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 I am gathering now that you are talking about a walk-in. You threw me with "fridge" when i saw that my mind went to reach-in. What about electrical for pumps, circulators, and filters an issue there?
Playing real loose with the math, a 30 gallon (25 gallon imperial) tank with water will weigh 250# (114 kg). Will the shelves support that? Not to mention weight of lobsters, crabs, etc; plus 30 gallon is miniscule.
Not trying to be harsh, but if you have to ask, then the answer is no you should not.   When I got married, I didn't ask anyone's opinion about whether I should get married or not. Thirty years later, I am still married. Thirty years ago I had no doubts about whether I should get married or not, I just knew it was right.   If you want feedback that is more pros/cons number oriented, I can offer some of that because I have experience with opening my own restaurant from...
No I don't think it will be an issue. Besides, i don't know about you, but anyone that would discriminate for such an asinine reason, is not someone that I would want to work anyway.
 Ditto this. Your hand blocks the view. A staright on camera angle would probably be more informative.   In my experience, most people's knives are beyond the point were honing would accomplish much.
I like hot water, makes for faster absorption which lends itself to a lighter texture. Another thing that helps with lighter and more moist final texture, is when you portion out, break the portions in half. Roll into your balls. Dip one side of one ball into sesame oil. Place the oiled side on top of the other ball. Flatten and roll out. Also less breakage and thinner results this way.
Do you use hot water when you make the dough?
I gather that you are not in the kitchen. How is your comfort and skill level in the kitchen? What kind of locale are you in, I sense it is a smaller seasonal tourist area? How is the labor market, numbers and skill wise? What about demographics and target clientele?
5 entrees seems a tad small to me, depending upon what the shared plates are, perhaps kick the number up a bit to 6 or 7.
Innovation comes from chefs, not MIchelin stars. Yes, Michelin stars can be a driving force behind some innovation; but innovation exists and springs forth from sources outside the lofty environments of Michelin star establishments.   Did Van Gogh paint because of the Louvre? Or despite it?   If the Louvre didn't exist, would we be relegated to hanging Hallmark cards on our walls?   places to check out Xoco FLIP Burgers Funky Chicken Spoon Bar & Kitchen Wichcraft
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