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Some things are better off left alone. Like some desserts. I myself hate wasteful baking. Tossing them since they did not come out the same way when normal ingredients are used.
Well try it and see if it works. I am a non user of substitutes. IMHO, there is nothing like the real thing. Its either I use the real thing or none at all. Apple sauce is very moist it might make your cookies soft. I can see how it might work for cakes.
that would help huh ???
Parchment paper..
Ok, and ? as I said, JMHO.
In my opinion,  that is entirely  personal choice..
I do not like and will never like Wiltons style.. They're designs are just too plain and "cheesey" looking.    There are soo many cake designers that are so awesome.  Like "Mike's Amazing Cakes"  or  Colette Peters or Ron Ben Israel (Sweet Genius).  That is my kind of cake decorating..  Sometimes Wiltons look like Costco cakes..  Sorry,  JMHO..
Back home we make Lechon in the backyard by roasting it in open fire at least 8 hrs, depending on the size during the town fiesta.  It is skewered using a whole bamboo branch and someone will manually turn it around and around during the entire time... The skin was not scored and it is stuffed with a whole bunch of some kind of spice leaves that smells like Dill..  it comes out the meat  sooo tender and the skin sooo crispy.  And it was basted in regular oil when it is...
Cranberries do not have seeds.. It is probably Pomegranate you were thinking.  To me strawberries look better just sliced.  Cooking them and straining them would end up looking mushey.  Might as well just open a jar of Smakers Strawberry Jam or preserves.. jmho
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