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For profit or cost and to what degree?
 More effective from what point of view and why? Considerations being time, labor, energy, food cost.
Perhaps a Texas style BBQ variation on this  
Yet another upgrade     1929 Koehler-Escoffier 1000cc Four Pipes Motorcycle. Double whoot!!
Looks like you need to upgrade. 5012 recipes. Whoot!
Smaller electronic footprint this way, so less chance of rumor mill gleaning onto it.
This edition has a recipe for Chicken Elizabeth.  It is listed as Chicken, white of, Elizabeth. http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/history/social-and-population-history/guide-modern-cookery   I don't have a copy, so I have no idea if it is the one you are looking for or not because I also found it in this one     but I am fairly certain that it is not the one that you are looking for  
Here is a link to a publishing company with professional books on the subject. Check out all the pages of the link.   http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-350399.html?sort=FEATURED&sortDirection=DESC&page=2
I have done a lot traveling in my career, both nationally and internationally. In every locale, I have found the culinary community to be a small fish bowl environment, everybody knows everybody. Probably not best to express self doubts (even though it is very  normal human reaction) in a public forum, especially if you just accepted a new position. I think it was probably a wise move on OP's part.
 Back in the dark ages when I was a young culinary student and first being exposed to the wonders of French cuisine, this was exactly the same thing that would drive me crazy. WHY didn't they put some of the ingredients in the name of the dish? WHY name the dish after someone? HOW was I ever supposed to remember the dish without some semblance of a clue or hint as to what was in it? Somehow I survived those days, but it still drives me crazy! Liliygardener, I have been...
New Posts  All Forums: