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Oh yes I'm from the south alright...but a little bit lower than the USA, (I'm based in Australia!). Thanks for your tips!
Ahhhh to dream. I have heard some really amazing things about Hawaii (only from visitors) and it just sounds amazing. Such amazing scenery
I've never been to Hawaii, but is it really that expensive to live? Aww :( My top 5 (in no specific order of preference): London, England Nelson, New Zealand San Fran, USA Montreal, Canada Nice, France
Oh yum! Now you have me craving!!!! I don't recall ever having chicken korma having an orange sauce? Perhaps they added a few too many tomatos?   I can understand too if you don't trust the net. A tip I would recommend is going to your local asian store and trying to find ready made korma packets? A lot of them a very trust worthy and can save you a lot of time and effort. Good luck!
Hello I'm the newbie on the block. Can't wait to swap and share cooking recipes and ideas with 'yall!
Kitchen gear is all I seem to get every year, being the master of the kitchen 'n all. My family were kind enough to get me a spaghetti measure like this one, which in my opinion is a genius invention! I also got one of these cakesicle baking trays which I have also been using a lot lately too. Kinda hoping I get a new set of good knives for my birthday 
Coming from New Zealand, the most essential cookbook for every Kiwi is the Edmonds Cookbook without fail. For those that don't know, Edmonds is a popular brand for baking ingredients. Almost every household had one and still does today. Filled with simple, classic recipes it was great to have as a kid. Unfortunately they faced a little bit of controversy as some of their recipes had significant errors in them. But other than that they are a staple in our kitchens!  
You do mean Japanese mochi balls, right? I love them to pieces!   Have you tried looking up youtube videos like this one here? I think they will be a safer bet than looking up recipes on the internet because you should be able to see a genuine end result with most of the videos.    
Welcome Florida59! I'm new here too :) Can't wait to get some fantastic tips from the experts. Have fun!
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