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wow tons of opinions on this topic! agreed it depends on budget, who is running it, their quality issues blah blah blah  truth of the matter its the lesser of two evils, just remember. ... there both evil lol
I agree with a great pan and a solid heat source, I keep mine in a 350 oven and pull it out when I am ready to start, I also bring my meat up to room temp then pat it dry, the right oil helps too, look at smoke indexes for the right temp, mine is just a mix of clarified butter and oil, also press that sucker onto the pan and make it stick, if it doesn't want to be flipped yet, let it stay there till its easy to flip over
Yes I have, recovered for a long time now, you know your recipes,  Mine was hard liquor, I simply had other line cooks pour that in for me and I walked away saying just add this much and got onto another project, the smell was something I could no longer handle nor should be around. Feel free to send me a message privately and we can talk further about it
Hey Jason, thanks for the rep! I have some pretty good knife info for ya, Hard to find chef knife victorinox only about 35 bucks and best I ever had and you wont cry when it hits the floor in the kitchen ( seen some chefs cry like babies because they brought their expensive one to work and it fell lol ) have a bunch of other knives you will like if you need more than that one, let me know
Hey my friend, the secret to the whole dang thing was he had a butcher shop downstairs ( yea I know it sounds crazy ) all farm raised, meaning corn fed, grass fed, natural ( this beef used to be outstanding in their field, sorry couldn't help myself to the pun )  it just tasted sweeter.  the thing is for every 2lbs of ground meat its 12oz of cola, 2 TBL Sugar. 2tsp Pepper. Thats what most are doing here in Iowa, up to you if you want to steam it or brown it.  Good Luck...
if you would like, I have a very nice crab chowder that can easily adapt to your clam for next time, you can email me direct if you like and I will forward it to you, the one big key for you would be to cut potatoes smaller and a larger amount of them, I stay away from flurries simply because of flavor, butter roux, in my view, is much more in depth. Once the roux is made, take and ladle in the cream and thicken it that way, you can always add more roux and repeat....
Hi all. hope you can help me out here, here is the guts of it all, I am having issues doing a new spring menu, call it to many hours or whatever but my mind is mush. The other issue is I am in a 4star hotel with a largely unskilled kitchen and were pulling it off!  I need ideas that are simple, fast, not to difficult( most of my staff has never cooked before ) I am a chop house in the making but need something more than lamb chops, and rosemary chicken breasts for...
I am new to this group and when I saw the trading post I was and still am very interested in buying/trading items, please keep it up and running, Thanks John
I am new to this group and when I saw the trading post I was and still am very interested in buying/trading items, please keep it up and running, Thanks John
OK, Old Guard coming at you...   Rule 1 Never argue with the lead cook Rule 2 Read rule 1   If you want to survive in this business, Keep your eyes open, your mouth shut and your hands moving   If your not moving, your loosing   If you have time to lean, you have time to clean   You have two eyes, two ears one mouth   you need 360 vision and omni hearing   You burn, you learn Any other little sayings? would love to hear them, thanks John...
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