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Steam table will mostly likely cause it to break. Why not keep it in a thermos or airpot for service? I just did that for a hollandaise on Mother's Day and it worked perfectly for the entire service. Although I will admit for red wine demi butter sauce, I have always made the red wine demi base ahead of time and finished with butter to order during service
  Stitches? What are these stitches that they speak of?
The number of strip loins that I have trimmed and portioned over the years, numbers somewhere in the thousands; and to me that that looks like a strip loin. Nothing wrong with that though, it is one of favorite pieces, and certainly nothing wrong with your care, cooking, and handling of it. Great job!
Why not rent some cambros for the day? Do your grilling right before your guests arrive and put the finished proteins in the cambros to rest and stay at temp.
celery carrot daikon pretzels spaghetti perciati
You can use figs to make sauce, vinaigrette, ice cream, jams or jellies, compotes, tapenade. I had a fig tree out back of my restaurant that was probably planted back in the gold rush days. Man did it produce some figs. I used them every way possible and then some.   Stuff them with cambozola, wrap with pancetta, and fire in oven as an app.   Serve them on top of ice cream with a port sauce.   Spice rub a pork tenderloin, grill it, slice it, demi the plate,...
So then the Nordic tradition of a sauna followed by a roll in the snow must be close to fatal, huh?
I am 6'2". I sometimes lean a bit at the waist when working at a prep table, but basically keep my back straight. Hunching over is hard on your back and more a result of technique rather than height.
oh yeah, you got that right, too funny
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