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I love threads like this, it got me to playing around at work. I put a yolk in a coffee cup. I put water in a sauce pan and brought it up to 168F. Poured it over the yolk and up to the top of the cup. Wrapped the entire thing in cellaphane and put it back in the sauce pan of water, making sure tha water didn't come up over the top of the cup. Let it sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the water in the cup was at 148F.Because the process is done off the heat, time is not...
They miss the mark for me on that and a few different areas, so consequently I have never tried them.
I like them because they use brown rice syrup. I try to minimize my consumption of white sugar and corn syrup.   The Good To Go dark chocolate bars are only 120 calories (some of their other products are a little higher) with 6 grams of sugar, but the best part is it takes care of my chocolate/sweet fix because I eat them after dinner as my dessert.
Sfsavant made one post, 19 weeks ago, so don't be too disappointed if you don't get a reply.
This is what I use MBK-110 - Professional Series 10¾" Chef's Knife  
Am I correct in thinking that you don't specifically want a career in restaurants? That you are just looking to expand your experience and knowledge? Are there any natural food grocery stores in your area? If so, they usually have cooking classes. You could approach the teachers about being a volunteer assistant to help with prep and putting on the classes. They would probably be very open to your offer. Another possibility might be personal chefs. Maybe some of the...
Greek yougurt is strained overnight to allow the whey to filter out thus creating a thicker product.
Great idea, I have done this with duck wings for an appetizer, except that I didn't pull the bones, I left them whole. Definitely great on pick up time without sacrificing quality.
Depends on what you are looking for as far as healthy, lots of different parameters. I like South Beach Good To Go chocolate bars. They are the closest to hitting the mark that I have found for me so far. http://www.luckyvitamin.com/buy/products/82131-south-beach-diet-good-go-bars-chocolate-5-bars.html
What story would have been different? If you mean your understanding of my post, I will attempt to think more before typing in the future.   I never meant to insinuate that all people are like the examples mentioned by the other chefs and it certainly was not my intent.   I am not trying to be right, merely sharing experiences not opinion.   Staging is not uncommon in the USA, but it is a whole different animal in inference.
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