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I'm going through the same issues as everyone right now, its hard working in a kitchen especially when ur told you are slow and stuff.Im a apprentice right now, Any tips someone would like to share with me?
Hi homecook,   Are you sure you wanna study only in the Europe? and not in other places in US.Like most people here would say i would suggest you taking a great look on the course structure,and the time period,wether it gives hands on training or an internship or not,because its very easy to get carried away with the whole fancy french cooking and stuff but its very hard to make that same stuff everyday and that to 50 times in a day,so wat I'm saying is that...
hmm i didn't know that,do you have any idea which countries in Europe doesn't have all the Visa and the overwhelming policies?
hey,isn't the language a problem in almost everyone in europe?and their work visa applications are never ending from what I've heard.
Hey,why don't you look up SHATEC,and At sunrise global chef academy,both are good.
im not aware of the costing in general,as of now i know that singapre and hong kong have good schools and not super costly like others, but you wil have to see which kinda course you wanna go for,according to that you should do the research,LCB london is pretty nice too,and ESCF ferrandi in paris is really good,You belong to which country btw?,
hi, i would suggest that you keep ur ideas fixed more broadly,rather than only on Europe, but if its Europe for sure then its awesome, LCB london is good too,and theres one more college in UK,i don't remember the names but its the one where Jamie Oliver studied too. What bout studying in the USA?and places like CIA?
hi, you are welcome,what part of europe you are looking for?,only france or somewhere else too?,and working or studying in france,you will have to speak almost fluent french or its gonna be really hard.
Hi Jackie, From what I've been reading on various blogs,is that go to a affordable school because when you pass out you won't be getting an actual paid job till sometime,so paying those loans will be a real problem. Secondly,i feel almost all culinary colleges are the same,the course structure should matter the most infact,and how long is it,does it have internship or not,keep all this in mind.  Do you only wanna study in Europe or you wanna work there too?,if its...
@Chipchip-did you end up joining FCI?
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