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All expenses (food, labor, rental car,etc) come out of the $1332.
Unknown, but I have my doubts. Possibly the Hotel Ryde in Walnut Grove, but pure speculation. I know not that long ago they were looking for BOH, but what capacity I don't really remember.
 I waited tables for a few years before I discovered that the BOH was what I loved and I was always amazed by what I dubbed the "firing frenzy". Guys would see the tickets start to pile up and so they would rush to get their tickets in, only to contribute to the mayhem even more. I would see it coming from a long way off and would work my tables to be either in front of the insanity or behind it. The really funny part is that I got better tips and turned my tables more...
I looked it up on google and the answer is google.
As a cook, all I can say is mise, mise, mise. Keep you head down, your hands flying, your brain multitasking.   As a chef, all I can say is menu, menu, menu.
    You are not going to learn the rigors of running your own restaurant working in a non-restaurant environment.
     You are getting what you asked for so that is a good thing.  Bottom line is this Big bingo there. Keep cooking. Keep enjoying. Keep learning.  
 This is spot on, couldn't agree more. These type of sites are power players in today's game and to ignore their power is sheer folly for an owner that is looking to grow his business. I have first hand experience watching a very business marketing savvy owner using guests (while they are dining) to enable her to play these sites like a fiddle with the subsequent result having an exponential impact on the bottom line.
From Darbi's website (disclaimer from cheflayne: not Yelp as is being bandied about)Goodatcha!
Penang Rojak with the chicken incorporated.
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