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 This was what moved me to go to culinary school in the first place. I was 30, had been working in restaurants for 10 years, yeah I know it makes my reply somewhat convoluted, but it is my story none the less.There are chefs out there though that enjoy teaching and watching people grow, you just have to search them out. Look for places with frequently changing menus. This can be a good indicator of a chef that is still into learning and growing himself.    This is an...
 I think it is very true. My graduation from culinary school is so far back in my work history that nobody even notices it on my resume but it certainly hasn't slowed me in getting hired as a chef because my work history speaks volumes. Graduation is almost a footnote. :) I closed my own restaurant eleven years ago (after thirteen years) and people don't even get that far back when reading my resume, too funny. I have to work it into the conversation.
I am still hanging at 62, probably because I never really stopped. Just the other day I had a younger (who isn't?) person look at me in amazement and ask how I got that done so fast: without breaking stride the guy next to him said because he has done thousands.   Culinary school would be an expense that I am not sure would be beneficial or necessary, at this point in your career, in order to be the chef at a very nice restaurant. I feel that work experience probably...
One thing to keep in mind when using bacon fat for a vinaigrette, is it's propensity to solidify.
Pretty much agree with @chefwriter and @Dlee This is one of the times that I would enjoy working for a corporation, they are bound to have a policy on it and if not, then tell them that it has the potential to become an issue and one needs to be written to prevent it from becoming one. Also your local health board should be a good ally and source of info in this situation which could then be presented to corporate to help them along with their policy writing procedure. On...
A few variables there. Are the guests plating their food or are the attendants? Buffet lines single or double sided?How simple and self explanatory are the menu items? Etc. etc. etc. My educated guess without more info would be, if single sided buffet line, quickest I could see it happening would be 1 hour, 2 is more reasonable, knowing people are involved could be closer to 3.
I would tell them that they could smoke their e-cigarette or vape contraption while they were reading their servsafe certification material and standing in line at the unemployment office  waiting to file their claim.
There is plenty of gelatin in duck. I made this with the gelatin from a batch of duck confit.      
When you poach your eggs do you use water out of the hot water tap? If so, it could be the hot water heater because they build up mineral deposits over the years and can produce some pretty funky tasting water. Do a side by side tasting comparison between the hot and the cold tap.
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