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A pound of iodized salt has the same sodium content as a pound of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt so if you are lowering the sodium content by switching out types it is because you are actually using less salt. A teaspoon of iodized salt weighs 2240 milligrams, it takes 2 teaspoons of Diamond Crystal Kosher to hit 2240 milligrams, so at 1 teaspoon you are using 1/2 the salt. Using 1/2 teaspoon of iodized salt would also lower the sodium content the same amount. Just keep in...
World of difference in taste between rice and precooked (minute, instant, etc AKA) rice. I am with you on the brown rice, my preference as well.   If a recipe calls for white and you want to use brown, I would generally just increase the amount of liquid roughly 30%.   When I cook a cup of rice; for white rice I use 1 /12 cup liquid, for brown I use 2 cups of liquid. these amounts are not set in stone, just generalities.
Yes the double batch method does bring up the potential for waste, but cures (such as honey, potatoes, etc.) for oversalting alter the flavor profile, which in turns threatens the consistency of product that brings in the guest in the first place. There are always tradeoffs when correcting situations that if done correctly the first time would not be an issue.   Lets say that 5 gallons of soup is made and it is too salty. Because you can't change the salt content you...
At end of stage, if timing is appropriate and won't interrupt work flow, shake hands and make eye contact with both your supervisors and coworkers alike. Don't forget the dish crew either, you can't perform well without them.
Make another batch without salt and combine the two.
Another question would be how goes the hierarchy for cook I, II, and III.   In California, III would be above II, and II would be above I. I have noticed that the reverse is true in Hawaii.
The Restaurant at Meadowood is closed until February 18.   As had been previously stated, a definitive no, on a parting gift. Leave a good impression and follow up with a handwritten thank you for the opportunity note the next day.
Just curious about different people's views on kitchen hierarchy, how would you rank the following: saucier, tournant, partie We all know the chef is in charge, then the sous, who is on third... besides abbott & costello?
Nicko just gave you some very sound advice and in the same direction that I would be leaning at this point, but I would like to reserve my opinion until learning more about your reasons for culinary school attendance.
What do you think that you would get out of attending a culinary school?   What do you envision that it would provide to you?   I am neither pro nor con when it comes to attending culinary school. I think it comes down to the individuals and with many varied answers as to whether or not they should attend school.    I attended culinary and had very specific reasons. What are yours?
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