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I have been doing them for years, but what the hey.
 Just got back from town, with a detour to the beach to watch the sun go down. No luck on the cheese, selection was small today probably because they are all closed tomorrow. I guess they restock on Mondays or Tuesdays. I know I saw that cheese though, but haven't bought any yet because I was "researching" some other new to me varieties. I will keep my eye out for queso cremoso because now I am real curious though. Thanks @abefroman and @ordo for furthering my education. I...
Is this along the lines of what you are looking for?  
 I am in Nicaragua on vacation and getting ready to go grocery shopping. I will pick some up and report on it when I get back. Research, a ugly tedious process, but somebody has to do it. 
 I don't really want an answer to this question, it is more for you to ask yourself and answer...why do you work in a profession that you have little regard for?
I would tend to agree with @chefbuba & @chef hanz, in my experience those salary websites are usually not very close to the mark. Their numbers are generally inflated compared to what I have encountered over the course of my career. I realize that salaries are higher than the national average in LA, but even so $47K seems a bit optimistic.
What is a real degree? Comments like that are a good example of why our industry is so slow to gain respect. Thanks for the step backwards.
Bone appetit!
Whites start to set at 155. Yolks at 158.
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