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Second paragraph needs to broken up into smaller bites.   Just as food for thought see what you think of this...   I am writing to express my interest in the Chef Manager position listed on Craigslist.    I am a dedicated, dynamic professional who has served as a catalyst for success, complimented by management and leadership qualifications and a proven record of accomplishment in many areas for over twenty years.   I strive to exceed all expectations, I...
  Address those in your resume. Average time spent reading cover letters is 5-7 seconds.   The cover letter needs to grab their attention, the resume is for holding their attention.
  Thanks so much for the gracious words everyone! I don't know about anyone else, but I have been having a blast with our monthly challenge. What a great idea!   I am percolating on an idea for next month but input and suggestions are always welcome. If you have some rumblings in your cranium occurring share them here or pm me but don't delay because the clock is ticking.
Your cover letter is too long. Sound bits and brevity or you run the risk of losing their attention. Avoid doubling up using information that is already on your resume.   Why do want to work for their company? What do you know about their company?
I had a friend bring me a sack of tomatoes from her garden, so I decided to get as tomatoey with one one dish as I could... I am not sure what to call it exactly... but I give you...Bloody Mary Focaccia French Toast BLT Egg Benedict? I used some of the tomatoes to make a slightly chunky bloody mary. From there, I used some to make a French toast batter for my focaccia, and some to reduce down to paste consistency to add to my quasi bernaise sauce to make...
I was in total agreement with him and have even behaved similarly (likewise receiving kudos and cheers from other diners upon 86'ing unruly patrons), up to the point of his his last example.   I am a chef and yes I have an ego and yes I take pride in what I do and my passion, but it is important for me practice humility as well.   I need to be able to read my guests and realize that not everyone wants to be graced with my presence. It is hard to admit, but I am...
For me it is simple but complicated like the classic question, which came first the chicken or the egg. Eat, breathe, and sleep the industry. Do that and inspiration and creativity are always close by.
It would be easier to suggest amuse bouche if we knew the menu for the NYE 5 course Gala dinner.
divide by .3   $6.50 divided by .3= $21.70
No, we are cat less at the present time, but it brought back memories of buddies past, so I felt compelled to post it.
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