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LOL! Over time I have shared a few humorous pictures with durangojo that happen to have elephants in them, so she thinks I have a thing for elephants .         One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know. Groucho Marx         Actually I have thing for the Marx brothers and Harpo in particular.
Henri Pellaprat (1869-1954), who was the director of Ecole du Cordon Bleu in Paris, made his aioli with potato, garlic, hard cooked yolks, raw yolks, lemon juice, salad oil, and s&p.   And so it goes.
I feel your pain. Thankfully I have been cured of ownership.
This thread is going pourly. It has about reached it's waterloo. Maybe time to be ridder of it before it becomes a real stinking bishop!
To me it sounds like the economic rule of supply and demand in action. Food truck dreamers might want to ponder on this point and not just on the rainbows of self employment.
Thumbs up with Red Boat. Best I have found so far.
Ahi seasoned with garam masala, seared, with chiffonade of grilled kale and fried sweet potatoes with an acorn squash gastric   Ahi with romesco sauce and fried capers, charred leeks, and sieved hard boiled eggs   Ahi on almond tuiles with a relish of cardamom macerated Asian pear apples and candied lemon zest and a blueeberry lavender vinaigrette   Ahi with diced orange molasses marinated grilled red onions, toasted walnuts, and Granny Smith apples and a roasted...
Sounds like you are taking the high road and that things are working out. That is great. They usually do if we manage to stay out of the way and let them.   I recently experienced a similar situation at work except the genders were reversed. Her demise was self inflicted and finally came to pass when she finally lost it one day with me, but this time in front of the boss. We have a zero tolerance policy on abusive behavior, but this time it wasn't a he said/she said...
Actually I like the Green Bay Packers. Oh wait... you said Oatmeal... not Oakland, my bad.
New Posts  All Forums: