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Fresh pasta comes to mind.... with a spicy tomato sauce. Save the cheddar for crackers!    I wonder if it's a school assignment too. When I was in school the chef's would throw us curve balls sometimes. Kinda like an Iron Chef thing. Here's what you can use..... Now GO!!! The clock is running and you'll be deducted points for every minute you go over. Really kinda fun. Makes you think on your toes.   Good luck!!!
I'm a fan of Cold Black Bean Salad. Not sure if this is raw enough for you.   -1 can of Rotel (or in their raw form-Tomatoes, Onions and Chilies) -2 cans Black Beans (Rinsed) -1/3 C. Lemon Juice -1/3 C. Olive Oil -Sliced Green Onion -Cilantro -Salt   -Fridge for an hour or so to let the flavors meld.   Great for a refreshing Summer BBQ! You can adjust the heat level by the chili amount (or the Rotel you buy). There is a dispute about Olive Oil...
Either way would look pretty and either way would taste the same...... makes me want wings now. YUM!!!
I agree KYHeirloomer. No food needs to be cooked 8 to 10 hours while your off to work. You need to monitor a slow cooker or a heavy dutch oven. The food is finished when it's finished. Slow cookers are not a cure all. I guess they have their place and I own two of them. They collect dust in my kitchen.
Hi everyone. I'm a 33 year old chef from Lebanon, Missouri. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu St. Louis and currently work the line in a local restaurant. Hope to learn and give advice on here.
I would avoid a slow cooker and instead look into buying a good enamel dutch oven. Then follow the classic French braising method. Slow cookers have a tendency to dry out the food and leave a great liquid. It might be alright for your soup, but a know ton's of people who think they can turn on a slow cooker and let it go all day. Invest in the dutch oven and a good thermometer. You won't be upset!
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