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Le Répertoire de la Cuisine by Saulnier   Saucier's Apprentice by Sokolov   Cuisine Spontanee by Giradet      
The vast majority of the world seems to operate on the principal that in order to keep a job it is usually imperative to be able to follow directions. This even holds true for the so called self employeed, because just like the so called self taught, neither one truly exists. Quote: Carl Sagan I owned my own successful and profitable restaurant for years and even though I was at the supposed top of the food chain for my business, I still needed to be able to follow...
grilled spiny lobster ravioli with a coconut, vanilla bean, caradmom sauce   conch and Spanish chorizo ravioli with a yellow bell pepper, yellow tomato, marcona almond romesco sauce   grilled cacoa nib rubbed shrimp ravioli with a tamarind, black sapote, cracked black pepper sauce
Semantics and definitions aside, I make it simply due to the fact I enjoy the craft involved and the results can't be denied or comparably substituted with anything else. Everything else just pales in comparison.
No passport needed for a US citizen.
I would expect that you will be offered around $57,2000. I wouldn't expect job and/or business security though because paying you ($57,200), plus a senior executive chef (God only knows how much), plus a sous chef ($??.00) plus a fish cutter ($20.00 hr), plus etc. doesn't bode well for prospects of business longevity.
Basic dish was curried channa with potato and cabbage from Guyana, but with the addition of chicken, butternut squash, and cauliflower.  
Use a piece of kombu when making the stew. It will really get an umami boost and round out the flavor profile. Then before serving, just remove the kombu.
When you make a mousse or a souffle, do you fold the lighter whipped egg whites into the heavier chocolate mixture, because with the marshmallow; you did the opposite. Get the drift?
Think chocolate mousse. Think chocolate souffle. Both have plenty of fat from chocolate that doesn't kill the whipped egg whites.
New Posts  All Forums: