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Gratuity should be figured before tax is added because tax is not a service provided to the client and tax should be figured only on food/beverage. subtotal $26.45 (food/beverage) 18% gratuity $4.76 (of $26.45) 8% tax $2.12 (of $26.45) total $33.33
 In Lodi, with sales tax of 8% and gratuity of 18% taken away, you now charged about $26.50 per person.
Welcome to ChefTalk. Glad to have you aboard. I can definitely relate to  That pretty much sums it up for me as well. Look forward to hearing more from you.
I generally like to buy whole spices and grind as I go. Much more flavor that way. Same basic idea as fresh ground coffee or black pepper. Once you grind things they go flat quickly.   In addition, I shop for my spices at a local natural foods store that has them in bulk in 2 qt jars, so I can buy them a tablespoon at a time. How cool is that! They keep a good eye on rotating out spices that have been there awhile and they will order off the wall ones that I ask for...
How long has it been out of the oven and what is the internal temperature?
 Sounds like my favorite kind of plan. At least the one I use the most. Actually I am just now starting to formulate a semblance of an idea centering around an Ethiopian wat of some sort and injera bread; other than that I got nothing. Oh yeah, I did however pull some duck confit stock out of the freezer, so progress is being made.
 I normally don't either as pricing on a professional level is far too complex to reduce to such rudimentary math; however in this case Christmas is in a few days and I figure Rasha has enough to handle without getting into the subtleties of professional catering pricing. There are other reasons for my answer as well, but that was the main one. In a pinch with limited research, it works, to a degree.
Cattail, which I have always been intrigued by but haven't tried yet, made me think of hearts of palm which is another goodie when sourced fresh, not the canned crap. Just thought of poke salat as well. Just research the toxicity aspect before preparing, kind of like rhubarb in that aspect although it certainly doesn't slow down from people consuming rhubarb.
 We won't hold that against him. bwahahaha
Happy holidays back atcha! We are glad you stumbled upon us. Welcome to the forums!
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