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I would get a job waiting tables. You can make mad money in a lot less hours and find a job fitting your school schedule easier; plus the experience is invaluable especially for a career in management whether it be FOH or BOH or both. I waited tables for a few years before I discovered that BOH is were my heart is but the experience waiting tables definitely made me a better chef in the long run as well.
I would put the star anise and any other seasonings ( such as juniper berry and coriander seed ) in the boiling water with the salt and sugar.
Lactose intolerance could be one reason and it certainly wouldn't exclude a person from eating steak.
Basically I combine all the ingredients that I listed. Then when I add the rice to the stir fry, I start adding the sauce a little bit at a time as I continue stirring and frying the rice before finishing with the eggs.
Make a slurry with baking soda, Apply it to old grease and let sit 15 minutes. Use steel scrubbie and flush with water.
IveyLeaguer, you can't eat butter, does this also mean no dairy? Side note is that you can use oil (olive, walnut, canola etc) in place of butter even in sauces such as bernaise which is then called Tyrolienne.
The only one I know off hand is J B Prince so I am not sure how their prices compare to others. However, I am sure there are lots more places out there to buy it.
I use stock, fish sauce, soy, lime juice and zest, palm sugar, and roasted chile paste. The palm sugar is not as sickenly sweet as white refined sugar and adds some nice caramel notes.
Could you replace the steak with a dish such as sauerbraten and the schnitzel with baeckoffe of pork, or maybe work in a jaeger eintopf? Dishes that can made a day or two in advance and that actually improve with a rest and marry period.
Oh man mimi! Please don't shoot me, but does this mean that I can't try it because this blue cheese head thought it sounded like an awesome combo and I am already on enough walls of shame! I don't want to add to the list.
New Posts  All Forums: