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You are over thinking it. What if? What if you don't like it?... How about what if you do like it? What then? Just do it and find your answer. I may not like all the answers that I get in life, but I dislike unanswered questions more.
If store bought commercial eggs...no. If fearful...buy pasteurized.
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 The problem with most cheap automatic drip coffee machines is that the water temperature that they brew at doesn't reach the 195-205 degrees that is optimal for brewing a good cup of coffee.
Reading, studying, researching are all well and good (I do a lot of all three), but for me the best classroom is the kitchen and the plate. Work on improving and building your taste memory. Even if you aren't born with it, I believe it can be matriculated through experience. Don't just eat...taste...think, evaluate, describe. File the information away in your brain cells. Repeat. It requires some effort, but it is my kinda work, a labor of love with no losers. What a concept!
 Calves are slaughtered during the process of obtaining rennet.
Stella is a cheese brand that is fairly common in restaurants. Their "parmesan" is made without the use of rennet and is acceptable for lacto-vegetarians.
  When I opened my restaurant, in a lot of ways it flew totally in the face of logic. I feel sorry for people that never realize their muse; or if they do, fail to summon the courage to act upon it 
I am definitely a coffeehead. My methods are old school and inexpensive, but for me they make for an outstanding cuppa. Being somewhat crazed, I also enjoy the whole process, very hands on and pleasurable, akin to making bread. Meditative and reflective, but I digress, so at any rate...   I roast beans, usually to the verge of second crack, in a pan on my stove top. I stay a day ahead, so the beans can rest. I grind them in a mortar and pestle to a consistency similar to...
Do you have a mop sink? Toss leftover ice and beverage in a 5 gallon bucket and as the bucket fills, dispose of it in mop sink.
New Posts  All Forums: