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For an eight hour shift, an employee is entitled to 2 (10 minute each) paid breaks, so in effect an employee works 7 hours and 40 minutes, yet gets paid for 8 hours. I don't believe they have to show on the time card because they are paid breaks, but I am not sure about. The breaks are actually one break for every 4hours worked and they are supposed to be as close to the middle of the 4 hour shift as is possible.
21 days, request can be verbal
Chicken breast stuffed with a foie gras and black garlic mousse served with a Bugey-Cerdon Rosé sauce and topped with roasted black mission figs.
Coat chicken with egg white and cornflour. Put in fridge for 20 minutes. Blanch in water or oil until it turns white. Set chicken aside to drain. Make sauce, add chicken and stir fry to coat well.
For me, a  lot of the question about cooking time for stock comes down to final application. If I am doing a poulet saute a la forestiere, I go with a long time slow simmer stock. It tastes deeper to me. If I am doing a Chinese lemon chicken using a velveting process then I prefer a shorter simmer time stock as the chicken flavor is more up front.   Experiment, that is where a lot of the fun is to be had. :~)
Whisk. Blender hollandaise is just not the same.
I know the feeling well. Don't worry it gets better. Hang in there.
I can't answer for other chefs or books or youtube but I found the answer for me in the kitchen. Cook and do side by comparisons.   Find the answer for you. Knowledge gained by personal experience is deeper than knowledge gained because so-and-so says so.
It was scenarios exactly like that helped me to make my decision to place "former" before the title of owner on my resume. :~)  In CA if an employee quits then they do not get unemployment. If you fire them, they do get unemployment. All the documentation in the world will not change that. I fired a guy for stealing from me, he got unemployment despite my protests and contesting it to the ends of the earth. I would file with the EDD explaining the view that he walked off...
Instead of 1/2 real and 1/2 ready made, make a vegetarian brown sauce. Use it as the base in place of the 1/2 ready made to lower the cost of your product while still maintaining the quality.   Vegan Brown Sauce   Weight or Volume                                                                  Ingredients 1 cup                                                                                       red onions, chopped 1...
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