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Is it hot when you are cleaning it?
If he is doing or not doing things that are to the detriment of the establishment, tell him that you going to ask for a three way sit down with whoever is responsible for hiring and firing in order to get it sorted out. Make sure he understands that it is strictly business and not personal, merely a matter of insuring that the establishment doesn't suffer as a result of the present situation.
Work on building your taste memory for individual flavors.   Experiment at home. Taste ingredients before adding and then tasting the dish after each addition. Analyze and pay attention, don't just taste and go "oh yeah" or "nope". Think about the whys and hows and do it with things that you find out don't work together as well as those that you find do work well together. Commit it to your memory banks for future reference.   The best way to learn is by doing and by...
Unfortunately I have experienced a similar situation. I was hired to run the kitchen, but the owner wouldn't let me.   As a former owner, I know how hard it is to let go of control. I only had to concede the reins to someone else in order to have a day off and even that was difficult, but I slowly learned the lesson that a good executive knows. Hire good people, train them in your methods, then get out of the way and let them do what you hired them for in the first...
Naw, we are sitting :)
Never experienced anything like that and I have done a lot dark roux gumbos. Hard to say what happened without actually knowing your whole process and ingredients.   Didi you have either okra or file in your gumbo?   Rough idea on what I do is to usually make my roux (1/1 ratio) to the color I want ( I do this on high heat which is counter to accepted practice, but it works and I don't have an hour to make a roux) add my holy trinity (mirepoix) to stop the cooking...
When ever I get one of those questions, I usually answer "No, they are very well mannered and polite, as opposed to the guy who made them."
No, but I am not saying which question I am addressing with my answer..
Kudos many times over. Great stuff!
Hey kaneohegirlinaz, long time no see. Whaddsdascoops?
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