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 Hear hear! The one time I got so mad that I quit in the middle of a shift, I did so by giving my two week notice effective immediately.
Good job! Onward and upward, you are on your way.
 You just made me spray my coffee all over the keyboard. OMG do I know that one or what!!!
Preventing theft is not always the sole reason behind policies such as you have encountered, sometimes it is done with the goal of making ordering more efficient... How many times over the years have we all heard that famous kitchen supervisor lament "Nobody told me that they pulled he last..."
This. Ditto. Well put and thought out. Excellent advice.
No hone, just once a week on stones. In general, this seems to be what I routinely do for maintenance purposes during normal weeks.
I have used a few chef's knives in 40 years and this my favorite so far.
I have the Mac Pro 10 3/4 Chef's knife and love it. Have had it for 2 years now and use it for 97% (or better) of my work. I don't have a tape measure handy (on vacation) but it sounds like my hands are close to yours in size.
It now has been two years since he originally posted that he was looking for a sous chef and seven months since he was last online here, but hey, by now he might be looking to fill the position again, who knows?  
I would never go to a boss with a statement about a coworkers addiction problem. There is just far too much individual perception and judgement involved in statements like that and they generally wind up reflecting poorly on the person making them.   I would never go to a boss to inform them that a coworker always turns up late. As a boss, I would wonder why you are focusing on the coworkers punctuality rather than your duties.   As to taking your knife, it possibly...
New Posts  All Forums: