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I felt that my toes were stepped on. After considerable thought, I responded in a manner that I felt was semi tongue in cheek but without discounting the wound to my pride that your post inflicted on me. My goal was to highlight the power of the keyboard and to make people think about the manner of their responses to other people's experiences before typing. In my attempt to point out what I viewed as denigration, I evidently fell victim to the very thing that I was...
 It is too bad you weren't there to stand in front of my restaurant and warn people before they went in and paid good money for turkey that wasn't any good because it was roasted at 475. Quite a few of the guests really needed your advice because they kept returning in subsequent years and were still too polite to complain, instead, they kept insisting it was wonderful.
I am a total heretic when it comes to turkey roasting, but I do it untrussed, wings folded under, at 475 until the breast is 160. For a 13# bird, I would go 75 minutes. Pull and let rest 30-45 minutes. I have tried pretty much every method under the sun at one time or another, but this is my favorite way by far. Crispy golden brown skin and moist meat.
 Consider yourself now traditionally trained. Welcome to the insanity that is sometimes encountered in the biz.  Good luck in your next job and may the force be with you to find a better environment. They do exist. Side note: What is..
If you have to ask, probably not.   I became a chef/owner and have no regrets. If I never had, I would have regrets, but that is me. With me, there was never any question, it was something I had to do. I had conviction in spades.   In one sentence you mention that you love to bake especially around the holidays, then in another sentence you are wondering about having to work the holidays, to me that seems kind of incongruous.   Not everyone is cut out to be an owner...
The piece on the right looks like it possibly is skirt sinew. Ask the butcher what cut the piece comes from, but don't mention skirt sinew. See if he confirms my thoughts.
 After the Hidenburg, he went on to work at the Parc Hotel in Frankfurt. At the 1980 IKA in Frankfurt, he was the coach of the German National Team that was crowned Olympic Champions.
My copy of the book is locked away in a storage unit but I did find a condensed example of what the book is like, the link shows a bit more to give you an idea of it's format http://thehundredbooks.com/le_repertoire_de_la_cuisine.htm   SAUCES - SAUCES Aïoli - Garlic cloves pounded with boiled potato, egg yolk, salt, pepper, lemon juice and oil. Béarnaise - Reduction of chopped shallots, mignonnette pepper, tarragon, salt and vinegar. Add yolks of eggs and finish as...
Hi @MarcoCom good to meet you as well. Here is a link to the menu, it is not the last menu but it has the same salmon dish on it. I haven't uncovered any thing on the dish itself and I went through Escoffier, Pellaprat, Larousse, Pauli, etc but you got my curiosity aroused, so the search continues...   http://www.airships.net/hindenburg/flight-schedule/millionaire-flight  
Warm your plates in the oven and then place in an ice chest that you pre-warmed with hot water.
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