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Cornstarch is corn flour.   Corn flour is corn starch.   They are one and the same and are interchangeable because nothing is changed except the name.   Sometimes people confuse corn flour with corn meal. They are not the same and are not interchangeable.
My inspiration was aloo gobi which is an East Indian potato and cauliflower dish. I definitely took some liberties for my variation. Such as... I turned it into a casserole. I used coconut milk. I used sweet potatoes instead of russets. I used fresh turmeric instead of dried ground. I added chicken and sweet white corn. I sprinkled it with matzo..Other than that, not much :~)   Made a paste out of garlic, ginger, turmeric, and cilantro stalks. Toasted some coriander...
 Well in my case, it is brain confusing storming, because I am not quite following. Are you the chef? Is it you who has lost the passion? Are you considering leaving the job or the profession? Does your experience exceed your pay or is the experience you are having exceeding your pay?
Thinly slice. Blanch. Use to make buchu kimchi (subbing the beans for the garlic chives).
They evidently survive but don't reproduce in sufficient quantities.
What is the difference? That's is the reason I love this business, there is always more to learn.
You missed one of the points of my reply. Calling something Canadian is not very defining. Fairly generic. Canada is a large country.         "AMERICAN LOBSTER Homarus americanus Sometime is known as Canadian Lobster, Maine Lobster, Atlantic Lobster" from The Safina Center   additional trivia, as far back as 1896 and up to 1966 (guesstimates on years don't  remember for sure), the American lobster has been introduced eleven different times to the Pacific coast...
So the Canadian lobster that comes out of the Bay of Fundy, it's food sources are way different than the food sources of the Maine lobster that come out of the Bay of Fundy? Do I have that right?
So the Canadian lobster that comes out of the Bay of Fundy come out of a lot colder water than the Maine lobster that come out of the Bay of Fundy? Do I have that right?
Make an oysters rockefeller greens topping base. Incorporate it into risotto. Roll risotto into balls, make an indentation and insert an oyster. Form risotto around it. Flour, egg wash, bread crumb, into fryer. Place on top of grilled artichoke heart. Serve with a a lemon cracked fennel aioli (or lemon garlic cracked fennel yogurt/mayo dip).
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