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This is never a bad thing to do, even if you have a job that you love and want to stay at. You never know what wonderful opportunity might just around the next corner if you don't look. In the mean time, I would hold onto your current job because "why not?".
breakfasts: strata, loco moco, amish casserole, fritatta, savory bread pudding with ground meat or sausage or bacon at service top with scrambled eggs salsa cheese and fire in oven to melt   change of shift: lasagna, stews, jambalaya, enchiladas
?You lost me. Are you making a dressing or a glaze? What are you looking to to use it on or with as this would make it easier to suggest additional flavors to add?
Excellent point!!! Reverse sexism or reverse racism is pretty much an oxymoron.
brine first, then bake  if you want to increase your consumption of oats, cook oats in water and stir into finished rice dish, you can do same thing with quinoa and amaranth to bump up your protein and fiber (carbs), sprinkle chia or ground flaxseed on finished rice, add beans to your rice (black, white, garbanzo) to bump up protein and fiber, add tempeh for big protein boost  cucumber, mint, ginger  I have to run to work but will give some more thought and hopefully be...
 In my hiring practices, it is nice, but not important. I don't hire because of a piece of paper. I don't not hire because of a lack of a piece of paper. I am more interested in character, attitude, and work ethic. To me, those speak volumes; whereas a piece of paper is fairly mute. I went to culinary school with some people that I wouldn't hire in a million of years. I worked with some people that didn't go to school that I would hire in a nano second.
The original poster wasn't whining and complaining (getting off at midnight and an 1 1/2 hour commute didn't appeal to them, no crime in that). They were just looking for ideas about 9-5 culinary (note: not chef) jobs. They do in fact exist. Country clubs, private clubs, schools, corporate dining, catering, upscale markets, lunches at fine dining restaurants, hotels, etc. etc. etc.
Here's some things that I have done in the past.   Stuffed Apple, a Granny Smith Apple stuffed with oven roasted Acorn Squash, Dulse Sea Vegetable, Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper, and Shiitakes and topped with a creamy Ginger Vinaigrette   Stuffed Tomatoes vine ripened Tomatoes stuffed with Asparagus tips, Sunflower Seeds, Daikon Radish Sprouts, and Tempeh, then drizzled with a Green Tea Vinaigrette   Pacific Rim Napoleons Grilled Asian Eggplants layered with Abura-Age...
Beets can give an interesting twist when incorporated into the preparation of dashi, teriyaki, and ponzu. Definitely not traditional but some fun out of the box things can be done by doing so.
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