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@kaneohegirlinaz so that is how you do that. Cool, I have been trying to figure that out forever. Thanks!!! so that is how you do that.Cool, I have been trying to figure that out forever. Thanks!!!      Sorry for the hijack, I now return control of the thread to it's regular programing. :)
The one I posted just above is the 1969 Crown Publisher, Inc. version (The Escoffier Cook Book and guide to the Fine Art of Cookery). It contains 2984 recipes. Earlier I posted one with an orange cover that is the 1982 Mayflower Books, Inc. version (Le Guide Culinaire) translated by H.L. Cracknell and R.J. Kaufmann. It contains 5012 recipes. I have been through the poultry sections of both editions and seen nothing even remotely resembling the recipe being looked for, but...
Yeah for some reason they don't show that type of stuff on the food network. Glamorous life style this chef thing, isn't it? I feel ya!
   Not certain, but I believe they carry Continental.
I would bet big time money on this and yuzu for the citrus.
The pride I take in my craft shows through clearly on the plate.
The price of a chef's whites and his knife roll are not a good gauge of the chef's culinary abilities, only his wallet.
Marinades have good shelf life so I wouldn't worry about having too much. Just put the unused portion ti the refrigerator.
Make another batch without lemon juice. Combine the two.   In the future please post your questions such as this in http://www.cheftalk.com/f/17/food-cooking-questions-and-discussion the general forum section. This particular section is reserved for current and past professional chefs only. Only professionals in the food industry may post here though all are free to read.
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