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I got these knives from the Charity shop I work in brand new for £4.99, they're not allowed to sell knives out in the shop so I was able to get my hands on them. I can't seem to get any information on them, though, so is anybody able to identify these 3 knives?   I can tell that they're german, and I've got a 30cm santoku/chefs, a 33cm fillet and a 24cm pairing knife.   thanks for any help!   ,
Can't use whole apples, Tutor is trying to make it challenging, or something, has to be canned, much to most peoples annoyance.
In College tomorrow we've not got a restaurant day, so instead of cooking from a menu for the public, we're getting to make what we can from certain ingredients.   a kind of vegetable soup for a starter using a chicken leg with some kind of sauce and veg for a main and a dessert using canned apples   I was planning on doing an Apple Sorbet with the canned apples with a blackberry or raspberry coulis, so I was wondering if anyone could point me towards a...
I've got some random things lying around in my fridge and I really want to go cook, but I'm not sure what I could do with any of them. I've got a couple whole red chilli's, 2 pointed red peppers, cherry tomatoes, a block of cheddar, a ton of herbs and spices and flour.   Is there anything I can do with these? Can I turn them into some kind of a hot sauce with a bit of stock and cream?   The other thing is the chilli's, peppers and tomatoes are past their use...
Hey! I'm from Fife, doing professional cookery at Elmwood College in Cupar, working right up until my HNC then going to see where it takes me.   I've had a quick look through the professional forum, they're pretty interesting. :)
I'm a Culinary student from Scotland, stumbled upon this forum and thought it'd be a great chance to talk to other Chef's and get to know a few little tips here and there!   So, hello! :)
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