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Nicko posted a thread in August       I thought it was a great thread with lots of good ideas being tossed back and forth between chefs. So I figured why not throw another one out there... what are you guys doing with duck?           A couple that I have done, one an app and one an entree are   Tea Smoked Duck,  a duck breast rubbed with garam masala, then smoked over Earl Grey tea, thinly sliced, served with a grilled pineapple, christophene, and toasted...
 I am not trying to be a jerk, just trying to keep it real for you  Could you do this with the numbers being projected? I think you are way high on your estimate.   Private ChefExecutive Chef for hotel, casino, etc (but you won't be cooking)
One of my concerns with your hypothetical restaurant is at 80 seat, $30 check average, sales of $600,000; that is not even a full turn per day but in order to insure that your service doesn't suffer if you get surprised and do three turns one night, you would have to staff with that triple turn scenario as a possibility which would make it hard to hit a reasonable labor cost. I would be scared of any 80 seat restaurant with a $30 check average that did sales of less than...
In the NRA report, occupancy cost encompassed rent, taxes and insurance.
Occupancy cost of 10% can be viable, but the 4% difference between 6% and 10% has to go somewhere. In the data previously mentioned from the NRA, the average food cost % was 32 and wage % was 33. Put 2% of the 4% difference on each. Now you have food cost of 30% and wage cost of 31% to balance out the 10% occupancy cost and thereby achieve your 1.8% profit. Percentages are not set in stone and can come in an endless number of variations, they just have to add up to...
Wise business percentages are not governed by geography as much as they are by gross.  I would expect the gross to be much larger in an east coast seaside town than in Duluth.
No, but don't know how that would impact percentages. Gross numbers yes, but percentages, not so much. Strictly my opinion at this point in time, I reserve the right to change it as more is revealed.
The biz is one of dollars and cents. Watch your sense and the dollars will take care of themselves.   A good example is in the dishpit. I have seen lots of places use hot water to spray off dishes before putting them in the machine. Why hot water to spray off with when they are going into the machine that also uses hot water to wash them. Doubling your energy cost per load with no appreciable gain. Partial loads being sent through as opposed to full racks. Doubling your...
According to the "2010 Operations Report" by the National Restaurant Association and Deloitte & Touche LLP 
There are reasons that I have been cured of restaurant ownership. ROI, both financial and emotional, being a definite contributing factor as to why I am a former owner, not a present one, and content  to maintain that status.
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