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I wonder if Chef Masaharu Morimoto knows who invented the brigade system, or what FIFO is, or what a remouillage is?
Focus on learning rather than making a good impression and you will make a good impression. Don't be afraid to take notes. Never make an empty handed trip. If you take a dirty dish to the dish station, come back with a clean one. If you take an item to the walk-in, come back with an item to work on next.   If you try to stay out of people's way and do the dance, it will never happen. Just be aware of fellow co-workers presence and their movements and potential movements....
  You got me to thinking... Poach some red beets, save the poaching liquid to make your court bouillon for poaching the salmon. Make a candy cane chiogga and golden beet chow chow to top the salmon with and underneath it go with a roasted golden beet vinaigrette For sides go with sauteed beet greens and Israeli couscous tossed with with English cucumbers and dill.
Put the agar ( powdered, if you were using flakes it would be about 3 tablespoons ) ) in hot water ( not cold ) for about 10 minutes. Then heat the remaining water and honey ( it is important to heat the mixture you are adding it to because agar starts to set at about 90*F ), add the water agar mix and bring to a boil ( agar needs boiling temp in order to fully dissolve as opposed to gelatin which starts to break down with boiling ). Reduce heat and simmer for 1-5...
1 tablespoon of agar agar would be closer to the mark, rather than 1 teaspoon.
Worked on a cruise line, it was 30 days straight about 16-18 hours a day. I was young and dumb. Now days I like my usual 5 day / 40 hour schedule with occasional overtime although I just did a 6 day / 60 hour week. Older and somewhat smarter.
I can't imagine the seasoning would have much if any effect on cooking time. Are you on an order/fire system or a straight fire system? Do you have hot oven or salamander near you on the line?
Do they not allow you to cover the meat if the cover is not touching the meat?
Place an inverted pie pan on top of it while it is cooking on grill.
You are a muscian, can you relate to this... I find it amazing at how many people play full time in bands that really don't know anything about proper musical techniques. LOL Put it in a little more clear light
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