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Thanks so much for the advice! I will give it a try and see what works.
Hi! I am making a large amount of bar cookies and am looking for some advice as to what pans to use and how to most efficiently cut them. I am hoping there is a tool to cut them. Any advice would be great.
I came across this thread when researching the topic. Unfortunately, it ended up confusing me even more that ever. I just want to point out that in my experience, I just purchased 3 new Kitchenaid Pro 600 and every one of them broke within a week or two.  And all in the same manner. Yup. The gears stripped. I am using them to make sugar cookies and royal icing. Notice the date of this post. I want to point out that I received model numbers made back when the plastic was...
Hi. This is my first time on this site and I am so hoping that I can get some educated suggestions. I am looking for a reliable mixer that can handle royal icing batches using 7 lbs of sugar at a time. I have burned through 4 Kitchenaid  Pro 600 this month and have lost all hope. I am a home baker and need a reliable machine, but the budget is just not there for a big commercial mixer.    Is there any way to have a stand mixer that will be a work horse and cost under...
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