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The last time I answered your question, my answer was based on you saying the recipe served 3 as an entree and you were looking to serve 300. My answer was based on 3x100=300 and the cream amount in my answer was in gallons not weight. How many side dishes do you expect out of the recipe that you posted? I would like to make my answer more acceptable and believable, but to do so I would need the yield that you expect.
Oh man, that sounds right up my alley. Me likes! Did did you use as a bread component?
Some people lack manners and generosity. Some do not.   It seems to be human nature to put people in boxes and categorize. No one box (whether it be age age, gender, nationality, religion, etc etc etc) has a corner on the market in possessing or lack of manners and generosity.   It is the old conundrum of the glass being half empty of half full.   Possessing manners and generosity, or lacking  them, is a choice. When I make my choices, I hope I use people such as...
Don't forget Chef Tarlo. He uses sous vide as well.
The problems you are solving  do not seem to be the ones that the owner mentioned What you are implementing is not bad, but from reading your posts there seem to be more glaring problems that need to be addressed. Issues like this speak more to the heart of the owner's concerns All the systems in the world don't matter diddly if the line isn't fixed. This is where I would focus my initial efforts and I would do it by working the line. Spend time with each individual in...
I would suggest getting a stone or two and learning how to take care of the house knives. You will learn a lot in the process, become a hero to your fellow coworkers, and be better prepared and knowledgeable before starting your own collection.
Poach holds up fine in a cambro. Never done saute and then cambro. My concern with saute on site is no oven to finish fish up in. Thirty portions is not a lot until you consider how many can you do at one time with a portable butane burner? Could get complicated real quick.
How is the salmon being prepared, poach or saute?
I took over the food & beverage at a main lodge kitchen of a ski resort. We were running a 40% food cost which was high considering what we were charging the guests.   I changed all the locks. Locked my dry goods area and put one guy in charge with a key. He was in charge of all incoming and outgoing items and maintaining a running daily inventory. Moved the employee locker room into a room in the dry goods area. Had a habit of looking in trash cans throughout the day,...
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