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 What is a general idea of your location so that we could possibly help?
I have noticed that if I download a pic to my computer and then copy and paste it to my pictures here in my profile, when later I delete it from my download file, it also makes it disappear from here.
My first suggestion would be to think about the language that I use. If you wouldn't use certain words when interviewing for a job with private families or for a yacht position, why use them here?   When you were working as a chef de cuisine and later as an executive chef what would be your opinion of an applicant with a certificate of completion from an online school?   The school you mentioned is not accredited so no degree is received upon completion of coursework....
Quote: What was your question? Curry paste has a good shelf life and is easy to make, so might consider that route.
what where when
Fantastic piece! I am not patient enough to do that stuff myself, but I admire artistry and that is a great example of true artistry. Great tongue in cheek work. Kudos!
I go to a natural foods store for my whole spices. They have them in bulk jars so I can buy them a tablespoon at a time if I want.
You will forget to order stuff, etc. Who doesn't? The key is to minimize the number of errors. Errors only become mistakes when we don't learn from them. Errors occur. Mistakes are made.
 All good stuff. Showing by example and letting the crew know without words what your standards are. Much more effective IMO. Goodatcha! I know it is difficult but you are right to curb the urge to change too much too fast. Keep up the good work.
 So I should turn the car around?  
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