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The Food Lover's Companion.  Great reference book, talks about food, flavors, techniques...
That's very helpful.  Thank you very much. 
Hi,   I am in culinary school right now.  We were given a Mercer knife kit including a bag at the beginning.  I have started to add to or change our standard issue tools.  My bag isn't really working out well for the additions, stuff is falling out and I am running out of room.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a good knife bag? 
Hi Everyone,   I'm in my late 40's, after years in the Hotel industry I have decided to go back to school for a culinary degree.  I'm excited and nervous.  My goal is to have a small Inn/B and B that serves breakfast and lunch and then dinner a few nights a week.  I have started a blog about daily lessons in culinary class.  I hope I can keep up with both the blog and lessons as well. 
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