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Do your job to the best of your ability. Any time you spend focusing on what he is doing or not doing is taking time away from your efforts to do your best. Don't let him affect your performance by allowing his work ethics and habits to dilute yours.
My guess is that effect is attributable to pectin ( whch is used by some industries as a vegetable glue ) which is present in zucchini.
Ditto this big time!!!Definitely an all time favorite along with this one 
Go to restaurants. Don't ask if they are hiring. Ask for an application. Fill it out. After filling it out ask if there is someone you could speak to. If not when would be a good time. No matter the results up to this point, follow up a few days later. Repeat on a weekly basis.
Curious as to why the crackers and egg? Also what percentage of fat is your lean ground beef? I just do patties of 75% lean ground beef that are a mix of sirloin, chuck, and brisket. Salt and pepper and nothing else.
Pittim or Israeli couscous is a product (like pasta is a product and not a particular dish) and was invented in Israel.     It is different from this type of couscous (which also is a product)
Yeah I knew this one and for doing mass amounts it is indeed the bomb, however I hadn't thought about this oneCool tip, wonder if it would work on cotija or feta because I just did cotija crumbles for 500 on Saturday and Sunday of the last two weekends.
Juices and or moisture create steam which is not conducive to getting a crispy skin.
That in itself is a response. Not necessarily about quality but more likely tto do with 
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