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 This seems to be the meat, to me at least. (the reason for the original post)
To my knowledge, salmonella is killed instantly at a temperature of 160F. So if you are cooking chicken to an internal temperature of 165F, the surface of the chicken is going to be at least 165F.
As you go through life you will encounter people that don't behave as you think they should.   One option is to accept that fact. You don't have to like their behavior. You don't have to condone their behavior. You just accept the fact that it occurs.   The second option is to develop a resentment about their behavior.   Resentments are like rocks. They get heavy after awhile, especially the more you pick up.   Put them down and walk away. Why let a rock control...
My thoughts were that if you were going to confit the cherry tomatoes they would provide enough of a saucy component to the dish. If not, a possibility would be a light but intense syrup such as a roasted tomato and xeres vinegar gastrique or a roasted golden bell pepper and golden balsamic vinegar gastrique. Although I agree with others that have posted that sauce is not necessary with duck confit.
My wife worked as an ER nurse for the vast majority of her career, your representation is a perfect example ofYour comment was truly a disservice to health care professionals everywhere. For the sake and well being of ChefTalk, I am not letting my wife know about this post.
Are the cherry tomatoes going to be fat poached as well or kept fresh and then tossed with the garlic confit?
For profit or cost and to what degree?
 More effective from what point of view and why? Considerations being time, labor, energy, food cost.
Perhaps a Texas style BBQ variation on this  
Yet another upgrade     1929 Koehler-Escoffier 1000cc Four Pipes Motorcycle. Double whoot!!
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