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I've thought this over and it does seem the long way up hill, another idea maybe more realistic is when the wife and I save up some money is to maybe open or take over a tiny take out only place that stomps out fast food in quality plus offer catering and delivery. 
No professional experience at all. 
I just turned 40, my wife graduates with a master's in accounting next year in the spring. Just wondering, if I went to a culinary school or even just a community college course, what kind of work could I get? would line cook be out of the question?? Give me some ABC's here please. Thanks 
My wife loves mushrooms. So for tomorrow we have some large mushrooms and small. I want to dice up some small mushrooms and add with shrimp pieces and shallots and white wine then bake in the oven with cheese topping the stuffed mushrooms. Question is, how should I do it and in what order? saute the shrimp, then the shallots? how do I know when shallots are done? when should I add the wine and small diced mushrooms? how would you put this together?? thanks.  
That's 5 minutes from where I live and I never heard of it. Thanks :)
Hi,    I live in Minnesota. I have some favorite places to go but what are yours? all types of cooking welcome. 
Thanks for the great info phatch. I suppose it's like playing music, learn the basic techniques then get out there and do it. 
Hi,   I read Jacques Pepin's "The Apprentice" he said something like: "Cooking only becomes a real joy when you no longer need to follow a written recipe" so my question is, as an at home cook how do I get to that point? what needs to be done what do I need to learn? details and being very specific in reply are appreciated. Thanks 
So those of you either professionals or enthusiasts, how do you keep from enjoying your cooking a little too much and getting fat?
Hi guys and gals,   Based on the reviews I'm confused, are these the same two books one abridged and one unabridged? or are they different?
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