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Are you thin slicing like sandwich meat or a thicker cut? How are you reheating? How many portions per service?
three ways that I have used it in the past: Moroccan carrot salad saffron rose ice cream rose hibiscus vinaigrette
I seem to get my best results when I use the mindset of getting people to work with me rather than for me by attempting to use influence and example, as opposed to authority. If that doesn't yield the results that I want, then I remind them that they do indeed work for me. If that doesn't sink in, then they don't work for me. 
LOL, I guess I misunderstood that you misunderstood. My apologies.
Confrontation even with good intentions is never easy but avoidance can lead to more disastrous results which many times cannot be mended.Sit down with her and tell her pretty much what you told us. Ask for her ideas, input, and help in rectifying the situation.
 is that Mike9 absolutely loathes the way butchers and or meat cutters, in the area in which he lives, process pork neck for sale.
Ah the good old days, except as far as I know they didn't really exist and I started in the 70's. Although I will admit that many moons ago I pulled aside a particularly obnoxious coworker. Put my arm around them and very quietly had a "discussion with promises attached" about my future actions if their behavior didn't change. I then turned smiling with my arm still around them and looked at everyone else in the kitchen and quietly told the obnoxious person to smile as...
Do your job to the best of your ability. The next time she sells a ticket without your knowledge tell her in no uncertain terms that is your job and this behavior cannot continue. Go on to say that you are going to ask for a sit down with the chef, yourself, and her in order to work this out. Go back to doing your job to the best of your ability. Odds are that chef is not oblivious to the situation. Given enough rope she will take care of her own termination.that coupled...
 Now that is funny :) Definitely a keeper quip!
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