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A common pitfall in many fusion dishes is is a tendency of people to use to many flavors which then becomes confusion cooking with muddled flavors. More is not always better.   Procedurally, I would probably do a few things a little different. I would move the ginger and jalapenoes to phase one and actually I would start cooking with phase two, then on to phase three. Set aside and then start phase one, then add the chicken to the mix and continue to saute, then the veg...
 Probably from bird's eye chilies, either straight or in the form of sambal oelek or chili paste with garlic.
I agree with the soy sauce and fish sauce, but would imagine oyster sauce rather than hoisin sauce.
 I have a chef knife older than you. :~)  LOL!!!
 So you want people to work for pitiful pay now for potential better pay later on? How much later?... See any flaws in this line of thinking.
 I am certainly not trying to stand up for shoddy or questionable operations, merely pointing out a common misconception that can sometimes cause a bad light to be erroneously shined on undeserving quality establishments... most people when they suffer from a food borne illness point the finger of blame at the last place they ate...the vast majority of food borne illnesses have an onset time frame of 12 hours or greater...for some food borne illnesses the onset time frame...
 In my 40 years in this business, the short and honest answer from my experience is...no. The closest I have come to anything like that is hearing tales like..I knew a guy, who worked with a guy, who told him about a guy, who saw another guy that... yada yada yada.
Gross profit on coffee is good, $1.50 per cup is not out of line, but that is gross not net. Also it takes a lot of cups sold to translate any discernible amount of cash in owners pocket. Starbucks and the likes probably make more of their money on bulk sales, mugs, machines, accessories, shirts, music collections, etc than on cups of coffee sold, basically selling the brand rather than the product.
 You will be chef, you are supposed to be the guide, not need guidance. Do your best, either it will work out or it won't. Either way, it should be a great learning experience. Remember that not all learning experiences are about what we should do, many times they are about learning what we shouldn't do. Give it hell!
New Posts  All Forums: