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So what sauce would you suggest for a fish served with potatoes? Or what starch would you suggest with a sea bass with tomato fondue?
 I don't mean to question the integrity of your market, but having been in the food biz a number of years...ground meat a lot of times may not be a good represenative of prime freshness. You might be achieve results more to your liking by buying meat and grinding it yourself or having them grind it for you. The advantage to grinding it yourself is that you could then do an overnight buttermilk soak before grinding. :~)
I knew blank canvas wasn't necessarily the best choice of verbage, but I brain cramped on coming up with anything else. I don't find potatoes to have what I would consider an overwhelming flavor on their own and  since Potatoes Anna is nothing more than potatoes, butter, salt, and pepper, I consider the flavor profile somewhat on the muted level. Doesn't mean I don't love them, because I do. I remember the first time I made Potatoes Anna 40 years or so ago, I thought "Man,...
Break the eggs into one of these,   a fine mesh strainer. Gently swirl around a bit to let excess watery loose whites to run off. Lower into simmering acidulated water.
A buttermilk soak will somewhat neutralize or tame strong flavors. My experience with gamy has led me to come to the conclusion that it is usually represenative of the methods of collection, field dressing, and processing. I have the luxury of being able to have deer hanging in a walk-in within 30-60 minutes. World of difference.
Lamb is not a taste that everyone likes. It tastes it should. The definition of gamy is 'having the flavor of game near tainting". I agree that this not so acceptable, but lamb should taste like lamb.  What @Someday said. This.
 I believe there is a little confusion caused by referring to tomato fondue as a sauce. It is not so much a sauce (like a marinara) as it is more a classical French hot garnish used for a variety of dishes such as fish. Potatoes Anna is also classical French and a relatively somewhat blank canvas, so in my mind I can see it working.
For an exam, I would probably go with a galette or Anna for the potatoes. Shows a bit more finesse and technique while still maintaining the flavor and texture profile you would want in your accompaniment.
A quick guess would be seitan.
You can find all sorts of facts on the internet. Some of them are even true. What was your source on the internet for this info on the dried shiitakes?
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