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Sure!  Sometimes the water is chicken stock, sometimes I add a chopped onion, sometimes a tablespoon or 2 of butter, sometimes a couple cardamom pods, cinimon and variable!
I remember reading forum rules and have followed them even when I have something to contribute. I do respect what I recall having read. (I looked for them and couldn't find them.)   I have seen (by content) violations of these rules, but continued  to follow them. (remember early James Dean scenes "I try to be good...")   Years ago I worked in a kitchen, dishwasher, quickly to progress to prepping food for service [but, stupidly,quit to blow it off, not knowing how...
For just how long are we going to be teased about this!??!?!??   Oldarpanet
Hi.  I am a home cook, too.   While I have a probe type thermometer (stab the food and cook until it reaches a certain temp) I am not a fan.   I splurged ($99.00 or so) for a Thermapen thermometer.  It's an Instant read thermometer, with a capitol "l".   Three seconds to an accurate temp.  You can temp the surface, a quarter inch in or the center.  It is brilliant!     You can't really trust a single temp in one spot on a roast.  I know a  professional chef who...
Great info posted.   The pan to buy is T-Fal Professional 8 or 10 inch.  America's Test Kitchen winner.       Use medium heat, max 7 on a scale of 10, a little oil (veggy, butter, spray- whatever) works a treat.   Dan
My roomie wanted to cure meats.  He developed a relation with a local butcher  and then  asked for "curing salt."   The butcher gave him a small amount of "pink" salt for curing meats (and instructions on how to use it). It was either sodium or potassium nitrate  or nitrite.... I'm not sure of the chemistry...  the "recipe"  was a tiny amount of "pink salt" to the pounds or meat.  But much less than the amount of  the Mortons...  Its been three years and we're not dead...
Thanks (and to all the others) for the great suggestions. I like the "make soap" suggestion. I can just see it...what is that scent you are wearing?   Oh, that's my own fish & chips in beer batter soap!   thanks again, all!   Oldarpanet
Thanks for your reply, but I'm asking about when the oil is used up and needs to be replaced.  What do I do with the old oil?   oldarpanet
I'm a home cook and I have never seen an answer to this question re frying oil: What do I do with the oil that has been exhausted and needs to be replaced?  I'll never collect 200 litres to give to a recycler, I won't pour it down the drain, I don't want to bury it in the back yard...  What to do?   thx,   Oldarpanet
I went to a law office one time for some business, when I came out I noticed that across the street was a Japanese restaurant called "SOSUMI"  That was priceless!  
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