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injera wraps   phyllo or puff pastry bowls   Belgian endive boats
Haricot Tarbais is a small white bean. I am not sure what exactly you are asking. Different from what? Is your confusion with the term haricot vert?
I doubt you will get a response to your offer of help because the inquiry was from July of 2008.
Le Repertoire De La Cuisine: The World Renowned Classic Used by the Experts Hardcover by Louis Saulnier (Author) , E. Brunet (Translator) , Jacques Pepin (Introduction) , George Lang (Introduction)
MBK-110 - Professional Series 10¾" Chef's Knife
Quote:Hard to say without a rough recipe idea. As to sweetness, condensed milk is sweet so I would definitley scale back on the amount of sugar used.    a quarter sheet pan
With added responsibilities should come added benefits am I correct? Have you shown that you can handle the added responsibilities? I would want to see that before I gave a raise.   Any advice about our upcoming meeting? I want to be on point. stick to facts with documentation and your first 4 recap questions   Recap: Lead Prep Role and Responsibilities? a question better answered by your chef Lead Line Roles and Responsibility? a question better answered by your...
Cake testers are a wonderful tool without a doubt but I also think one should learn by touch as well. When the grill is overflowing with items, I can temp by touch probably 5x (being very conservative) as fast as I can with a cake tester.   One thing I always found helpful when cooking and when teaching the cooking of filet mignon is to check the sides when checking resistance as opposed to checking the top. Due to the nature of the cut, the top check on filet mignon can...
I work them on high heat and like I am doing scrambled eggs, constantly moving. When they start to set, I put the warmed filling on top. Lid the pan and remove from the heat. Takes maybe 90 seconds up to this point. Let it sit maybe 30 seconds while I start another one, then I roll (or you can fold) onto the plate.   At the point where I lid, some people will instead throw the pan under a salamander or into the oven to finish. I feel that this toughens and dries the...
Some more info would be helpful. What didn't you like about the knife? What qualities and characteristics are you looking for in a knife?
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