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Is this a drop off because initially it sounds like it, but I noticed a roast beef carving station? Also as far as food cost, there is a lot of difference to the bottom line between $300 and $400. If you go with a general markup of 3x food cost your charge would be either $900 or $1200 which is a pretty big discrepancy.
I saw that and I want it, but then every time I see something new, I have to try it. My brain goes "Wow something new!". I can't, not check it out. Yes I am uncontrollably implusively complusive.
Before you get too far down the road, I would make sure that you clearly understand what exactly you are able to do or not do in your official capacities. I have worked two places where I was hired as chef and then found out when dealing with difficult employees that I didn't have the final say on their employment status, in other words I couldn't fire them. Needless to say I didn't stay at either place, what would have been the point?    I would have a group meeting...
   I am not sure that you guys are on the same page. My recommendation would be a top or bottom round. Yield should be about 12 ounces of cooked meat per pound of uncooked, so basically if you want to do a 4 ounce portion figure on 3 sandwiches per pound of raw.
Speaking from the perspective of restaurants, with a profit margin somewhere in the 3% range, I can't remember when a time when this scenario wasn't the case if a business wanted to stick around.
flaming sugar cubes for dessert garnish or Irish coffees  
Yet another reason for last minute processing is that an egg laying chicken is helping to feed your family even before you decide to have it for the evening meal, so it is only practical and wise to wait until the last moment.
Not that uncommon in the USA either, think lobster tank, think oyster bar. On a side note, thanks for the memory bump on drunken shrimp. Haven't made them in years, what a great dish though!  Most animals, and quite a few non-animals, can be dangerous if improperly handled.
Not trying to be a wise guy, but the decision on whether you are ready for Alinea or not, is not your decision to make, that decision will be made by someone at Alinea.   The decision that is yours to make, is whether or not to apply. As to that, what do have to lose by applying. Look at the application process as being a part of your education, along with the added bonus being that you will be getting exposure to a world class restaurant through the process. Alinea is a...
My first comment would be that is impressive that you already own your own shop seeing as how you list your experience as being a culinary student.   I would make a batch and freeze them. Then in a few days I would take them out to defrost and also make a fresh batch. Taste them side by side and decide which I preferred. Then I would sit down with my budget, my customer profile, my demographics, and my mission statement and evaluate my findings.
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