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I am not familiar with either sauce, what is the flavor profile or taste like?
Courses are way too busy for my taste.   Scallop, lobster creme, blackberry, bresaola powder, glazed beet, chive, polenta cake...identity crisis.   Etc. etc. etc.
 Bananas, or tofu, or rice, or peanut butter, or mango, or chia seeds (soak about 10 minutes and don't use too many or you will get glue lol). I use a vitaprep (commercial version), my guess is that you maybe used too much rice, but no biggie, pull some out to use as base for next day's smoothie and add more juice to smoothie of the day, blend and you should be good to go.
I was taught and mentored by old school Europeans to make bisque using rice as the thickener. Also gives it a nice creamy mouth feel without dairy.
Cooked white rice or silky tofu.
I walked through the FOH today and saw a table of three women. All three were intently focused on their individual phones. Later on when I came back through on my return to the kitchen, the same scenario was still playing out. Why bother going out to lunch with others when you are only going to interact with your cell phone? LOL, I couldn't help but chuckle that maybe they were texting each other!!!
I would suggest knocking on as many kitchen doors as you can and talk to the chefs in pretty much the same manner as you did in your post. You will probably encounter a lot of chefs who don't get where you are coming from and what you have to offer, but then you wouldn't want to work for them anyway, so no loss. It is always best to realize sooner than later, if it is a fit or not You will find a chef that gets it and that you click with and that is where you want to be....
 Back in the days when I was a waiter, I called this the firing frenzy and you could see it coming from a million miles away. A good waiter can quickly assess his guests and figure out what kind of pacing will work for them. Some will want to be fast. Some slow. Etc. When you see the firing frenzy coming, you use this assessment to plan your order taking (drink order, food order, apps, no apps, etc), your placing of orders, your of delivery of items, etc etc etc. You can...
 There is no reason to subject yourself to such an environment. It is a no win situation and total b.s. Find a better work place.  Don't listen to the negative voices in your head, remember this insteadFind a positive place that will appreciate what you bring to the job. Those are good qualifications that are prized by any worthwhile chef that is looking for an employee.
This. This. This.   Not this. Not this. Not this.  When I was learning to ride a bicycle, I tried the same way every time until it finally sunk in and became second nature. If instead, I tried a multitude of different methods in my attempts at learning to ride, I probably would have sold the bike.
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