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  Well it ain't any of those guys and it ain't chili pepper pants but how's this         It was from a calendar that vita prep did around 1998 or so. I still have one stashed ina box somewhere. 12 famous chefs with their blender and nothing else. I do believe that Ripert was one of them actually. Nice to see a sense of humor because far too many people take themselves far too seriously.
  I concur, that is totally unacceptable. That attitude would not fly in my kitchen except out the back door as they were on their way to the unemployment office.
I like to taste as I cook, without a doubt; however it is not always practical such as when working the line of a busy restaurant. If you are working saute, doing 300 dinners, and sauces ala minute, it just isn't going to happen with every plate, not to mention how do you taste fish before sending, etc.   After years of working saute, I just feel a confidence, an ease, a naturalness at doing tasks that I have done thousands of repetitive times. It is hard to try to...
But Jim it is so true that clothes make the man. The careers of both Richard Branson and Steve Jobs were crushed because of their selection of attire. Totally unprofessional!     SPACEPORT RUNWAY DEDICATION INCLUDES SIR RICHARD BRANSON (Branson is the one in the leather jacket and jeans)           President Obama at a meeting of technology business leaders in Woodside, California in February 2011 – Steve Jobs is to his left (wearing a...
Oh hurt me some more, then look at your own posts.
Damn, I even read it over twice because I knew there was a potential can of whoop ass in that. Too funny!!!  I deserve any ribbing that comes my way, but I can take it because I sure love to dish it out. Still laughing over that one. Geesh what a maroon!
I have been buying from these guys for years. Inexpensive, comfortable, and wear like iron.   http://www.happychefuniforms.com/800-347-0288/order.cfm?ProductID=339&Ref=Category   http://www.happychefuniforms.com/800-347-0288/order.cfm?ProductID=3280&Ref=Category
Professionalism is also shown through attention to detail, such as being sure to use correct spelling, grammar, puntuation, and capitalization.   One owner that I worked for was a nice guy. I liked him on a personal level, but on a professional level he was horrendous and terribly lacking in skills needed to be an owner of a succesful restaurant. My initial exchanges with him were email correspondences and all the mistakes in spelling and such should have been...
Sadly, so do I because I can't drive 5 miles without seeing at least one.     Amen, hear, hear, I second that, etc etc     I have nothing against McDonald's. They do a lot things very well. The life lessons that can be learned at McDonald's are valuable ones. As is always the case though, the student has to be ready.   Do I eat at McDonald's? No and I can't really remember the last fast food joint that I ate at, because for all intensive purposes, I don't. Also the...
kevin20422, not how my great grandmother would explain it!
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