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@Peachcreek LOL, I can relate. I also decided awhile back to scale things down a bit. A working retirement more or less, no more 60-70 hour weeks, minimize responsibility, etc. I had to dumb down my resume considerably and minimize my work history. Even so, I still initially encounter skepticism and raised eyebrows, but I win them over given enough time to talk. The hard part comes after being hired, keeping my yap shut. I keep telling myself "Not my circus, not my monkeys"
 What you are doing is building a foundation of  "amazing skill and timing". It is all about repetition, sequencing, and muscle memory. Like learning to ride a bicycle, it doesn't matter what bike you start on, the skills necessary to stay upright, pedal, and balance are the groundwork to becoming a successful rider. Salads, peeling spuds, and washing dishes are no less important to the operation of the restaurant and allow you to work on your skills just as much as...
 ???...couldn't find scissors or a knife...in a kitchen...???...
 It does indeed. The key is to not let time accelerate in your mind. Keep it reality based. Top tier line beasts can slow real time in their minds, while still operating at the speed of light, which reduces stress level and makes it seem like a walk in the park.
Leaving the lid on or even half on means that it takes longer to cool down, thereby spending more time in the danger zone.
To put a different spin on things, Vince Lombardi could play football, but his true talent showed when he coached.
In order to answer your question I am going to take the liberty of responding for zombie_chef since he hasn't been here in 15 years, when making shrimp mousse you do not cook the shrimp before making the mousse. The cooking occurs later, think of it like making hamburger patties. You don't cook the ground beef first. In this case the mousse is spread on trout fillets which are then rolled up and poached. Hope that helps to clarify things
bring: open mind, chef knife, pocket notepad and pen, sharpie, insta-read thermometer   expect: chaos,... in a good kitchen it will be organized chaos
 Occasionally I have dropped them...not recommended as a keeper technique. :~)
 I dunno, I saw guy juggling running chainsaws one time!
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