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I had been working in the industry for 20 years and had graduated culinary school 10 years prior to opening my own restaurant.  I was well prepared to run a restaurant. During those 20 years, I had been a dishwasher, pantry person, prep cook, busboy, waiter, assistant manager, manager, cook, sous chef, chef.   I was amazed to learn what I didn't know about owning a restaurant.
Are you set up to accept credit card payments with an iphone reader? If not I would have just sucked it up and accepted the check as one of the risks of doing business.   Word of mouth can be your best friend or biggest foe. Granted the people were from out of state so they wouldn't affect your business much in the future, but the planner and some of the guests, I assume were local.   FWIW, I owned a restaurant for 12 years and I accepted checks. In state, out of...
1.) Sun is out...2009 Harley Davidson Road King 2.) Raining...1972 Volkswagen Squareback 3.) Snowing...1996 Ford 150 4x4 Truck   recently departed from the stable in some way overdue downsizing 1968 Porsche 912 Targa 1980 Jeep CJ7   Five vehicles for a non-collector was utterly ridiculous. My wife only has two, but following my lead she put one up for sale.   If you want true craziness, when I lived in the Caribbean, but still had my home and vehicles in...
Has anyone on here traveled or lived in Nicaragua, because I am planning a trip there and I am looking for someone with pragmatic experience to answer some questions.
Be friendly with the new staff, but not friends. Explain the new procedures. Explain the consequences of not following the new procedures. Have a short grace period, in your head, for transgressions. After the grace period, stick to your guns. Make absolutely sure that you are the optimum role model for the new procedures.
I have to admit that would really chap my hide as well. Many times I find myself struggling with an issue and resentments are building. When I finally figure out that I don't like the way it is making me feel and that I am tired of feeling that way, I put the issue down and go on my way. Until I do that, I am going to continue to feel the way that I do. Life goes on,... do I? The other day, my wife and I were having lunch at a streetside taco shack which, by the way,...
Welcome to the forums Maxx. Glad that you are here. If you have any constructive points to share on either the pros or the cons of using a microwave, I would love to hear them. Feel free to jump on in.
Black Mountain Bleu cheese, bacon, and mashed potato croquettes served with a smoky tomato and cracked black pepper jam
Grit cakes topped with remoulade, shrimp, and pickled okra
Quote:And if that were to happen,... what would happen? Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? They fall on their butts, almost immediately and often, but they don't think of themselves as failures. Use the enthusiasm of a baby doing the drunken sailor walk as your role model and go for the job on the cruise ship. Working on a boat is a great learning experience and not just about kitchen skills. You will learn a lot about other people and cultures as well. In...
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