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A symbol of abundance, fertility, and sweetness. Held sacred in all countries of Southwestern Asia, and in Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Possibly even the first source of clothing.   A member of the mulberry family. Usually thought of as a fruit, but actually a flower inverted into itself.   Black Mission, Kadota, Calimyrna, Brown Turkey, Adriatic are types.   Yes , this month’s challenge is… the FIG!   When I was a kid, fig newtons were the...
You can alleviate the potential safety concerns by using pasteurized eggs in the shell.
Bacon makes everything better. MOZO chef shoes.       perhaps it could be paired with
hmm... maybe nuts would be a good challenge...hmm...so many good ideas, so little time... maybe Brazil nuts
      You could make a dashi broth to add to the shoyu mint basil ramen. Dashi contains kombu and dried bonita flakes. It would definitely increase the umami level and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.
Confit...hmm... need to let that idea simmer for few hours then store it in the cool dark recesses of my mind before a decision is reached...hmm... confit
Hmmn, rabbit...very interesting...   "Gee, ain't I a stinker?" - Bugs Bunny   ...hmmn...could be
The greatness of a chef is not measured by the price of the food produced. Producing high quality food inexpensively is every bit as challenging as producing high end stuff. Comes down to personal priorities and goals for one's life. 
It definitely works for me. Puts a big smile on my face in no time.   My commute to work is a 30 minute ride down a rural country road with an elevation change of about 3,000 feet and God's country scenery. The road is actually a popular secret with motorcycle riders escaping from the city on the weekends.   If it isn't raining or snowing, I am on the bike. I ride about 180 days a year. I am sure my wife gets tired of hearing me come into the house, pull off my...
Second paragraph needs to broken up into smaller bites.   Just as food for thought see what you think of this...   I am writing to express my interest in the Chef Manager position listed on Craigslist.    I am a dedicated, dynamic professional who has served as a catalyst for success, complimented by management and leadership qualifications and a proven record of accomplishment in many areas for over twenty years.   I strive to exceed all expectations, I...
New Posts  All Forums: