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I told the wife that living in paradise, we would probably see the grandkids and kids more. She didn't buy it.
The number one thing I look for is attitude. The second thing is attitude. I would say look for a small local chef driven independent restaurant. When interviewing, stress this Stay away from bringing this up For the record, this is goodbecause the pay scale is notoriously low. Good luck in your search, with persistence and determination, you can make it happen.
It was. Very complicated multi-tiered answer but the short easy version... too far from grandkids.
I was searching my computer for a recipe when I ran across this picture of my ride when I lived in the Caribbean     yeah it was hellish commute, but somebody had to do it :)   God I love this industry! I may not be monetarily rich but I am in so many other ways, not mention the perks are outstanding!
Following this advice for this thread. It is going into lockdown.
What is the oil going to used for? Is it going to be a finishing touch for dishes or is it for a stand alone use. If used as a finishing touch or a means of injecting truffle flavor into a dish, I would probably make truffle salt instead, safer and longer shelf life.
If I am reading correctly, you are producing 600 (1/4") slices for service. One person, slicing by hand, should be able to complete the task in 20 minutes working at a moderate pace. My suggestion would be to roast and slice on the day of service. Start slicing about 30 minutes before you begin plating. As you go, place slices in a hotel pan, cover with cellophane and foil and pop into a warming oven or a cambro. When plating time comes, you should be good to go.
Not having a contract protected you from being still trapped in that environment. Maybe not such a bad thing!
My number one choice for my daily rider  
What are your reasons behind your method? I am not saying it is right. I am not saying saying it is wrong. I think it is important that people understand the "why" behind things they do things. Once they understand the why, then they are better equipped to make improvements to procedures and systems.
New Posts  All Forums: