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thanks for your suggestions!!!! i really appreciate them.
so after reading the msn article with bourdain and the other guy (i'm blanking on his name right now), i'm thinking getting some experience would be a good test to help me determine if i want to go to culinary school. so if you have no experience in a kitchen/restaurant environment and still need to keep your day job to pay the bills, where do you go from here???? :cool:
great article. guess i better get a job in a kitchen somewhere......
While this isn't a cookbook, it is an eye-opener to what it takes to "master the heat at CIA in NY". I'm about 3/4 into the book and Michael Ruhlman, a food journalist, takes an inside peak at CIA by becoming a culinary student and writing this documentary style book. Totally worth reading and I look forward to reading the next installment - The Soul of a Chef. Cheers. :)
all i can say is WOW. i'm still in my twenties and debating whether or not to go to culinary school or wait and go to law school. i'm wrestling with some of the same issues - a pssion-filled career or tons of money/no-passion. i thank you SO much for your encouraging words!!!!
thanks greg!
I have been doing my research with culinary schools and I am interested in finding out if there are good websites out there that focus on job opps in the restaurant/food service/ hospitality area? Thanks.
I have been reading Logan's journal and reading all of the threads. Looks like NECI is one school that has a low student to teacher ratio. Am wondering if there are any others, that have an equally good reputation. Thanks in advance. :D
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership i smy reccommendation.
Mikey - thanks for the tip. did not know all that about CEC.
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