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Hello,   I am a home cook and do pretty much everything from scratch... including my stocks. I reduce them to the glace stage for my sauces.  However, every once in a while, there are super heated pockets of liquid that "explode" and create quite a mess...   Any advice as to how to avoid them?    Thank you, André
I just placed my order!  can't wait to receive them...  
And you may consider using 1tsp malted barley sirup in the warm water with the sugar and yeast.   
Use a mix of Bread flour and All Purpose.  1 for 4.  Bread flour is too strong. Also do not "punch down". After the autolyze rest, knead lightly and let rest for 20 min. Then fold, ie: take one side and stretch and bring to middle, repeat 6-8 times going around the dough. Reshape in nice smooth ball, let rest for 20 min more and repeat folding, and one more time. then let rise 1h and divide, let rest 10 min, then shape.  And the flavour is improved if you use a pâte...
and the red kidney beans were quite nicely cooked, intact but cooked through.   I did not see that model on their website. Thanks for the clarification!  
Thanks that helps too.  I noticed that the fagor from their site has low and high pressure settings, however the low is 5psi and the high is 9psi... both of them are far from the 15psi that seemed to be the norm at some time.  I have a Instantpot ( http://www.amazon.ca/Instant-IP-LUX60-Programmable-Generation-Pot/dp/B0073GIN08/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1340219993&sr=8-3 ) which has a pressure of 11.7psi  so time adjustments is necessary, but it seems that a lot of recipes...
Have you tried red kidney beans?  and how much water for your soup?  
I find that "Pratique en boulangerie" very good and hands on step by step.  
In my pizza dough, i use a mix of bread flour and all purpose flour and a bit of semolina..as to the nice puffy edging, i found that the key is to stretch it by hand as much as possible then toss it...lol! I am thinking about making a bread / pizza oven in the backyard too... but i need to check the city bylaws if they would allow it.  PS: in my pizza dough, i also use 1 tsp malted barley sirup and 2 tbsp of sourdough starter.
Wow! thank you so much... sure does helps!  and the graph / table helps explaining why, when i put hot liquid in a mason jar and seal it, it sometimes start to boil (and sometimes do a mess...) Now I will check the temperature before sealing it.  Really helpful!  Never tried rice, I am using the lots of water method and drain before fully cooked then let it finish in a strainer on top of the cooking water, so steam finishes it, works for all rice types. But i will try in...
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