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Make simple syrup. Bring up to simmer and add black tea teaves. Cover and let steep 5 minutes or so. Strain.
Sweet tea syrup. Did it for a wedding party with a nouvelle Southern theme and the people loved it.
Pierce the eyes of the coconut and then place in oven at 325* F for 30 minutes. Crack it and remove the meat. Cut off the brown skin and cut meat into small pieces. Place in blender and add just enough hot water to be able to cover the meat and allow for blending. Then strain through cheesecloth and squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
Be friendly, not friends, with the staff.   Lead by example.   Don't ask anyone to do something that you won't do yourself.   Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  Even though you weren't asking for an opinion on the recipe, I agree with StuartScholes's assessment about the hydration. Although I will admit that on the website the recipe had a ton of highly rated reviews.   A couple of weeks ago at work we made naan for a wedding party. Our liquid amount was about twice what your recipe calls for. Naan is usually a really soft dough that will leave an indentation when you press it with a finger. It also has a tendency to be...
  wide mouth whistling tea kettle, put eggs in kettle, cold water start, turn heat to high, when pot whistles, turn heat off, let kettle sit for 12 minutes, pour off hot water and refill with ice and water
Eat some of everything and nothing to excess. My grandmother taught me that one. She doesn't know that she did, but she did. She taught me much. She bought a new car when she was 93.
  Judging anyone else for their choices has proven to me time after time to be a pointless dead end road. I wholeheartedly agree that education and enlightenment are answers that bear nourishing fruit. I can't answer for anyone else, but I take it upon myself to initiate my own learning process.   That learning process has shown to me that I can put food on my table, that goes in the dietary direction that i choose for myself, quickly, inexpensively, and that is full of...
I usually whisk the water pretty vigorously and then sprinkle the yeast on the top. Then I let it sit and about halfway through the rest period, I stir it again making sure to whisk the bottom of the container to get any yeast that settles there.
Damn, why didn't think of that! I am a musubi groupie to the Nth degree. Good entry. Whoo-hoo!
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