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I clean my section down at the end of the night. When I was up and coming I worked with lots of chefs who just walked off at the end of the night. I knew that they had come into work many hours before I showed up for shift and that they still had orders and paperwork to do before their night was over; but part of me still said "damn not again". So I determined that I would never do that once I became chef and I have kept my promise to myself. That's my story and I'm...
While there if you cross bridge over to Berkley/Oakland territory; check out Camino in Oakland. Also in Oakland for a banging taco go to El Paisa.
I use to go the winter show in SF. Lots of fun. Made some good connections and PR'ed big time. Met and chatted with some celebrity chefs. Mostly though it was just a fun get out Dodge time for the wife and I.
Susur Lee, but not included on my Japanese Rushmore for obvious reasons.
Masaharu Morimoto, Nobu Matsuhisa, Tetsuya Wakuda, Miki Nozawa
It probably comes down to a difference in syntax, who knows. Maybe they hired you as "a" pastry chef not "the" pastry chef, in which case becoming sous would be viewed as a promotion.
 Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter, Norman Van Aken, Jeremiah Tower...dark horse candidate... Anthony Bourdain because he put chefs and the biz in everyone's mind  disclaimer: this
LOL, I just peeled 400 quail eggs in preparation for making deviled quail eggs as a garnish for a party on Thursday, you probably don't want my advice right now.
 Speaking my language.
 Loud and clear on that one. I never understood coloring inside the lines as a kid.
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