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mashed potatoes
card board & duct tape aquarium tubing with a slit cut lengthwise pvc with a slit cut lengthwise pipe insulating foam tubes pvc with pipe insulating foam tube inside wooden dowels with slit cut blengthwise corks glued end to end and slit cut lengthwise   for a bag, I use a hardside firearm case with foam inserts
Get a metal bowl or probably better yet if you have a large mixer get the attachment and blades for veg prep.
I have nothing against resuscitating old threads but would suggest that if you would like to continue this discussion please do remember the request posted at the entrance to this forum Food & Cooking would be a great forum in which to renew this discussion. Thanks everyone.
A chef is a professional cook who is in charge of a kitchen. The type and quality of kitchen does not enter into the definition. There are many paths to becoming a chef. Thomas Keller did not go to culinary school but he certainly qualifies as a chef in my judgement.
What station does he work? Do you have any slower or less pressure stations that he could work? How much prep work is there, could you possibly utilize him more in a prep capacity? What about slower days or times? Have somebody work the station with him to help him learn what to do to be more efficient thereby lessening and alleviating the stress when tickets start to pile up. I am sure that you probably know and have done all these things, but I don't know what else to say.
I have done a lot of vegetable based sauces, but the only one I can think of that used juice was a carrot chipotle syrup for a shrimp dish. It was way intense and flavorful. It didn't need any thickener because the juice if reduced enough thickens up nicely on it's own.   You got me to thinking on gastriques and more syrup type reductions. Beets would be a great candidate. Peas might have some possibilities also. Bell peppers, celery, watercress, hmm, lots of things. You...
Skates have kidneys much the same as us. The pee or ammonia refered to is due to high levels of uric acid in their blood. If a skate is properly processed, it is not an issue.   Have you ever encountered shrimp with an ammonia smell? What was your course of action?   My wife grew up in a family of hunters. She didn't think that she liked venison because of it's gamey flavor. The first deer that I shot after we were married was processed and hanging in a walk-in within...
Fish kept on ice keep longer than fish not kept on ice and the olive oil method does not allow this. Also fish that stays in contact with body fluids spoil quicker and I would think the olive oil would be a medium for bacterial micro-organisms, but it is mere speculation.   Fresh that day fish, if properly handled can keep a week, however with a lot of fishing boats and purveyors by the time the fish gets to you it is already a few days old.   I would have lots of...
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