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I boil rice everyday. We Asians eat rice three times a day and we never eat minute rice because we do not like it. We eat Jasmin or Japanese Homai brand rice, like the one used to make sushi , somewhat sticky. It takes at least 20 mins to boil and another 20 mins to fully cooked.
Tell that to Martha Stewart.  She's the one who gave those directions not me.  I am just repeating what she said, and it worked for me.  I don't think pulled sugar is the subject here either.  The original poster was just asking how to achieve what is on the picture and not specifically asking about pulled sugar.  Whether it is pulled sugar or not,  I don't think it matters as long as the same results or looks is achieved.
When I make modeling chocolate,  I use Wiltons  Candy Melts..  I know it is not exactly chocolate,  but I love  the taste of the Vanilla one.  just as good as white chocolate and some of them come already colored.  it works well with light corn syrup and it takes coloring gel really well..
I found this under Martha Stewart... she made this hazelnut cake... this I did one time.. the Hazelnut were dipped into melted sugar/caramel then pulled upwards at the right temperature of the sugar.  
I have been wanting to learn these... I made some today.. I think I have the idea now,  but I have room for improvement..these are very similar to empanadas.    
Yes,  they do look like and feels like fondant.. but it is not fondant..
Besides water, can I use milk or juice to activate yeast? As long as it is in the correct temperature?
I love modeling chocolate clay/leather/plastic.  It is easy to make.  It can be rolled out paper thin and it  will stay very smooth and won't tear. That is what I have been using before I got into fondant.  here are some of my cakes that I covered and decorated (100 %)  in modeling chocolate:          
By adding some liquid. That should make softer and easier to pipe. Like warm milk or warm water.
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