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It was supposed to be humorous.
 Hey wait a minute. Your statement is not exactly fair to lima beans now is it?
Keep in mind my advice is as much a reminder for myself as it is for you, because at this stage in my career I made a decision to no longer seek employment as "the Chef", but instead have been working as a brigade member. I even turned down the possibility of a move to sous because I don't want the extra hours and headaches. My advice pretty much echoes @laurenlulu   I can certainly form opinions on how things should run, but it is not in my job description to share them...
A week is nothing. They are probably checking out your attitude and work ethic before deciding whether or not to invest their time and effort on a new "team" member.
I have made a savory cambozola, bacon, and fig cheesecake and a sweeter version that was cambozola cheesecake topped with fig jam and candied bacon. Both versions got great reviews.
Quote: 1+ This.Totally hear you and agree.                                    Om Mayo Padme Hum
You will do fine. 200 covers just means more people in the kitchen. No biggie. When the tickets start to fly, just remember "this too shall pass". During a rush time accelerates in your mind. Take deep breaths and recenter yourself. That 15 seconds to accomplish a task, that seems like 5 minutes, is really just 15 seconds and nobody died. We do this because we love it, powering through a rush provides a deep sense of accomplishment, and because we are warriors. You will do...
You got hired there, right? So why wouldn't some other place hire you? I am fairly certain that isn't the only place in the world (or Nashville) that would hire you.
I am not familiar with either sauce, what is the flavor profile or taste like?
Courses are way too busy for my taste.   Scallop, lobster creme, blackberry, bresaola powder, glazed beet, chive, polenta cake...identity crisis.   Etc. etc. etc.
New Posts  All Forums: