Your mileage may vary.
I grew up in Florida. If I moved to Venezuela and started making a soup using donax and I called it Marjorie's soup and touted it as Floridian... if it became hugely popular...would it dismissed as not truly Floridian but instead more of a Venezuelanized American dish???...somewhere a tree falls... :~)
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