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Six more months would bring you up to a year and will look much better on your resume, especially if it is your first job in the field. Jumping ship after six months doesn't look as significant if it is in the company of a couple of longer employment jobs, by itself it kind of stands out. Gives interviewers a pause and makes them wonder if it was the job or you that was the problem. People will wonder if you cut and run when the going gets tough. While it may not be...
Yeah, I generally think of soffritto as being onions, carrots, and celery but that is up to whoever is cooking I guess. Soffritto in Italian, sofrito in Spanish, mirepoix in French, etc. etc. etc. Gently sauteed, softened, and or sweated, vegies.
multi-task mise en place there is never, nothing to do look ahead, big picture no empty handed trips remember time accelerates in the mind this too shall pass
At this point I have no idea what it is that you expect to get out this thread; but trying to keep your dignity by getting indignant, seems to be a prospect doomed to fail to me.   I lived and worked in a British territory for a few years and I would never dream of posting anything similar. It certainly wouldn't change any situation I encountered during my time there that I might view as negative. The only way to possibly change that is to look at my part in the equation...
How's it working for you? Mine ain't paying any dividends yet :)
The power of perceptions.   One can look and see idiots everywhere. One can look and see people that need training from a positive professional role model.   One perception fosters a personal feeling of superiority and a loner attitude. One perception fosters a we and team feeling.   The choice is up to the individual.
I think you have.
Look at the title of your thread. I don't think it is so much hitting a raw nerve as much as it is more like a razor slash from your keyboard. What type of response could I expect from a thread entitled "What on earth is going on with British chefs?" I doubt I would receive much love.
I am able to find them. Perhaps you need to be more selective when you interview. Attitude starts from the top position and filters down. When you interview, make sure it is a two way street. Ask probing in depth questions. Ask to observe shift or two before making a decision if a position is offered.
New Posts  All Forums: