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So what did you do? What was your menu? Come on, give.  
I agree with chefbuba, except that if you walked in I would definitely either talk with you or set up another time to do so. Phone calls and emails have a mass mailing campaign quality to them that is not attractive.
OMG I love ratatouille and I love lamb. I think I now know what dinner is tonight. Thanks!
  Some points that I try to incorporate into my professional code: 1.) refrain from using language which some people might find offensive 2.) not to get defensive in my interactions with other people and take ribbing in stride 3.) be cognizant of the fact that my signature and attention to detail show in everything I do whether it be spelling or replicating a dish and or recipe, consistency is of paramount importance 4.) good enough, never is 5.) remember that this too...
American River College
Can't help you out, but wow, way cool dessert.    Let us know what you find out because I am definitely intrigued.
Risotto is on their menu so that would probably be a good call. I am having a little trouble pairing an aged cheddar with a maple sherry vinaigrette, you might want to follow others lead and rework that idea a bit.
I did a variation on tarte tatin, the classic French upside down apple tart in which the fruit is caramelized in sugar and butter before baking.   Instead of apples though, I used tomatoes and instead of granulated sugar and butter, I caramelized the tomatoes in honey and olive oil seasoned with cinnamon.   To accompany it I made a xeres vinegar ice cream and a cardamom flavored honey.    
I think the five spice might overwhelm the rosemary. An alternate idea would be to get some orange flower water and make a vinaigrette with it including some lemon zest and cardamom. Then use that to toss your apples with before plating. Will keep the dish nice and light all the while complimenting the rosemary and adding some floral notes.
I never have a problem with anyone going near my knife at work. They give it a wide berth.  Maybe I am scary enough.
New Posts  All Forums: