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I am passed my fifties and not ready to hang up my tongs yet, nor has anyone asked me to hang them up.   Last week a mid to late twenties culinary school grad was trying to figure out how I kept finishing ahead of him on the prep tasks we were sharing. Another guy in his forties, working the same tasks as well, said it's called experience. Layne will always finish ahead of you and not look busy while doing it. Don't worry about that, just be sure to pay attention and...
Yes, fire roasted tomatoes have a much different flavor profile than regular tomatoes. I am not sure where you are located, but here in California, most grocery stores carry the fire roasted canned tomatoes along side the regular ones. It is also pretty easy and even preferable in tomato season to make your own.
Ah, I like it. Sage advice.   I always figure my pans are working pans, not museum pieces, so signs of use are just that.
My recommendation would be to try
I like using cocoa nibs. They add flavor but not sweetness.
I believe you just did
Looking at the recipe, it seems that the amount of sweetened condensed milk is way off. I would probably add about 3 more egg yolks and take Joey's advice and bake it.   As a side note, I have done both creme brulee and key lime pie by bake and no bake methods. The two creme brulee methods were taught to me in culinary school as part of our curiculum, which had it's foundation in classical French cuisine. The two key lime pie methods were learned working in the...
Speaking from experience having been down that road, the amount of time and effort you will spend in a week as a full time student and part time worker will at best be equal to the amount of time and effort you will spend in a week as a chef, less is more like it. A harbinger of the potential future in the life and career of a chef.
We have a couple of Carlisles at work and a bunch of Cambros. The Carlisles get used as a last resort. They are less expensive for a reason. I recommend Cambros all the way. I agree with j20832 on the front loading carriers and would like to add that during service they make it far easier to access different pans.
New Posts  All Forums: