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by not being one myself. I can do nothing about idiots. They exist. They are a fact of life. I believe in safety in numbers, so to protect myself from idiots, I attempt to lead by example and thereby surround myself with non-idiots.
It is pretty difficult to respond diplomatically to a fairly scathing post on my profession and my country.   I am proud of where I currently work, what we produce, and the way the establishment is run. The same goes for the vast majority of establishments in my past. When on occasion, I encountered an operation that didn't fit this description, I quickly moved on.   Just so you won't think I am some yahoo Yank sounding off... I have worked across the United States and...
 Amen to that. When you are done...you are done. My love of learning is what has kept me in this business for 40 some years. I ain't even close to done yet. You are doing good but don't settle for that. There are always improvements that can be made, ways to step it up, and new things to explore.
Here is another thread on the topic       Another good book is this one      
Heavy whipping cream that you can get at most grocery stores is close to the same thing, just slightly lower fat, but close enough.
I don't feel that this is the case especially in a chef driven restaurant. When hiring, I look for attitude more than I do experience. I can teach skills, attitude is harder to transmit. If you go to a culinary program that is 12 months long, you would have some knowledge but not really much in the way of actually working experience anyway. Working skills are learned much faster in a restaurant environment than in a classroom one. Chains would definitely give you a foot in...
I highly recommend to anyone that they get a years worth of experience working in kitchens before making a decision on whether or not to attend culinary school. Most people will spend 40- 50 years of their lives working, so taken in that context...what is one year before making a decision that has financial consequences.
Contrary to what most people might think, higher fat dairy (such as manufacturing cream) is less likely to curdle than less fat dairy (such as 1/2&1/2 or milk) when reducing. Manufacturing cream, and the like, are also not affected as much by elevation. I lived at 8,000 ft for 10 years and was amazed by how much elevation affects cooking and not just baking. Try making hollandaise at high elevation!!!  Patch, have you tried it using straight manufacturing cream for your...
I agree with Chef Ed. Stay the season. September will be here in no time and there will still be jobs available. This is a high turnover industry. Staying for the season will make for a better flowing, less choppy, resume with a valid reason for leaving your present position.
If you want to do scrambled eggs with no oil and no stick, bring 4" of water to a light boil over medium heat. Stir the water fast as you can in a circular motion. Pour your beaten eggs into the center of the whirlpool. Cover pot and let sit for 20 seconds. Pour off water. Eat eggs.
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