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I don't see my signature appearing in previous posts, nor do I see a place under "my profile" to add one or edit one.  In my profile, it's not under my Avatar picture gallery.   Anyone know how to change your signature?   Thanks TonyV
Not sure what you mean. I was just posting the link so others can print it and make it for themselves if they so desire.   TonyV
Hello all, I run a recipe/cooking site and love to share recipes that I find delicious and easy.   Here's one of my favorites: Sweet Potato Casserole   I've made this recipe for years, taking it to parties and gatherings.  It's too much to make just for my 2 person household.   Everyone always loves it!  I can't even tell you how people rave about it!    I just took it to a party...
Thanks for the comments. Although my crab cake comment was an exaggeration made for humor, Baltimore does have some good ones.  There are also some not so good ones, depending on where you go.   Of course the touristy areas have some good ones, but they're overpriced.  Other restaurants around the city are also good.   TonyV
Just wanted to make an introduction.  I'm Tony from York, Pennsylvania. I grew up in Baltimore, Md and moved to PA about 4 years ago to escape the traffic.   BTW, Baltimore has some of the best crab cakes in the world!  (my own opinion of course).  However, I challenge anyone to say they've gotten a better one elsewhere.   Cooking has been my hobby for many, many years.  I look forward to sharing some of my favorite, delicious recipes and learning more in the...
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