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 I agree with this thought. The chef sees the culinary embers glowing in you and he is gently fanning them hoping they bust into flame. Maybe a good step would be to offer to take on crew food as part of your daily duties. It could prove to be be a halcyon path to the line. Doing crew food will allow you to work, not just on your culinary skills, but also on on skills that are vital to successful line work such as prioritizing, time management, and assessing the big...
Said with heavy Austrian accent "A good chef should be like duck...calm on surface...paddling like hell down below...ya ya chop chop..." then laughed manically.
 That happens to everyone, especially when new. It is not how many times you get knocked down, but whether you get back up ready to go again and learning from the experience. Watch the guys that are presently working the cold side. See what they do. Ways they organize. How they handle the flow. What their priorities are when tickets start to fly. Learn from it. What they do that is good. What they do that could be improved upon. Help them out when they get in a pinch. A...
 Hear hear! The one time I got so mad that I quit in the middle of a shift, I did so by giving my two week notice effective immediately.
Good job! Onward and upward, you are on your way.
 You just made me spray my coffee all over the keyboard. OMG do I know that one or what!!!
Preventing theft is not always the sole reason behind policies such as you have encountered, sometimes it is done with the goal of making ordering more efficient... How many times over the years have we all heard that famous kitchen supervisor lament "Nobody told me that they pulled he last..."
This. Ditto. Well put and thought out. Excellent advice.
No hone, just once a week on stones. In general, this seems to be what I routinely do for maintenance purposes during normal weeks.
I have used a few chef's knives in 40 years and this my favorite so far.
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