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Getting them done just a little sooner so we (my pm cook) aren't cutting it so close to serve time. Skill level of cook precludes starting them earlier.
We cook 2 entire rib roasts for a special dinner once a month at the facility I work at. We are nearly always cutting it too close to the serve time. We have 2 deck ovens and one convection. We have been cooking both roasts in the same deck oven. My question is....would it be more effective to use both deck ovens with one roast in each? My other cook and I were discussing the pros and cons and cannot come up with a difinitive solution.
I make soups for nearly 100 daily. I use it to make a roux to thicken the soup where appropriate which woprks with most soups I make...clam chowder, tomato, blt, bean etc. gravies too. as was said frioles are a natural fit as well.
I know some forums do not like replies to old posts. If this is too old please forgive me, but I would like a copy of the spreadsheet as well if possible at this late date.
Thank you sooooo much. I should have done this first since I am an admin assistant on another site. I did not because the owner of the other site believes that new content drives more activity from search engines and would rather have new questions asked even if somewhat repetitive.    I found a number of great ideas by following your suggestion.
Thank you so much for your reply. The simple things like matches and duct tape are not on any list. I will have to review my (so called) detailed lists.   As to staff, I have no worries...they are human so accidents will happen, but they are all very aware, alert, and detail oriented.   Finally...Simplot...never heard of them....Joking of course.   My theme is the old time sit down rail car theme and a very upscale menu.
I should be up and running by the first of the Month (Dec 2012)   I have a commissary, One in reserve (this one is being built with caterers like myself in mind, with a truck available)   All my coking equipment.   ServSafe cert.   Liscense   Looking into resale details (Idaho is one of the stupid state to tax food ;( )   Supplier...main Sysco. Others as needed   Uniforms   Menus, trifolds, cards   I still need transport containers...
I have been doing tri tip fro all of my adult life (I am from Fresno originally and tri tip was a very economical cut years ago)  I have always done them on site but this is a wedding of friends and I need to be there for the ceremony and do not want to make the guests wait 45 minutes to an hour for the cooking, resting, and carving of the meat. I.E. just trying to shave some time off the cooking time.   Gotta love these charity things........yes I really do.  
I usually stay very local, but I have a venue about 45 min to an hour out of town coming up in Sept. I need to pre cook tri tips for sandwiches and finish them on the grill. I can keep them warm during transport so that is not an issue. I want to cook them to temp in my oven, then finish them on the grills provided on venue. What temp should I shoot for? I was thinking 105, a friend in the school system said she agreed, another said less (90), another at the restaurant I...
The restaurant I work at PT is a small French Bistro type. The owner/chef is a 4 star saucier trained in France.   That said, he decided to serve Kangaroo this weekend. He pounded slices of what looked like slices of lion (medallions). He has tried 2 sauces, the first I did not taste, the second was a fairly simple wine reduction sauce. He has never made Kangaroo before.   Any ideas?     PS  next weekend is going to be another adventure....alligator.
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