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This should start a good conversation....   http://www.chow.com/food-news/108267/why-chefs-sell-out/
Go extreme and see what happens marinade: make a cayenne (or your heat of choice) paste with water and coat your chicken--let it sit overnight breading: 2 cups flour, 1/4 cup cayenne, 1 t salt   Use this on a few small pieces of chicken breast to see where it leads--then back off from there   Simple is better--potato flake, baking soda unnecessary  
Very cool. It is Jacque Pepin and I will not question his work or dispute his expertise, we all do things differently and classic is classic.  But... if he were working in my kitchen I would tell him to keep that metal fork out of my omelette pan!
  Love me some bannock Used to cook it in college and my roomies would make fun of it (looks like a big white cow patty!) until they tasted it I always made it savory.  Flour, BP, salt and water, then a hot pan with melted butter.
I got my first job busting suds when I was 12.  Bought my first car at 16 with money made as bus-boy.  I paid for college by working restaurants and hotels--front of house and back of house.  By the time I was 27, I was executive chef of a major hotel with banquet seating for 3000, a 400 seat restaurant and a bar that sat another 150.  I tried more than once to get out of the business, "but they keep pulling me back!"  Hard work.  No, you don't understand...HARD work....
We all have romantic notions about this stuff and sometimes we get them corrected, rudely or otherwise.  Barbecuing, grilling, pit-cooking, spit-cooking--these things appeal to our primal nature.  The more primal, the better (I am grunting with satisfaction as I type).  Cooking on an open flame is beautiful, smells good, tastes good, and requires a bit of skill, maybe even a bit of magic.  Move it from the metal firebox into the dirt itself, and it gets more primal....
kuan is correct.  buttermilk neutralizes capsaicin--the casein in any dairy product does.  Marinate in hot sauce as suggested above or, take the advice of the best chicken-fryer I ever worked with: rinse chicken in ice cold water, then flour, then fry.  No batter, no egg-wash, no buttermilk, no yogurt, no dairy at all--use water.  The simpler the better, usually.  Heavily season your flour.
  New here.  Have perused this site for a few years but have never posted.  But this thread got me interested.  I have never used (or seen) the swing set/Santa Maria style rig.  Very interesting.  I have 2 Weber 22 inch kettles and a gas char-broil I inherited from the previous owner of our house.  I had always turned my nose up at gas until I got one.  Definitely has its uses and its ease of uses.  We also have a simple grate we use over stones and/or open fires when...
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