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San Francisco and the wine country around Napa and Sonoma are good culinary spots.
disclaimer: not my dog, my baby wouldn't do this...today
Cool beans!. Thanks for the update and good luck with the new job.
...or maybe they wanted to see a salt crusted rabbit tenderloin.
It is too hilarious to not be true!!!
So what did you do? What was your menu? Come on, give.  
I agree with chefbuba, except that if you walked in I would definitely either talk with you or set up another time to do so. Phone calls and emails have a mass mailing campaign quality to them that is not attractive.
OMG I love ratatouille and I love lamb. I think I now know what dinner is tonight. Thanks!
  Some points that I try to incorporate into my professional code: 1.) refrain from using language which some people might find offensive 2.) not to get defensive in my interactions with other people and take ribbing in stride 3.) be cognizant of the fact that my signature and attention to detail show in everything I do whether it be spelling or replicating a dish and or recipe, consistency is of paramount importance 4.) good enough, never is 5.) remember that this too...
American River College
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