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Brulee or flan, they are similar. Its not chocolate cake and roast beef. No big deal.
If caramel at the bottom is refrigerated together w/ the flan or brulee overnight it will liquify the next day when unmolded. Torching will keep it hard and crunchy when done right b4 serving as what Chef Ed Buchanan mentioned.
Love your cake..:-) very nice, looks great, great presentation. Cake that good, who needs sleepy, funeral home background music :-) I'm sure it taste as great as it looks. Flash or no flash photo is good. Looks very professional.
What is the reason for the gelatin ?
IMHO,  too busy.. Van Gogh rolling around in his grave..
JayJ's Jamming Desserts
The video that I saw was agar agar, sugar, coconut cream and water. She boiled them then added color. I am planning on making the jello part then put it on top of plain cheesecake as a topper or something like that. I will post it after I do it.
thank u Jewels..  the one with the Gold fish calls for a special this one..I got it from ebay lastnight and I cannot wait to try it.. hopefully it will come out fine.  
Thanks FP, I searched for cakes like these and yes they were made by either, Chinese, Vietnamese or Malaysia. I think they are beautiful.
I like these very much.. I will start learning once I get my molds.. I ordered my molds from ebay.. very inexpensive.. I saw a video and I think they easy to make..   it is agar-agar jello cake..  
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