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Being connected to your phone disconnects you from the present, which is where life actually happens.   Yes I realize you are in labor dear, but your screams are making it difficult for me to concentrate on my tweeting!    :~)    :~)   :~)
I really wanted to read about your experience, but I couldn't get through the second paragraph. It was too difficult due to the length without any line breaks, which makes following along, especially in the middle, just too hard.
 If he is late every day, how has this route not been completed many times over...is it because you are not doing your job and following through with established protocol? I already know the answer.
If you are in over your head...learn how to swim.   The guy that is always late and was 3 hours late...86 him. That will be a good start towards becoming the leader with a backbone that you want to be. As you continue on the process of becoming a leader...remember that you are running a kitchen, not a popularity contest.   A great leader doesn't do everything himself, he shares his vision with his team and delegates. Leadership is about involving people to help in...
The butt is generated from the upper portion of the shoulder and is suitable for pulling and falling apart preparations.   The picnic is generated from the lower portion of the shoulder and is more suitable for slicing preparations.
Are you still trying to sale the restaurant and do you still plan to leave the island by June 30?
Consistency is of paramount importance for success in our industry and it goes way beyond just food and service. Managerial practices have to be consistent. I am not a black and white type of guy by nature, far from it, but at work I am very black and white. It either is or it isn't.
 In general, the whole list has that tone. It seems to promote a schism more than a team. I find I get better results when I attempt to get people to work with me, rather than for me. Stating policy on paper is fine, but philosophy (culture, beliefs, etc) transmits better by example and one on one communication. I worked a place that was big on posting notes (memos, warnings, don'ts, etc) after the fact of things that disgruntled management. Hell, we were a small place, it...
Still reading and ruminating, but a quick observation is that you make cleaning out to be like a punishment as opposed to part and parcel of the job.
With all respect, this forum is for professionals. Whether it is an honor or not for you, responses are limited to professionals. Any future responses from you in the professional forum, will be deleted, in keeping with forum policy. There are plenty of other forums on ChefTalk that you are welcomed and encouraged to respond on. Your understanding on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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