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I could be mistaken but I was assuming they meant that they held the sauce in the steam table.  
Does it break upon reheating and putting in steam table or does it break when you make it fresh and put it in steam table right away?
You done good!   My problem would be not eating too many slices, or the whole thing for that matter; which unfortunately reminds me of a joke. A guy walks into a pizza parlor and orders a pizza. The clerk asks him if it wants it cut into 12 pieces or 8. The guy says that he better cut it into 8 because he can't eat 12.
  togarishi spiced ahi tuna golden cherry tomato and lemongrass syrup wasabi avocado mousse diced cherry tomatoes diced English cucumbers marigolds micro greens sliced cherry tomatoes
Here is a possible solution. I have worked with this style of in the past. Very handy if you need easy access to different pans at different times. Just place a sheet pan with a water pan on the bottom level  Also have worked with what we called body bags, which are just basically large garbage bags. No zippers of course, but doesn't sound like you really need one.     Bun Pan Rack Cover Clear Heavy Duty Plastic with 3 Zippers - 7.9 Mils ...
It can be held at the correct temperature safely, however it will turn to mush.   Depending on the thickness of the chowder, a possibility might be to make the chowder, strain the vegies, potatoes, seafood, etc. Then you could heat the liquid and hold it hot. When you get an order, add the vegies, potatoes, seafood, etc. back in for each individual order.   However, the best scenario since you are planning on only 30 orders or so, would be to heat to order. the...
Can't you still cover the pans the same as before and then place them in the rack?
  I can so relate.I have been an executive chef. I have been an owner/chef. At this point in my life, with priorites changing and evolving, I am working the line once again by choice. It is what i thrive on. I was not attracted to the profession by paperwork, budgets, taxes, payroll, etc., and of course super long hours.
San Francisco and the wine country around Napa and Sonoma are good culinary spots.
disclaimer: not my dog, my baby wouldn't do this...today
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