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You do the best you can. She intervenes. You continue on doing the best you can with the situation as presented to you with her intervention. If the results of the interaction effects quality of the business, management will either recognize the issue or they won't.   If they recognize the issue they will deal with it in a constructive or destructive manner. If they deal with the issue in a constructive manner, all well and good. If they deal with it in a destructive...
It was a nanosecond abbendum response to another member's suggestion, not a serious treatise.
I don't let their problems become my problems. I can do nothing about their problems. I can do something about my problems, but I am not accepting any new problems at this time.   I focus on doing my job to the best of my abilities.
 To put the lit sterno in place or to remove it to extinguish it or replace it. Basically I ain't got a clue, just shooting in the dark here, not claiming divine wisdom. Have you ever had to replace a sterno during a slamming service? It ain't pretty!
 Possibly a sterno trivet for a chafer.
 I have been in this industry for a few days and I find my learning rate is still directly tied to to the level of open mindedness that I exhibit. In this industry the teaching never slows down, the learning sometimes does but it is because of individual choice.
Another thing I neglected to mention about my month long vacations, when I arrive at my location, one of the first things I do is touch bases with local real estate companies. Most of them have agents that deal in vacation rental houses specializing in guests that are staying for a month or better. That usually translates to some leads on family groups of 10 or so people with disposable income that are dying to have a casual fine meal at home prepared by a chef.   Last...
I have been in the business for 40 years and what you are seeing is nothing new nor unique to an area. It is the nature of the business and people. Businesses jump on the newest bandwagon until pretty soon everybody is doing it and the original concept gets watered down and lost in the translation because the copycats don't have the vision that created it in the first place.   The "best" restaurant in my area touts farm to fork. The lineage of every item on the menu is...
By combining the two. After I closed my restaurant, I took a couple of years and did a working vacation in the Caribbean. I now work for a caterer and in February, the slow time for us, I take a month off for travel. I usually go to one location in some other country. Because I choose to focus on one location, I manage to network with local chefs and or hospitality professionals and pick up as much side work as I need or want. God I love this business!
 You got solid suggestions in keeping with your proposed dish from several people before @harrisonh gave you his suggestion.          Feedback is part and parcel of being a caterer. A thick skin is a highly suggested personality trait for those wishing to participate in the business of catering.
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