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Are dried bonita, seaweed, and dried mushrooms on your approved list? If so they can quickly become your new best friends due to their huge umami profiles. Umami is imparted through glutamate which is an amino acid so I wasn't sure. Carrots also are big on umami and carrot juice reduced can make some banging sauces. Are apples okay, because apple juice can also make a good base for sauces.   Yes there is hope, I feel for you as I have been put on dietary restrictions for...
My wife and I just celebrated our anniversary but we didn't do by going out to dinner. If we had, it probably would have been an easy $100 (with no alcohol) before tip. If the cooks were paid $20.00 an hour, the tab would have probably been more like an easy $135 (with no alcohol) before tip. If I can't justify spending $100 plus tip, then $135 plus tip is way beyond consideration.   This is not meant to come across as anti raising the pay of BOH, because I think the pay...
 It is one that I never actually wrote down but basically it is carrot juice reduced until thick (skimming scum as it rises) finish with some finely minced chipotle in adobo. Blend. Strain through an etamine pushing to extract as much liquid as possible.
We did a pretty slamming brunch at a winery, for about 250 people. The deli/market (our store front base) also was lines out the door all day long. Couple this with yesterday, typical busy day for the deli/market, plus a food and wine event off site where we churned out paella for 2,000 people over the course of about 4 hours, followed by an offsite prom for 250, then a surprise birthday dinner for 45 guests at the market. Friday was a VIP five course dinner off site for...
How about an Asian style orange fried chicken but instead of the orange glaze do a carrot chipotle glaze (easy and way intense crazy good  flavor) serve with a Malay onion sambal with the addition of chiffonade carrots, cabbage, and orange supremes and also serve with a toasted coconut rice
Sambar is a dish. Moringa drumsticks are an ingredient. Soup is a dish. Tomato is an ingredient. Not all soups have tomato in them, but tomato soup will have lots of them. Not all sambars will have drumsticks in them, but drumstick sambar will have lots of them. Hope this analogy helps.   Moringa drumsticks are indeed edible with the fresh,young, tender pods being the ones to seek out. Think green beans or similar bean pods, with the older and bigger ones being somewhat...
 How could increasing your sales 20%, not free up money to be applied to cooks. How many cooks worked in your 32 seat restaurant? How many covers were you doing? Just dinner, or lunch and dinner, or breakfast, lunch, and dinner? How many days a week?
 Great perhaps now we can "forge" ahead! Sorry guys, couldn't resist.  :~)
Vollrath 58900 8-1/2" French-Style Fry Pan - Carbon Steel   about $16
A general rule of thumb that I use when selecting what words to use when responding here is...if I wouldn't use that word in the dining room when speaking to guests (or to my grandmother), then I don't use it here.   One of the hallmarks of being a good chef is creativity. Coarse language shows a deficit of imagination. Frustration can be expressed more much eloquently than through the banality of cuss words.   At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :~)
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