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Your wrappers are lovely, and if I had not already spent almost $50.00 on a variety of beautiful floral paper baking cups, that is what I would do.  As soon as the paper cups arrive I am going to see if either doubling the cups works or putting a foil paper in the floral cup before baking is best.
The cupcakes were not burned, they were moist and great cupcakes, but all the pastel paper cups were the same color after they were baked.  The color of the batter could be seen.  This ordinarily wouldn't bother me, however I am making these cupcakes for a party, and wanted all the paper cups to look fabulous.  I ordered about 6 different types (all various flower petals). 
I am a new member, and when I look at your home page, the location of the "Trading Post" is not easy to identify.  In fact...I still am not certain where to find it!  Why not have a green tab on the top with all the other main tabs identified as TRADING POST?
I want to make dark chocolate cupcakes in decorator floral paper cups without the cups turning brown.  Should I just double the floral papers, or use a foil cup inside the floral paper cup?  Anyone have any other good ideas for keeping paper cups light and bright with chocolate cupcakes?
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