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My wife and I ate at a national pizza chain today, which is something we almost never do (national chain anything) maybe once a year. They asked us if we wanted ranch dipping sauce for our pizza. I was dumbfounded! Say what!!! We were about the only ones that I saw in the dining room eating that weren't dipping our pizza. God help us.
 I can't blame him, poached just ain't the same as a sunny side up for loco moco. It just ain't. :) I would probably go with a last minute frying using at least a couple of portable propane burners. I would try to be ahead of the guests by a few minutes as I think a true action station would back up a little. Do them last minute, assemble the loco moco, into a hotel pan, into a chafer as the guests start to go through the line.    
What are the facilities like where the ceremony is being held? What equipment is available for you to use? Buffet service? If buffet, time frame that the buffet will be available for guests to go through.
I don't know that it is viable in general, but what i have found that works for me is assuming personal responsibility for my own well being and nutritional education and not expecting government to babysit me.   "unknowingly and unavoidably consuming excess sugar"...Gee, nobody told me that jumping out of airplane at 30,000 feet without a parachute could hazardous to my health so it was unavoidable and I did so unknowingly.
I can't answer for @Mikeswoods but I read it as the member he was referring to was @Nycai26. Often times, I find that it is not "all about me", despite what my frail ego will is telling me.
Generally use cambros, especially if going into chafers at the event.
In what way are they pushing you? Is it demeaning and belittling comments or assigning you tasks that are not really in your job description. Can you be a little more specific without getting too personal, as a few more details might make it easier to offer insight into possible solutions?
As others have stated, most caterers will provide all that included in their price. It is like going to restaurant, where as a normal course of business, you are provided with all of that included in the price. There is no real advantage to providing your own, only added hassle and possible snags to you on a day that you are supposed to be enjoying your family without being distracted by a myriad of planning details. Also don't forget the fact that if you provide all that,...
 LOL My straight forward thinking (at least the way I see things) gets me in trouble all the time!!!  Not to throw another curve ball out there, but what about leftovers (not raw, such as cooked chicken breast) minced and then proceeding. Any time there is more than one person involved, things get so complicated. bwahahaha!!!
I like to brush shrimp  a with cinnamon harissa oil, then grill them and served with a spicy roasted red bell pepper, coriander, caraway sauce. I do this one for the general public, so I keep it a bit on the mild side, but at home I am more generous with the harissa because I like spicy.   Cinnamon Harissa Oil Weight or Volume                                                                  Ingredients 1...
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