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That was pretty much my kit when I started out in the business. I still have all those, and more, knives; but over the years my working kit has slowly reduced in size as my knife skills and confidence with them improved. It now consists of Chef's, Bread, Slicer.  I can easily handle all tasks thrown at me with that kit and this has held true through multiple jobs in the USA and international ones as well.   As to sticking to one brand of knives, I look more for the knife...
your costing is a bit off, the actual breakdown, using the weights that you provided, would be   cost of each wing = .28 (not .35) cost of each drumstick= .28 (not .23) cost of each thigh= .61 (not .39) cost of each breast= .75 (not .96)   8-Pcs. = 3.84 if bought by single piece 8-Pcs Cut = 1.28/# x3# = 3.84
Your budget (food cost being a part of it) should never be arbitrary, it is the foundation upon which business is built and the device by which you make adjustments to insure that the business survives. If your budget does not take into account collecting enough dollars to pay for staff, rent, insurance, electricity, linens, chemicals, and profit, then your budget writing skills and business acumen need some fine tuning without a doubt. The horse being placed before the...
Glycerine is a must for fondant made with agar agar. It keeps it pliable and from drying out and cracking. The cocoa butter can be replaced with vegetable shortening.
  Please don't post the answers to those questions
A pork sirloin roast, that I cut into medallions and grilled under a cover with some rosemary branches. Made a tomatillo green grape sauce for the grilled pork and served it with steamed broccoli seasoned with kalonji seeds; and barley that I finished with toasted coconut, flax seed, cottage cheese, and a roasted peanut oil.
I have used agar agar and I have made fondant, but I have never made fondant with agar agar so I have no recipe for exactly that. I just did a google search and found several. This one seems like it would be a good starting point http://specialtycakecreations.com/how-to-make-vegan-fondant/
I am sure that he is well aware of the theories behind all the questions, but he might not know the terms and acronyms.
Are you using shortening?
I wonder if Chef Masaharu Morimoto knows who invented the brigade system, or what FIFO is, or what a remouillage is?
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