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What are examples of others ways that you would phrase things?
School does not a chef make. School does not mean high paying jobs. I was making more (working in the industry) before I went to school, than the first job I got after graduation. Thomas Keller never went to culinary school. I had absolutely no professional experience prior to getting my first job in a kitchen (pretty much a duh when you think about it). If your finances are that tight and you are $7,000 away from affording tuition, I would think you would be better served...
Food needs to be cooled as quickly as possible to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is naturally going to happen quicker in the fridge. The danger with doing it in the fridge is the potential for raising the temperature of the fridge, especially when dealing with a smaller unit such as a home unit. Best bet is to put the food in shallow pans and ice bath it to initially lower the temperature, then when a more manageable temperature move it to the fridge. Make sure it...
combine and mix tomato powder vinegar powder onion powder garlic powder salt sugar   yes, all the above ingredients can be easily bought
Being a  complete jerk will never get you respect. Be friendly with staff, but not friends with the staff. Be firm, consistent, and fair. Give concise and clear directions. I remember one time in the middle of a chaotic service, I grabbed a large stock pot and gave it to someone with the directions to fill it 3/4 of the way with potatoes and then water to cover the potatoes and put it on the stove. When I went to grab my new batch of freshly cooked potatoes, they were...
How about a slaw of celeriac and parsnips seasoned with caraway and dill with an aquavit dressing?
Fennel and mango (or carrot) slaw either like a Malay onion, or a quick kimchee, or Moroccan influenced with orange flower water, mint, olive oil, and cardamom.
I would imagine the reference was to bay leaves.
If they are one pound boxes, then I would get 47 boxes for 300, so divided by 3 would be 16 boxes for 100 people. If the jars of sauce are 24 ounce jars, then 25 jars for 100 people.
penne pasta   47#   marinara sauce   cook pasta night before, submerge in cold water to stop cooking process, drain and coat lightly with oil (olive, canola, etc just use inexpensive oil because will be washed off later) store covered in refrigerator   next day heat sauce,when ready to serve, put manageable amounts of pasta into boiling water for 15 seconds or so, pull out and let drain but not cool off, then if doing plate service, plate and top with sauce, if...
New Posts  All Forums: