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Quote: When I have done morel bread pudding, I have gone with a roasted pumpkin sauce. Should work in conjunction with the steaks as well, not as a sauce for just as in not conflicting with.
 With mushroom bread pudding, I like to go with a charred tomato marjoram sauce.
Good call by your wife, mushrooms make for an awesome bread pudding. Does she make a sauce to go with it or just unadulterated?
I cook for me. I cook for the sirens in my cranium. Cooking operates like a release valve for the building creative pressure. Luckily for me, these days the need to create, explore, experiment is satisfied by cooking at home. That certainly wasn't always the case, for years the muses were running totally amok and I had to express myself through my profession to deal with the sheer volume and intensity of their demands. I HAD to have my own place in order to deal with it. I...
I would imagine sous vide would lend itself well to food truck applications over a wide variety of cuisines. I just wouldn't market it that way though because i don't think the broad appeal you need to make a food truck successful is there for sous vide.   Chalk it up to lack of knowledge on the part of the general public. Say sue what...? Nothing wrong with using techniques and just not elaborating about them to the public.
The weight and or heft is not sufficient to make it a viable implement for butchering. Also a blade such as shown would chip or fracture in no time.
Make it into a savory bread pudding.
Are olive oil mashed potatoes an emulsion?
I also thought about a variation of a Malay onion sambal Just need to play around with it to make it more Cuban Reubenesque. Malay Onion Sambal Weight or Volume                                                                  Ingredients3                                                                                              red onions, French cut3 tablespoons                                                                          salt¼...
I understand the process but am questioning it being an emulsion. Not a big deal, really, just semantics more than anything else.
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