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Mimi gave you some excellent advice. I also think your idea of finding an internship in the next few months is a good plan. I would say to put enrollment in culinary school off for a year or two.   Work in the industry. Work in the industry while traveling in Europe even better. Two years will fly by and then you can decide about whether or not to enroll in culinary school. 20 years old is certainly not too late to make that decision and by then it will be an even more...
I like the sound of that, do you use white chocolate?
I would imagine it is a perception about presentation. At work, we do them shiny side out, because that is the presentation that the boss prefers.
Definitely stage as much as possible. Even if you don't get on right away, it will get your name out there and open up the coconut telegraph. Chefs talk to other chefs.   Also due to the high turnover in the industry, keep checking back with places that you want to work as it shows desire. Plus just because there is nothing available today, doesn't mean there won't be a position tomorrow. We all know that can change in a heartbeat.   Nobody wants to be a pain in the...
I don't know if improve is the word I would use, but it would not be as one note.
I am sure there will be different opinions, but from what I know yes and no, yes to garlic, (olive) oil, and yolks; then in Marseille; peppers and bread Nice: cayenne and saffron
Something is flowing, but it ain't the economy!
Try reducing the lemon juice before adding it.
Teleme it ain't so.
Dare we open the can of worms a little further and mention rouille and then segue into skordalia? (poster slowly moves away from the keyboard and computer screen)  
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