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Hi @icekitten97 . Welcome aboard! That is just one the reasons that I am still in love with cooking and the crazy world of being a chef. There is always something new to learn and play with. It is always an adventure and if someone is bored with cooking, they ain't trying. Glad to have you with us!
The original post that started this thread :~) Doesn't appear to be a competition, but if competing floats a person boats, so be it, have at it. If your Mom made dinner, take a picture. If some likes pretty, composed plates that get to the table cold, that too is all good. Take out in cardboard containers, okay. If it is hot, sloppy, poor lighting for taking pictures plates, that is great, bring it. Whatever got you to the party, enjoy. I can't speak for @mrmexico25 but I...
Watch your sense/cents and the dollars will take care of themselves.
Jobs are out there more than ever. I know that you are looking for pastry, but a good example of just how available jobs are at the present time is that Thomas Keller's The French Laundry is currently running a craigslist ad looking for line cooks and another ad for food runners. You shouldn't have any trouble.
I make variations of brown rice pilaf several times a week. When I do, I cook steel cut oats separately and then add them into the pilaf. I am hooked on oats, they make a great addition and are good for me at the same time. It's a real win/win.
My experience traveling internationally has been the same as @Lagom. Never been nor had a problem traveling with my knives.
I like and have had good luck with True.
As is clearly shown by the back and forth on this thread, different people view situations differently. That is life. No one sees eye to eye with everyone. No one fits into every kitchen that they walk into. If you find a kitchen that you don't fit into, move on. Find one where you do fit in. You can't change other people. You can change your place of employment.
Very cool idea! Thanks.
About the only time I need much freezer space on the line is if the fryer is dropping lots of frozen product. If this is not the case, I would probably go with 4 drawers for refrigeration. Even if in the future your needs changed to where you needed to stock lots of frozen product for the fryer for service, you could stock refrigerator drawers with frozen product for service without any thawing and return to freezer after service. The reverse not so much.
New Posts  All Forums: