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If they have a quality selection of beers, gastropub.
We did a cooking class at work where the theme was bacon. One of the items taught was a bacon chocolate chip cookie where we substituted the bacon fat for the butter.
You can be the greatest culinary artist on the face of the planet, but culinary artistry is just a one facet of being a chef. When successfully running my own restaurant, as chef I had to occasionally reign in my culinary artist side. I never compromised my integrity, just kept an eye on my ego; because it didn't always have my chef's best interests at heart.
A chef's number one priority has to be the success of the business. Focus on that and integrity is pretty much assured. Refusal to compromise is not integrity, it is ego.
I would sit the guys down and explain things more less like you did hereContinue on by saying that the temporary period is long past and that they need to step it and assume full responsibility for their stations without having to rely on you so much as you have your own responsibilities. Everyone needs to cooperate and handle their share of the load in order to insure that things run smoothly so that the business remains successful. Fully explain as you did here that...
Get some of this...   reduce it to a syrup and add to your filling... or make a ginger simple syrup, strain it and and add.
Xanthan gum will do the trick.
If the tofu you have is sitting in water it is probably not silken, so you can press the water out of it. Depending as you said upon what you are planning on doing with it. Let us know what you do!
Ayeb begomen, an Ethiopian dish of collard greens and cottage cheese, using the tofu in place of the cottage cheese.
Basically I would focus on myself, my attitude, and improving my skills because while the other students are "learning and whatnot", they might pass me by.
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