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I don't think you can make your own candy melts.  The ingredients are not available to us consumers even if we want to make them ourselves.  If you really do not want to use the candy melts that you can buy,  you can melt/temper white chocolate and color it w/ coloring gel not liquid (which I never use).  That would be the only way I know how.  Also do not freeze the cake balls before dipping them in chocolate,  it will crack.  good luck 
Hi :)   I got this link.  It has the answer to your question about what are the ingredients in candy melts: regardless of color,  these are the ingredients in candy melts.  Hope this helps.
Please look at these websites.  This might give you ideas.
Cannot wait to see it..looking forward to another fabulous baking creation:-)
I love your cake..very nicely done. PERFECT ! What can I say , beautiful. Photo is great as well. I can stare at it w/o getting a migraine. Again very nice.:-) keep showing your very nice work of art.
wow  sounds like a lot of cupcakes.
did you mean something like these ? These are Pierre Hermes in Paris..   very nice photos.... love it . beautiful.    
I was not talking about the music. I can hear the music well.
I myself love to bake and create and show them. My photos are in the gallery. My suggestion is use a better camera, presentation and background. It will enhance your creation. Thank u for showing and sharing. Everyone here is gifted w/ fabulous culinary skills and are willing to share their great skills and knowledge. Some very advance and very professional considering a lot of the people here are all real Chefs and some are good.
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