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Well, I'm not asking if I should make it that way, I'm asking how many pros here would or wouldn't and why?
I'm a novice at cooking, as I type I'm watching a very well respected cooking show (not sure if it's ok here to name which one) anyway they are showing a method where there is absolutely no stove top searing done. Basically everything gets roasted first then you make a roux, strain it and then braise it. Then the host goes on and on about what a pain it is to sear it all separately. So I'm curious, how many of you professionals consider that fine to do or how many of you...
Hello,   Not sure what to do and am very irritated about my knives. It was suggested to me by a pro knife person to get the KAI Wasabi chef knife. So I get that, take care of it keep it in a case, now I decide I want to get it very sharp again, I use the honing steel, pro tells me "Get a ceramic honing rod, use it lightly you still have an edge on here", I get that it get's a little sharper. Then I had a 400/1000 stone, somebody else says 400 too agressive so I get an...
Hi I made some garlic confit in olive/grape seed oil, warmed the pan with the oil, then brushed it all over my pork chops then put in the pan. Cooked it and I couldn't taste anything resembling garlic. What should I do different next time to really taste that garlic oil? 
Back to my question about books, I've noticed on Amazon reviews for most all Patisserie books no matter how acclaimed they are somebody always says: "measurements are so far off  nothing came out right" this most often has to be user error right? 
All DVD's are like new watched only a couple times and handled carefully. I'll pay shipping USA only.   1. Dry Heat Methods Vol 1 75.00 2. Dry Heat Methods Vol 2 75.00 3. Moist Heat Methods 75.00 4 Basic Kitchen Preparation 75.00 5. Basics Of Sauce Making 75.00
KOKO,    Different conversation.
Terry,   Pastry and standard dessert bakery, all of it. Thanks
This thread has some very good info. I'm not so sure I want to start out with Betty Crocker, since a big part of baking is about precision and very accurate weighing, I would rather get a book that starts with the ABC's of doing this then followed with real world applications. Thanks
Thanks also out of curiosity which books would fall in the: "intermediate" category and finally "advanced?" thank you.
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