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Off hand it is hard to say but something might be amiss in your sales pitch. If you are still in school, do they have a director of career placement that would be willing to do mock interviews with you? Same thing with chef instructors. Mock interviews will allow you to fine tune your interview skills with a culinary bent. Your interview skills may be fine overall, but perhaps you are coming across as a ? mark to chefs as to why you are applying for the position that you...
It is hard to tell from your post what type of position you are applying for so I am going to assume a cook's position. Also, is it jobs that you have heard about or seen advertised?   My suggestion would be to walk into the establishment between shifts. Be nicely dressed (not over, not under) and ask to speak to the chef. Have a copy of your resume and references (contact numbers) with you. Don't take no for an answer, if chef is busy, ask when would be a good time to...
Rock Salt can be inedible. It also can be be food grade. It can be koshering salt. It can also be certified kosher. Depends upon manufacturer and process used to produce.
 Years ago I worked at a high end prime rib & seafood restaurant where we used to slather our potatoes with butter and then rolled them in rock salt before baking. Definitely resulted in a drier and fluffier potato.
 Congratulations on that. I am still waiting on my turn at that. :~)
 Perhaps Zappos then.
I love surfing the internet. Should I consider changing to a job in IT?   Many a hobby has been ruined by people turning a hobby into a full time pursuit.   Cooking is just one aspect of being a chef. I can pursue my love of cooking without having to get a paycheck, but I also love being a chef. Same thing, only not. Cooking has many different avenues. Cooking dinner parties for 10 people is different than cooking in a restaurant turning out 300 plates a service.   A...
I usually just skin the gizzards before cooking. Leaves you with nothing but pure meat.
Any business that wants to stay a business for the long haul needs to keep an eye on the bottom line, there is just no way around it.   When I work for a restaurant as a chef, I am an employee working for a business; but at the same time I am running my own business within that business.   I am CEO and president of Chef Layne For Hire and you better believe that I keep a good eye on the bottom line of Chef Layne For Hire. Accounts receivable and accounts payable are...
New Posts  All Forums: