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Hello Chef Berndy   That's true! We need people with a lot of experience to teach us! I'm a young french student and I need a lot of advice. I started a blog and would kill for a Chef to have a look at it (send me a private message if by any chance you want the address).   I just arrived here but I already love it, it is very inspiring for young cooks.
Hi Jackie. I'm French so if you want any advice on places, cost of living, translation, etc.. Just send me a private message and I'll do my best to help you!
As a very amateur cook, I'd say that you should just keep cooking basic recipes like carbonara pasta, eggs in different ways, vegetables, etc.. By doing so, you'll acquire the skills on which you'll base your cuisine. From that you'll be able to start cooking more difficult recipes and develop a sense of taste that will allow you to create your own dishes.
I guess it depends on how much you are planning to put in your budget and how much you're going to sell the sausages. How many sausages do you expect to sell?
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