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Hi,   I'm a novice having trouble understanding this. I read lists of what's in season, but I don't fully understand it.   Question 1. Is a food listed as in season now say apples, is it in season globally? what if I buy it at Costco? was it in season where they imported it from? I can't always go to the farmers market if that is your advice.   Question 2. I see fish and meat listed as "in season" how is that possible? does that mean when they have aged to butchering...
Question, on carbon steel knives, what kind of oil do you put on it when not in use??? Thanks
Ben user, Would you please suggest a carbon steel model name that I should start with? I will start with the marker test. Thanks
And buy cheap hand sharpener I mean that I paid $15 for it.
Not sure what you mean by all of that I have a Japanese Waterstone, why not mention a ceramic hone? I was told that they are much better than steel hones. Yes I am a novice at this, but if this knife is notoriously difficult to sharpen maybe I should resell it and buy something easier? If it is no more difficult than any other knife please say so. To the other poster I don't know how to do the marker test thank you.
  Hi,    I bought a KAI Wasabi a couple years ago, after trying several stones, and cheap hand sharpeners, ceramic hone, I just can't get it sharp. I've seen a couple forum threads indicating that this is a very difficult knife to sharpen? howver I've assumed all along that it's me, should I dump it and try another knife? Thanks
Thanks Brian! will keep trying.
OK, I just don't see any debate on that thread about the merits of each. I guess this comes after some disappointing no knead loaves I've made. Dense, leathery not crispy crumb. Then I pick up a loaf from the Italian deli down the street and I'm like Yeah!! that's how a loaf is supposed to be! Thanks. 
Is no knead too good to be true? was it just a fad? is bread better that has been kneaded? Thanks
Hi,   I want to get a stove top griddle, seems to be this diner culture and people in love with stainless griddles, is a griddle just a griddle? does it matter cast iron, non-stick, stainless???? I understand cast iron would have more heat retention etc, but beyond the obvious, is there a real need for a griddle to be stainless? Thank You. 
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