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       Absolutely hilarious! LOL! Being the eternal optimist that I am, I never considered that simple business fact. Many times the obvious plumb evades me   Thanks for the chuckle at myself to start my day.
 Seems like the wisest and best strategy to me. Keep on keeping on. You're doing good. This.
I found it easy enough to create my own using Microsoft Office Word.
 Different people have different methods and policies for running their businesses. As to the client in the OP, they agreed to the terms as set forth without anybody holding a gun to the heads. I was primarily a restaurateur, who offered catering services as well. On a nightly basis, I dealt with a dining room full of clients who ate dinner before paying, so I pretty much did the same when it came to catering. I got earnest money up front, but the final bill was due upon...
crushed cornflakes for the crumbs
Pretty much echo what @foodpump said. Sounds to me like you are being groomed as a replacement which is a smart move by the higher ups. Doesn't mean that your CDM will be let go, but smart to have someone in the wings ready to step into the job if the need arises.   The CDM might feel somewhat threatened or have a bruised ego by the higher ups recognizing your performance. Hard to say from this side of the screen. I will however agree with your CDM that 5-8 minutes late...
Don't know if it is heavy enough or not, but possibly for takoyaki or æbleskiver.
Goodatcha! Congratulations and give it hell.   Be friendly with staff, but don't be friends with the staff. Keep a separation. Be consistent in thoughts and actions. Leave no doubts about what your goals and philosophies are. Walk what you talk. Praise in public. Reprimand in private. Be open to suggestions and criticism. Listen to your staff, what they say and what they don't say; not all communication is verbal.
You were hired as sous chef. When chef is not in the kitchen, you are in charge. Chef is MIA, so he is not in the kitchen presently, which means you are in charge. Like @kuan said, take charge. Don't ask if you should do or need clarification on what you were hired to do. Do it until someone above you tells you differently.   I can understand where you are coming from given the circumstances, but as sous, you need to be a strong take charge type of guy and to ask for...
 Why not? Is there an age at when we are to no longer undertake new challenges. If there is, I hope nobody ever tells me; but then I don't listen anyway, or at least I don't according to my wife.
New Posts  All Forums: