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Thats a wise lookin pig you got there...
Gimme your address and I just might. I have a ton lol
Ok I have eaten dinner yet, but I've been prepping since yesterday afternoon, head cheese. Yes, homemade, boiled pigs head, turned into a sausage of sorts. Here's the pics.
Yea, I would quit. Plain and simple.
I don't necessarily know if it looks Greek or not, but it does look good... My question is, does the recipe include the little oil droplets in the middle?  Or is that your modern little twist?  Also, does it make a huge difference in flavor/texture?
I wouldn't go as far as to say you chose the wrong career like some of the folks on here, but like everyone said, you should accept and expect to get what you got right now. It won't change. I like the idea of finding an hourly job. More than likely you will earn less, but you won't work much over time either. Companies hate paying OT. If you do, make sure you're compensated it, legally they have to. It's tough in your case, because its hard to tell if you're...
I've made a roasted butternut squash soup before, puréed and creamy. Maybe I can head in this directions?
I catered a large stir fry for 125 people this last week and have a ton of squash and zucchini left over. I need to cook it into a soup, stew or casserole so I don't lose all this product. Any thoughts? FYI, its already sliced up, so it's not going to stay fresh long. Also, I have a lot of broccoli too... Thanks again.
my wife made spaghetti squash with meat sauce last night for dinner.  First time I'd ever had spaghetti squash before, really good!  Great substitution for noodles, and I'm not even on a diet!
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