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Chef, I'd be curious to know what was the most challenging dish you ever tackled? For instance, in one of your books you have a mole sauce that you say is simplified. However it sure looks challenging to me, and I have yet to attempt it!
My toaster oven pans are beat up to death. Any one know where to buy them without having to buy a new toaster oven? Thanks
I had a wonderful dinner at Topolobampo last summer when visiting Chicago. Have you ever considered putting out a book with some of the recipes used at the restaurant? I would love to try to make some of that delicious food at home.
Read *anything* by Jeffrey Steingarten. He is absolutely brilliant, amusing, and endearingly self-deprecating at times. He is the food editor for Vogue magazine (alas, his articles are not online, you have to buy the magazine). He has two books out which are collections of his previously published articles: "The Man who ate everything" "It must have been something I...
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