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I would not eat them. Too long and improper storage. Store shucked scallops in a zip lock bag on a bed of ice, replacing ice frequently as it melts, for 2-3 days max. Most home refrigerators operate around 40F and seafood stores best at 32F.
Have you made this recipe before? What was date on cream? Was cream whipped?
Bacteria likes warm, moist protein which is one reason why humans get sick. We are warm, moist protein. Your call, but to me a roast left out overnight seems like a perfect petri dish of warm, moist protein.
My experience was 16-18 hour work days, 30 days a month, then a week off. Pay not great, but room and board taken care of with no place to spend your money so easy to bank it... unless you lose it playing cards or dice, which is primary staff diversion during off times. Lots of different cultures and social mores to get accustomed to so that you don't step on toes, which can make your life unpleasant quickly if you do cross lines.
There is a huge difference between being told "not good enough" and being told "not ready". Relax a bit and don't let your perceptions, of their perceptions of you, run amok.  There is a third possibility to also consider:3) Their evaluation of you, your work, your progress, and your potential is based too heavily upon surface perceptions of the persona you project as opposed to results achieved. I know this scenario all to well because like you I would probably be...
The staff that are conscientious are not going to become more conscientious by being shown the P&L. The staff that couldn't care less are not going to care more upon being shown the P&L. The biggest impact upon the P&L rests upon the owner shoulders ultimately anyway.   I worked a place that shared the P&L. I could affect the P&L on a nickel and dime level but dollars were being hemorrhaged that I was not allowed any input on. I tried to console myself with the fact that...
 The chef wrong? That is impossible. I know one time I thought I was wrong,... but I was mistaken. :~)
  (disclaimer: I am not Atatax, but I do own and use the the mac pro in that length) I have had mine for two years now and love it. It is my primary knife at work and I use it for upper 90% of my knife tasks in an 8 hour day, which consists of tons of prep work working for a caterer.
Definitely still safe to cook and eat. Your method of thawing was the best as far as safety standards and the timeline sounds about right for a large bone in cut.
Looks like it would be hard to work in narrow aisles and crowded dining room around tables. How compactly does it store away? Is it something that servers could stow away after delivering an order to one table in order to take an order from another table and then clear/bus yet another table or would they need to return to the kitchen to drop the device off first? What is the training time to get comfortable with using it?
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