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Her's a few ideas just to get the creative juices flowing   Mango French Toast A sweet French baguette stuffed with mango, dipped in in a mango nectar, pan sautéed and topped with fresh star fruit and drizzled with a guava sauce   Not Your New York Cheesecake A savoury cheesecake of cambozola cheese, roasted garlic, and crispy bacon with a toasted walnut crust   Tokoyo Benedict Definitely a non-traditional benedict of a cucumber medallion topped with scrambled...
Welcome. Glad to have you here!   I had a cook that worked for me that was from Manchester. Great guy, the funny part was that even though we were speaking the same language, occasionally our different accents would get in the way and we would look at each other like "say what" before it would filter through and sink in. Too funny!   Looking forward to hearing more from you.
 Same here, I really like doing that at home and at work also. I just don't let the guests know that I am looking out for their health . I let them figure it out if they so desire.
I am assuming you mean you will finance the purchase of a house through a mortgage company which will then own the house until fully paid off. So, I am just curious as to how that house will work as collateral for you, instead of being an asset on the P&L for the mortgage company. This is neither pro nor con but merely a caveat from my experience, when I was in the process of opening a restaurant and looking about for financing. At the time, I had twenty years of...
Yes. In this picture, the back is numbers 2 & 3, with 2 being the rack and 3 being the loin. The breast is number 6. 
The bone off part is not talking about the rib bones, rather the breast bones. It basically is a cleaned up breast with the rib cartilage, elbow bone, sternum, diaphragm, surface fat, etc removed. In the chart below you can see the "breast" cut in the upper right hand corner and the "ribs, breast bones-off" cut in the lower left hand corner.  
Using the picture posted previously, my International Meat Manual published by the U.S. Meat Export Federation list it as a "Ribs, Breast Bones-Off" sometimes referred to as "Denver Style" ribs.
You mentioned kumquats, those would be a great idea. What about a stuffing of kumquat, green peppercorn, citrus pickled onions, and arugula? For a sauce, you could then do a citrus wasabi reduction.
  This knife is 20" long and I find it extremely useful for filleting fish such as salmon and for slicing roasts such as prime rib, etc, so I schlep it around.
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