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You are better off doing everything from scratch.. Macarons do not call for a lot on ingredients.  That is how I learned...  I do not trust mixes..
I am very big on PRETTY presentation therefore I would go for the one that looks very pretty, presentable and professional looking.  Not cheap and quick fix.  Usually they come out looking very cheesey. 
thank U chef peterson,   I use both, silpat and parchment.  Let it cool completely b4 you remove them.  Yes,  it will stick to silpat and that is normal,  but remove it very carefully like you are peeling it off the silpat by bending the silpat down wards NOT pulling the cookie off the silpat.  As for parchment,  they will just slide off easily when totally cooled.   keep doing it.  Good luck.
I hope you will not end up with hockey pucks.
If it gets brown,  even a little bit around the edges,  then that is over baked.. I bake mine at 315 for 13-14 mins.  no longer.  It does not need to get brown.  As long as you see feet and has risen,  then you are done.  W/ macarons,  there is really nothing in it that needs to cook.  Unlike other cookies since it has no baking powder or regular flour.  The inside is suppose to be gooey and looks "uncooked".  what it is about your macarons that tells you it is not  done...
what is that cake topper suppose to be ? I cannot figure it out.  They look like Pinguins to me.
Hi,  I use a LOT of the lustre dust, petal dust or whatever you might want to call it.  I have all colors..  I love esp, the Gold and Pearl ones..  They are so easy to apply.  I like to use  water color brush,  then buff them w/ cotton balls to make them really shiny.. if you want to make a paint out of them,  mix a drop of almond xtract to it or vodka.  They are a bit pricey,  but so nice and so much fun.. I buy mine from Caljava.  It is very popular and it is safe,  as...
I do not count how many folds I make.  I go by what I see..  I stop until I get the ketchup consistency.  As what Chef Tahoe mentioned,  they have to sit  to dry at least 30 mins (40 is what I always do) for them to form a skin.  What temp did you bake ?  I bake at 315 for 13-15 minutes.   Just keep trying.  You will it get in time for Christmas.  Good luck
I failed a few times on the French Macarons..  once it hit me as to where I was doing wrong, I have not failed ever, and it has been a year now . .  You will do it right after a few attempts.  good luck.   ,  I can now make them in my sleep...  this was the last ones I made last September 2012
I saw this first under pastry and Baking... why was it posted there before it got here ?
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