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I wouldn't say you have been taught wrong, however is there oil in the marinade for the chicken? Perhaps the owner feels that additional oil is not needed when putting the chicken on the flattop due to the oil already in the marinade.   Many times the best way to clear up a difference in opinion is to do a side by side cooking test. Do one piece without oil and one piece with oil and time how long it takes for each. Then taste each one to see if there is difference.
Here in the USA, we have the ACF that has a certification program. It is a serious process, fairly grueling to work all the way through. Definitely no joke...Just curious, how many ChefTalk members base their restaurant dining choice on whether the chef is ACF certified?
Turkey Pumpkin Chili topped with sour cream, chopped celery leaves and pepitas, citrus zest, and crumbled black bean tortilla chips.   I made it with chunks of turkey, pumpkin puree, Mexican tomato sauce, butternut squash, red onions, celery, pasilla chiles, fire roasted tomatoes, and black beans. It was seasoned with a ground mixture of cumin, cinnamon, and ancho.     My wife mistakenly took a video instead of a picture, so I copied a frame and pasted it as...
confit, pickled, sous vide, steamed, preserved, marbled
Yeah @chefbuba that was kinda my thoughts as well, either that or a way intensive scenario question presented in an interview to a potential employee. :~)   Definitely would be a weed out technique!
I immediately thought of quiche with sage potatoes, apples, and oven dried tomatoes topped with a dollop of pesto, except no cream, otherwise everything could be used to produce a quiche. Possibly a variation on chawan mushi (a Japanese steamed savory custard), using the chicken stock in place of the dashi and serving it on a baked crust bisquit and topped a dollop of pesto.
spice rub) fennel seed, cacoa nibs, cardamom sauce) blackberry ginger side) freekah, pomegranate, almond, nashi pear pilaf
I do some side work for a caterer in another county, maybe once or twice a month. When I do, I am strictly another set of hired hands. I am not in charge in any shape nor fashion. Just a worker bee. For example, one day my job for the day was grilling chicken. Nothing else. I did a torrent of grilled chicken for around 8 hours.   There are several culinary school grads working there and a hierarchy of the kitchen brigade. Whenever anyone on staff (FOH/BOH) addresses me,...
Depend who you are talking to, the context, and on what level. Very, very subjective. A lot of time, names can be thrown around as so much fluff without any real substance. Yes, people are impressed by names, but In my experience, royalty and dignitaries don't know or recognize quality any more than my next door neighbor. They are just used to a certain level of power.  That is an excellent way to go, also they will be able to help you sort out how and what to include info...
1. excellent mediator 2. great communicator 3. natural leadership 4. solid base of knowledge (people, business, culinary) 5. organized   #? unflappable "A good chef should be like a duck. Calm on the surface...paddling like hell down below" Chef Leo Koellner  
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