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Basically I would focus on myself, my attitude, and improving my skills because while the other students are "learning and whatnot", they might pass me by.
Where is New Earth? Is his pay determined by hourly or salary because I am stuck here on Old Earth where it is one or the other, kinda like up or down, can't be both at the same time except on a fowl.
fire water  
Just curious, do those that are averse to bare hands in the kitchen use gloves when cutting things that will not be cooked, such as onions in potato salad?
Bison is considered game even though what you buy is farmed. The same is true for deer, pheasant, rabbit, etc, at least in the United States. Theoretically you could hunt game animals and sell the meat commercially but they need to be slaughtered and butchered in an inspected, licensed, approved facility which means the game animals would have to be captured live and then transported while still alive to the facility for processing.
At work when I make hummus, I have to chop 4 bunches of parsley which I do with my knife. I haven't actually timed it but I can't imagine it takes me any more than 2 minutes, probably more like 1 minute but let's say 2. I will grant you that is not 40 bunches, but even at 2 minutes for 4 that still is only 20 minutes for 40 bunches. Is enough time going to be saved out of a 10-20 minute production time, to justify a $5,000 machine? Or am I way off in my time estimate for...
    In my kitchen the answer to your question is yes. Due to the length of time I have been doing this, the speed of my assessment of your skills is usually fairly rapid and pretty much spot. Not bragging just relating basic reality of being a new hire, in my kitchen at least.
Should a person who wants to be a restaurant chef get personal/private chef before venturing into their final choice? To what end springs the idea of gaining restaurant experience first? Work experience of any kind is never a bad idea and is all valuable if viewed in a proper light but not the shortest nor required way to a destination. Depends upon the driver. Putting that aside, I believe that I could transition to being a personal/private chef easier than a...
My basic culinary philosophy is that if I like it, use it.   This doesn't mean to excess nor to the detriment of further investigation and education, as those must be priority to the successful refinement process of my palate.
A few years ago after returning from the Caribbean I was on the job hunt circuit and did more interviews than I care to remember. I was totally amazed by how many interviews were conducted exactly as you described. To me it is usually indicative of the company culture and to my way of thinking, not in a good way. The one time I ignored the warning bells in my head after such an interview and took the proffered job, it did not turn out well. After about three months, it was...
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