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A few variables there. Are the guests plating their food or are the attendants? Buffet lines single or double sided?How simple and self explanatory are the menu items? Etc. etc. etc. My educated guess without more info would be, if single sided buffet line, quickest I could see it happening would be 1 hour, 2 is more reasonable, knowing people are involved could be closer to 3.
I would tell them that they could smoke their e-cigarette or vape contraption while they were reading their servsafe certification material and standing in line at the unemployment office  waiting to file their claim.
There is plenty of gelatin in duck. I made this with the gelatin from a batch of duck confit.      
When you poach your eggs do you use water out of the hot water tap? If so, it could be the hot water heater because they build up mineral deposits over the years and can produce some pretty funky tasting water. Do a side by side tasting comparison between the hot and the cold tap.
 I think you are absolutely spot on here and you have the perfect knife to start the learning process with   in addition to learning sharpening, a side benny will be   which will help you in deciding what your next knife purchase will be. Until then, along the way you will have gained a wealth of knowledge and be able to make a much more informed choice.
I always try to grab the protein, or whatever, out of the refeer as soon as it is called and set it in a cake pan, or whatever, on my board (station) even if not starting it right away as a visual check list.
On my ride to work this morning, I flashed on ouzo. Haven't done it per se but think it could be interesting with lamb. It also got me to thinking about fennel (straining it out after reducing about half way before syrupy) and from there I went to grilled eggplant and then to fresh grape leaves. Gonna have to do some playing around at work. Thanks for getting the creative wheels turning. Love to play and to learn.
You can make a vinaigrette with it You can also flambe some tequila, add some stock and salsa, reduce and finish with butter for a sauce for chicken, shrimp, fish, etc.
This is what @Ethan-thomas is asking. You can add oregano, or thyme, or rosemary, or garlic, or any combo of these; although personally I probably wouldn't add them in the reduction phase as the flavor profile will become somewhat more muddled and less fresh than if added after reducing.
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