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  Editions BPI? what books are those? 
Great thank you for clearing that up. So does brand type ever matter? in baking for instance, would I notice a difference in Target/Aldi all purpose vs King Arthur (or other more expensive) all purpose? 
That's ridiculous. Should I just use a regular mushroom instead?
Anyone care to help here??
Peas??? I love them ha ha
Hi I bought a French cook book and am seeing truffles being used every where. Had to look them up, I live in Minnesota anywhere I can get them? thanks
I've had liver and cow's tongue. How can anyone eat that stuff? weird texture. 
And chocolate chip cookies.
Oh I should have stated that, so far, Beef Bourgeinon, French onion soup, crepes, beer cheese soup, things like that. I plan on learning more about baking after I get more basics down. Thanks 
Hi,    I'm still very new to cooking and have a question to ask. So many recipes call for flour. We just buy the all purpose stuff from Target. If I started buying other brands like King Arthur for example, would I notice an improvement in flavor? please share some wisdom on flour. Thanks.
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