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 In a lot of ways, paper is much easier to properly recycle/reuse and as a result easier on the environment than an iPad. Also with a workstation mounted iPad. it would be more difficult for staff to work on multiple recipes at one time, I can well imagine recipe notes being transposed to paper (wait... we are trying to cut down on our paper use) by staff in the view that it would make their job process easier. Such as in going to the walk-in or dry goods with a paper...
From reading this thread, I have a fair idea what people consider fails. What would be the flip side? What works?   Critics and opinions are part and parcel of being a chef, but so is pleasing the dining public. So what you got?
 Yes, but the stock will not have as rich of a mouth feel and will not gel when cold because all gelatin is removed by using this as a filtration method.
In my eyes, in general it would be a positive. It would show someone interested in the craft as a whole and who wanted to expand their skills in order to be well rounded. That having been said, if I were looking for say an absolute mad dog saute guy that can perform at a very high level, it might cause a bit of pause in my evaluation of a well rounded candidate, but only a small pause as there are many factors that go into a hiring decision.   What are your long term...
What kind of numbers are we talking about? How many orders are anticipated during the rush?
My guess would be the juice. The leaves and the zest of kaffir limes are definitely used in cooking, the juice not so much. The juice shows up in shampoo and rinses.
 It is easier to be patient in looking for the job you really want, when you are already employed. Takes the economic pressure and urgency away. I am always looking for the job I really want, especially when I am already employed because then I can make better decisions.
What is a consomme? A clarified stock.
Just use a raft.
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