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I will grant that the practical work experience gained at a brick and mortar culinary school bares little resemblance to real life restaurant work, however the idea of an online culinary school seems even further removed from reality. I can't get the idea of comparing it to an online swimming school out of my mind.   Yes knowledge can be gained from an online school, but I can't imagine someone studying online would learn to break down a whole salmon, cook a steamship...
I grew up shucking oysters in Florida. We used to buy them by the bushel. Never heard of the the east coast method. Always went in the hinge with a curved tip and used a lever motion and "pop" it opened up nice and clean.
I started watching the video but didn't get to far into it before clicking off because nothing they were showcasing exhibited capabilities that I look for in a kitchen knife.
Brown Sugar Meringues with Lime Cream and Mangoes
I don't use liquid smoke but I do make smoked stocks and smoked salt.
 Due to the way chickens are commercially raised here, stacked in pens on top of each other and such where they defecate on each other, unfortunatley is the reason for washing the eggs.  
serunding kelapa ice cream with a passionfruit waffle and a Pusser's rum painkiller sauce
furikake caramel popcorn with corn panna cotta and a kurozu syrup
My personal preference for business is pasteurized eggs in the shell, due to a desire to protect unknowing "at risks" guests such as the elderly, pregnant women, and kids.
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