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In the silly mind of this chef, descriptions like " hints of kerosene ", " flowers with petroleum ", and " diesel in the background " are intriguing; not off putting... hmm, ...kerosene... yeah, yeah,...okay, I got it....I wouldn't necessarily recommend this mind to anyone else, but it's the only one I got.
The flavor can be a bit hard to describe. (*disclaimer:*) I like it, but would warn people to consider the source of this opinion, when considering whether or not to personally check epazote out :~)   I usually wind up any attempts at describing the flavor of epazote with "...with hints of kerosene"
I read the 5,000 before I replied. I don't know brewery biz at all. Do know restaurant side. My answer was directed at that, between 3,000 - 4,000 for a 150 seat restaurant, which will leave you between 2,000 - 1,000 for a brewery. Is that enough room, because I ain't got a clue?
150 seat restaurant usually occupies between 3,000 - 4,000 sq ft. Also don't forget parking, roughly about 3x restaurant sq footage.
Glad to hear it went well. Cool! That which don't kill us, makes us stronger.
 Shhh...quiet...don't tell anyone...but I adjust according to taste whether I am allowed to or not. :~)
 Are you interested in epazote for the flavor or the carminative effect?
I am fairly certain that the member of the forum that started this thread, is the person in the video. Or it could just be coincidence they share the same first name. :~)  
On the ride down the hill, I thought of two spices, that I don't believe have been mentioned, that you might want to check out especially for use in chutneys etc., and they are nigella and ajowan. Nigella has hints of onion, black pepper, and oregano. Ajowan is somewhat along the lines of a pungent thyme/mint combo.
 In my experience, people will make mistakes. That qualifies them to be members of the human race. Forgiveness allows me to take the rocks out of my pockets and makes for a lighter journey.    Close but not exactly. They are related though. They are both members of the carrot family but belong to different genus. I have to run to town for a meeting, so I got to wrap this up, but as to subs for onions, at the moment I got nothing, other than what has already mentioned. I...
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