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No one has experience until they get experience. There are always going to be people with more. There are always going to be people with less. Some people gain and grow from their experiences. Some, not so much. Get the most out this experience that you can while you are having it, as it will make you ready for the next one.
Line cooks needed for fine dining restaurant in Vieques PRVieques is one of the islands of Puerto Rico
Skills are not directly related to the price of ingredients used. Skills can be honed with humble inexpensive ingredients. Skills are the foundation upon which quality cooking is built, whether it is simple or fancy.   poaching: eggs   braising: pork butt   emulsifications: warm/ hollandaise    cold/ mayonnaise   stock: chicken   etc,   The Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer is a book that is easily found because it is so widely published. A used bookstore is...
Assuming that you go with their yield of 3 people, then for 300, it would be ingredients times 100.25# Butter12.5 G Cream6.25# Parmesan Cheese75#. Fettuccine
Use a thermometer and make sure your oven is accurate. It may need to be calibrated.
I would make sure that waste log is in place and being utilized. Just be sure to reinforce with staff that is not for punitive reasons but for the sake of accurate inventory recording and accounting reasons, same for any food consumed by staff, same as food leaving the premises by GM, interdepartmental transfers, etc.   How are your prepared foods and production inventory being recorded?
I was pretty much headed in the same direction as @panini & @kuan   There is a small, almost legendary, taco stand in my area that does phenomenal business with just a few minute wait for food. They have the grill going all day and fire batches throughout the day. There is a definitely a large middle ground between firing all at one time then reheating, and firing one at a time.   It takes 15 minutes to grill your meats so use this timeline against your 100# of...
How much chicken can you grill at one time? How many hours are you open?
You are correct, you didn't say that; I did and it was my tongue in cheek opinion on my definition and view of what constitutes micromanagement.
New Posts  All Forums: