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Basically whenever I do a pairing menu (whether it be wine, beer, coffee, tea, juice, etc.), I think in terms of dishes where I use the specific beverage being paired in the preparation of that particular course.   example: Pairing with a Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota Providencia: coffee has tasting notes of citrus fruit and pineapple   Coffee Glazed Stuffed Chicken a boneless and skinless breast, stuffed with grilled Orange Chipotle glazed Plantains and grilled Kale, then...
Ditto what chefbuba said. Put them in a perforated pan with a deeper drain underneath and ice on top.
It is hard to get an accurate view of any situation from this side of the screen. What we get is another person's observations. In the past I have had some people describe me as shy. Other people describe me as an incredible tease and sarcastic. Some people view me as slow. Some people ask how do I get things done so quickly. Some people think I am old. Some think I am a kid. It all comes down to individual perception.   I have worked for some bosses that didn't think...
How can he slip under the radar if he is not doing the job well? I wonder if he senses that you feel that you can't trust him to make a special, an aioli, or to season a steak? You mention that he is an older cook, perhaps the fact that you bring up age is a clue to a vibe you give off that you are unaware of but that others pick up on.   He never gives you attitude and respects you somewhat but you know underneath it all he's thinking "I can do his job better". This...
Pretty wide open category... carrot chipotle blood orange sumac green pea cardamom dried cherry cocoa nib beet caraway gooseberry galangal blueberry lavender
I didn't see that anyone mentioned jars/bottles nor did they say creamy alfredo; but I digress. After reading this thread, had to jump into the fray. At work but just threw this together in less time than it took to cook pasta and please don't anybody call the food police but I called it blue veined alfredo. Even though I called it that, it wouldn't come. Finally I was forced to go and get it. Pasta 1#Cambozola 10 ouncesButter 3 ouncesPt Reyes Blue 5 ounces While pasta was...
Bunn 39900.0013 WAVE15-APS Low Profile Wide Base Specialty Automatic Coffee Brewer - 120V  
parsnips, celeriac, rutabaga, caulifower
licorice merlot gastrique   curried pineapple syrup
I have worked places where it was SOP, but when the decision is mine, I don't do it.
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