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Are there casinos where you live? If so, you should be able to hit your financial goal working for them and hours would be roughly 40 hours a week because they usually operate 24/7 so they have 3 different shifts to cover a 24 hour period. Overtime does happen, but it is the exception rather than the rule. Downside being creative input is negligible but if you get in the right kitchen there are opportunities to learn and expand your skills. They offer benefits and job...
rum and black pepper lacquered red snapper with a cinnamon and mango sauce topped with a mango relish cinnamon rice cooked with coconut water and duck stock (also seasoned with cloves, nutmeg, and allspice) and garnished with fresh coconut parsnips and Granny Smith apples, sauteed with ginger, seasoned with sumac, finished with fresh pineapple, mint, reduced apple juice and butter  
I agree that too much pith will contribute to a bitter taste, but I also think a culprit could be 20ml of nam pla boiled and reduced by half. Seeds can also add a bitter taste and you had seeds in limes, tomatoes, chiles. The ones that would be the most problematic though would be the lime seeds.   It probably had trouble setting due to a high level of acidity with both limes and tomatoes in the mix. A little bicarbonate of soda will lower the acidity and allow your...
a throw away single use possibility     3" White Polypropylene Taster Spoon - 3000 / Case about $18 a case
Hey Helena, just curious... did you try reducing the lemon juice and if so, to what consistency and how did it work for you?
Please do let me know, that would be great. Also skimming and discarding the foam that comes to the surface when cooking beans helps to reduce the gas production.
Yes I have tried this which is the reason I posted it. About  a  3" piece to a pound of beans. In my opinion it doesn't change the taste.
It posses enzymes that break down the sugars that produce gas.
The jury is still out on health concerns, but I imagine that transglutaminase would do the trick.
Tracking consumption and guest satisfaction is the best way to determine that, but be sure to quantify whether ounces in each case, are volume or weight.
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