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Trussing makes for picture book presentation, however it also makes for drier breasts because the thighs take longer to cook when when tightly bound to the bird than if they are hanging free and during that extra time the breasts are overcooking.
Be consistent. To me that is the number one characteristic of being a good leader.   I learned to respect the characteristic of consistency in a leader while on my path to becoming a chef. I hope to god that I exhibited this quality during my decades as a chef. The importance of this quality has been reinforced many many times over now that I am back to being a member of the brigade (by my choice, a quasi semi retirement at this stage of my life, down to a 40 hour work...
With menu items that are prepared a la minute, I will accommodate any request the guest has, even the ones that don't make any sense whatsoever. I just make sure to first explain why their idea may not be a good one and that the results may not turn out to their liking.   I remember one time I had a dish on the menu with a beurre rouge. A guest wanted the sauce...but wanted me to leave out either the butter or the red wine (i can't remember which one). I had to explain...
i find my surly personality to be an excellent deterrent.  
table knifes
oh so not buco...or osso no buco   
Do you cook much better when you are working for tips? Humans that have that nature, I try to avoid hiring. I prefer to hire people that are self motivated by nature.
Yeah I am with @chefbuba on this one   When the chits start to fly, I don't care what gender, nationality, religion, age, etc. etc. etc. you are.   I want to work with people that are warriors, take names, and kick butt. Everything else goes out the window and doesn't mean a thing.   I don't even care if I like you or not (or whether you like me or not). It's nice if I do (and vice versa), but it's secondary on my priority list. A distant second. I am running a...
That is a pretty broad brush stroke. Perhaps a barometer of sorts.
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