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Speaking from experience having been down that road, the amount of time and effort you will spend in a week as a full time student and part time worker will at best be equal to the amount of time and effort you will spend in a week as a chef, less is more like it. A harbinger of the potential future in the life and career of a chef.
We have a couple of Carlisles at work and a bunch of Cambros. The Carlisles get used as a last resort. They are less expensive for a reason. I recommend Cambros all the way. I agree with j20832 on the front loading carriers and would like to add that during service they make it far easier to access different pans.
I haven't used Slip Tech but in my experience with anti slip products for floors, they fill up with dirt and grim pretty quickly and are very difficult to clean, virtually rendering mopping into a totally useless activity. That and the foors will never look clean again
If you want to do piri piri oil on the table, just keep it in the alcohol and add to oil right before service. At the end of the night, any leftover piri piri oil can be made into a house piri piri vinaigrette.
You can't understand and relate to other people's philosophies, but I imagine you expect them to understand and relate to yours.
Why not just do the piri piri in alcohol and then when ready to use, add amount needed to oil being used for preparation?
Ono Loco Moco at Cafe 100 in Hilo...or...corned beef hash and suuny side ups
It depends on what my primary focus is for the experience. If it is to hit my palate squarely on the head, then it only follows to reason that I would do the cooking because no one can exactly hit my palate as well as I can. It is mine and mine alone. To expect any one else to be able to do that is sheer folly.   I need variety because I get bored easily. Even though my culinary dabblings are pretty wide ranging, I know my cooking like the back of my hand and many...
Make simple syrup. Bring up to simmer and add black tea teaves. Cover and let steep 5 minutes or so. Strain.
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